Sunday, June 2, 2013

New Norfolk - 60 years ago today

SIXTY years ago today, New Norfolk people joined loyal British subjects around the world in celebrating the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The town celebrated the big day with a float parade in High St, attended by about 9000 people according to the following week's issue of the then Derwent Gazette. The Mercury estimated the crowd at between 6000 and 7000.

The afternoon's activities included a combined church service at St Matthew's, children's activities on Arthur Square, the float parade in High St, motorsport at Kensington Park, bonfires, fireworks and a torchlight procession that night.

Today's 60th anniversary of the coronation will be celebrated with a concert and high tea in the New Norfolk War Memorial Hall at 3pm, hosted by the Derwent Valley Concert Band. All welcome.

This photo of the coronation parade appeared in the Derwent Valley Gazette
 in 2003, loaned by Bob Rice. It was probably taken from his parents' shop in
High St, looking right across at the ANZ Bank under construction, with a
vacant lot on the left.
This photo was taken from more or less across the street from the top image,
showing Rice's shop behind. It was published in the Derwent Gazette on
June 5, 1953.
How the day was advertised in the Mercury

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  1. The photo of the Parade was taken from the first floor of, what I have always called the shop belonging to Col Hill, above Guntons Chemist shop. I have the actual photo that you see being taken in my possession.