Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Norfolk trounces the Tigers

Southern Football League - Round 6
Kingborough v New Norfolk at Kingston Twin Ovals

THE crowd arrived early at the Kingston Twin Ovals expecting to see a fairly close top-of-the-table clash between the two clubs most see as the competition heavyweights. However, what they got was a significantly different story, as New Norfolk took centre stage and stole the show.

Any thought of the Eagles dropping off a little this year has been swiftly put to bed. The Boyer boys were at their best against the Tigers as they served up an 85-point hiding. There was even the suggestion amongst some of the onlookers that they may have looked even better than last year’s premiership outfit.

However, New Norfolk’s first-year coach Jon Murray, didn’t necessarily agree, telling the Mercury: “I wouldn’t say this is a better team, but they proved to me today they want it. It’s more the connection, the way they click. We’re definitely up and about and that meant a lot to us today to get clear on top of the ladder, especially against Kingborough, who are a very fit and well drilled side. I take a lot out of it, ” Murray said.

New Norfolk seemed to signal the pattern for the day when it got off to a flyer, posting the first three goals of the game. Kingborough posted the next four goals and led the game at quarter time. The Tiger fight back was quickly matched as the Eagles raised the bar with a six goal to two second quarter. The loss of Shayne Moles with a broken collarbone and a ride in an ambulance seemed to spark the Eagles even further in the second half.

New Norfolk got right on top in the second half and opened the final term with a withering burst of eight goals in 12 minutes and looked headed for a cricket score margin. Brett Booth proved to be one of the more influential Eagles when he went into the middle, whilst regular stars Nathan Ross and Roger Belcher put a classy finish onto the Eagles work around the ball. Josh Hall kicked six goals and the other player to impress was Nic Clayton through the midfield and up forward kicking five majors.

Huon News Award votes: Nathan Ross (NN) 3, Michael Thompson (NN) 2, Grant King (KING) 1.

In the Reserves Kingborough were the victors with a 15-point margin and in the Under 18s the Eagles came out on top by 53 points over Kingborough.

Report provided for publication by Ben Harrison
SFL Football Operations Management

New Norfolk 25.19 (169) d Kingborough 13.6 (84)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Hall 6, N. Clayton 5, Z. Gardam 3, N. Ross 3, M. Thompson 2, A. Tonks 2, B. Booth, B. Wardlaw, S. Hall, J. Clifford; J. Collis 4, J. Mitchell 3, B. Conway 2, J. Johnson 2, C. Elliot, J. Philp. 
Best - New Norfolk: N. Ross, N. Clayton, B. Booth, R. Belcher, B. Lovell, J. Hall; Kingborough: J. Lovell, B. Lorkin, J. Collis, J. Philp, A. Humphrey, J. Steele.

Kingborough 12.5 (77) d New Norfolk 9.8 (62)
Goals - Kingborough: S. Conway 4, A. Woodhead 4, O. Burke 2, N. Lee, Z. Goold; New Norfolk: K. Cashion 2, A. Minchin 2, D. Wall, S. Fenton, L. Menzie, C. Watson, T. Youd. 
Best - Kingborough: A. Woodhead, S. Dineley, N. Lee, O. Craven, J. Sharp, R. Rinaldi; New Norfolk: J. Gregson, J. Kelly, K. Cashion, J. Adams, L. Menzie, J. Papera.

New Norfolk 14.12 (96) d Kingborough 6.7 (43)
Goals - New Norfolk: B. Hodge 4, B. Ransley 3, A. Triffitt 2, B. Chaplin 2, D. Coppleman, B. Boatwright, J. Banks-Smith; Kingborough: T. Butters 2, J. Nichols, S. Etheridge, C. Rawson, T. Carter. 
Best - New Norfolk: R. Wakefield, D. Coppleman, J. Daley, B. Kaye, B. Chaplin, T. Gray;
Kingborough: L. Watt, C. Rawson, S. Louw, L. Hartog, A. Golding, J. Coombes.

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