Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Eagles' big win over the Coast

Southern Football League – Round 9
New Norfolk v East Coast Bombers at Boyer

NEW Norfolk made it eight wins in a row with a massive victory at home against the East Coast Bombers. The Eagles should take a lot out of the result with a big victory against a team that has a reputation for strong performances against the top teams this season, particularly given the margin was only 18 points at quarter time.

The game was quickly over after the second quarter as the Eagles stamped their authority, kicking 7.4 to the Bombers’ 1.4. Michael Thompson dominated the scoring and was back to his best for New Norfolk with 10 majors. Thompson and the prolific ball winner Nathan Ross both played excellent games for their club.

A disappointed East Coast Bombers coach Brett Copping would have been hoping to prove they were a real finals contender but they lacked the firepower to compete with the SFL’s leading team to finish up 108 points short. Ruckman Andrew Rae finished up being East Coast’s best player on the day.

In the Reserves game earlier in the day New Norfolk were victors by 155 points. The Eagles also took out the Colts in the variation game against Claremont on Friday night at Abbotsfield Park by 17 points.

Huon News votes:  Nathan Ross (NN) 3; Andrew Rae (EC) 2; Josh Clifford (NN) 1.

Next game: New Norfolk v Claremont at Boyer on Saturday at 2pm.

New Norfolk 2.2 3.2 4.5 7.6 (48)
Claremont  1.1 2.3 3.5 4.7 (31)
Goals - New Norfolk: B. Chaplin 2, C. Neads 2, J. Foster, A. Triffitt, J. Banks-Smith; Claremont: C. Johnstone 2, J. Nichols, A. Triffitt.
Best - New Norfolk: M. Thurston, J. Whitford-Marriott, H. Bielleman, J. Daley, D. Pearce, J. Raspin; Claremont: J. Nichols, A. Triffitt, R. Alforte, D. Arnold, A. Dyke, Z. Graham

New Norfolk 8.4 9.11 16.14 24.19 (163)
East Coast Bombers 0.1 1.1 1.2 1.2 (8)
Goals - New Norfolk: K. Cashion 13, S. Fenton 2, K. Styles 2, J. Walsh, J. Papera, C. Watson, P. Ling, J. Murray, T. Gregson, M. Cashion; East Coast: J. Wright.
Best - New Norfolk: K. Cashion, T. Triffett, K. Styles, S. Fenton, L. Booth, M. Cashion; East Coast: J. Wright, J. Baker, B. Latham, A. Dand, J. Nelson, S. Woods.

New Norfolk 3.6 10.10 12.18 19.25 (139)
East Coast Bombers 1.2 2.6 4.6 4.7 (31)
Goals - New Norfolk: M. Thompson 10, Z. Gardam 2, S. Bonnitcha 2, J. Hall, B. Booth, R. Belcher, A. Tonks, L. Joseph; East Coast: D. Arnol , J. Marsland, B. Rogers, D. Mead.
Best - New Norfolk: M. Thompson, N. Ross, Z. Gardam, L. Joseph, B. Lovell, J. Horne; East Coast: A. Rae, B. Morrisby, C. Novy, D. Arnol, J. Hobden, E. Moore.

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