Thursday, May 23, 2013

Supermarket development approved

THE development of a major supermarket in central New Norfolk has been approved by the Derwent Valley Council. Understood to be worth about $15 million, the project will see a large new supermarket built on the oval at the Willow Court historic site. The location is on the corner of George St and The Avenue, opposite McDonald's.

The proposal was approved by the Tasmanian Heritage Council at its February meeting, subject to several conditions including a stipulation that the building must be a natural stone or brickwork colour similar to the limewash finishes found on the earliest buildings at Willow Court.

Following a rezoning of the oval space last year, the development fell into the category of "permitted use" under the New Norfolk Planning Scheme and the application was able to be approved by Derwent Valley Council's planning department without consideration at a council meeting. Approval was granted last week, subject to conditions.

The developer is Robert Rockefeller, owner of the building that houses New Norfolk's Woolworths supermarket.

The site plan submitted to council earlier this year


  1. Interesting that this developer who opposed the other proposal along with Mr Williams gets this one through unapposed.

    1. I don't believe that this one went to a full council, simply approved by the council's general manager? Hmmmm. Not that we can see anything wrong with the site plan but a bigger plan would've been good. Wonder why council don't put these things on their website for all to view?