Thursday, June 27, 2013

Free days to replace tip vouchers

ENTRY to New Norfolk's public tip at Peppermint Hill will be free to all residents of the municipality on the first Saturday of each month. The free days will replace the previous system vouchers being issued to residents living outside the household garbage and recycling collection service.

The council believes the previous system was open to abuse, with some vouchers being counterfeited or exchanged for money. Under the new arrangements starting on the first Saturday in July, all residents of the Derwent Valley municipality will be able to access the refuse disposal area at the Peppermint Hill site free of charge.

Anyone wanting to access the refuse disposal area will need to present their current drivers licence with a Derwent Valley address on it. Cars, utilities and cars with trailers will be able to access the area to dispose of domestic waste, green waste, white goods, e-waste, TVs, metals and all recyclable items.

"This replaces and extends the free admission passes previously issued to non-garbage collection areas," general manager Stephen Mackey said. "No other free admission passes will be available."

The free days form part of the council budget for 2013-14. Saturday, July 6, will be the first free-entry day at Peppermint Hill.


  1. What are the alternatives for residents who work on Saturdays?

    1. Bugger all I expect!

  2. If you're helping out elderly relatives that live in the municipality but don't live there yourself, you have to pay for the privilege?

  3. Had to anyway as the vouchers weren't transferrable.

  4. This system penalises residents not in a garbage pick up zone. Now you will just have everyone (including people in pick up areas) rocking up for a free for all on the same day.
    Why didn't you ask the residents what works for them?

  5. When I lived in rural Victoria we were issued with a car label like a rego sticker. Worked well! This council is just behind the times. One day a month!! Should be at least once a fortnight on whatever day you choose, rural people pay rates too!

  6. This is disgusting, We dont get garbage collection and should not have to wait for one day a month that the council decide on, I shouldnt have to keep household garbage that smells for a whole month just to please the council. Maybe its time for us to be provided with garbage collection at least it would be regular.

  7. I can just about understand the vouchers being replaced by a free day - but dont get that its extended to those who already get their rubbish collected. I think a sticker in the Car would be a good idea. What's the maths behind all this please Councillors? + how many of you live outside the collection area?

  8. Not fair if we have to wait another month when shut due to high winds or total fire ban