Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Llewellyn reports on Willow Court progress

PROGRESS continues to be made on restoration works at the Willow Court historic site, conservation committee chairman David Llewellyn said yesterday. "The installation of new underground electricity now completed to the site has resulted in new lighting down the length of the avenue and the start of works to repair the broken windows in Bronte is progressing. Providing lights and electricity to the site and basic repair works are a few of the many current activities overseen by the committee," Mr Llewellyn said.

Mr Llewellyn emphasised that the Willow Court Conservation Special Committee was actively pursuing the use of local contractors for many aspects of the restoration work, and had already used a number of local contractors.

“Expressions of interest for work on the Barracks, Bronte and landscaping surroundings were received by the committee at its June 13th meeting and I’m very pleased to say that a high number of quality submissions were received. We expect to award contracts shortly to prepare the necessary planning and heritage documentation to undertake the major restoration and redevelopment works at the Barracks and Bronte, including full landscaping of the heritage precinct,” Mr Llewellyn said.

"Willow Court is a nationally recognised heritage precinct, of great importance to the region and nation," he said.

  • Read more in tomorrow's issue of the Derwent Valley Gazette.

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  1. What a HYPOCRITICAL statement from Llewellyn.... if the RDH Complex had not been sold off for a mere pittance and the Willow Court Precinct not been allowed to go to ruin in the first place; then it may have been of great importance to the region and nation as a nationally recognised Heritage Precinct but.....it has been allowed to sit there unused, uncared for and totally neglected for sooo many years. Shame, shame, shame Mr Llewellyn!