Thursday, June 13, 2013

Heritage partners start on Bronte

The Bronte building at Willow Court
THE initial restoration work at the Bronte building at the Willow Court historic site is being carried out by a partnership involving the Oatlands-based Centre for Heritage and commercial operator Sealasash.

Under the direction of the Derwent Valley Council's Willow Court Conservation Special Committee, Tasmanian-based Sealasash is renovating and draught-proofing the old timber windows in the Bronte building at Willow Court as part of the recently-started restoration works.

The solidly-built Bronte, originally called B Ward, was constructed around 1926 and will house visitor service facilities at the redeveloped Willow Court.

Work proceeding inside Bronte/B Ward.


  1. thats great!i love it!!!

  2. It's terrific to see some restoration work being undertaken on these buildings at last. What is the intention with the buildings? Backpackers? Cheap accommodation?Apartments? Have the buildings actually been purchased by this group or are they being leased to them through the Conservation Special Committee? Is there a proposed completion date? This Jan is curious