Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Norfolk defeats Dodges Ferry

Southern Football League - Round 4
Dodges Ferry v New Norfolk at Shark Park

REIGNING SFL champion New Norfolk had a convincing win last Saturday, belting Dodges Ferry at Shark Park by 93 points. Coach Jon Murray tuned the Eagles' motor at half time, with the last half of the game delivering 17 goals to five in New Norfolk’s favour.

Michael Thompson and Zeke Gardam led the scoring for New Norfolk with four majors, whilst Brett Booth snagged three goals. Nathan Ross and Shayne Moles both played excellent games.

Dodges Ferry showed some signs of good football but still need to lift a little more. For Dodges Ferry, Jason Hyland and Nathan Donoghue were the best players and Ricky Martin led the way on the scoreboard with four goals.

Huon News best player award votes: Joe McCulloch (NN) 3, Nathan Ross (NN) 2, Josh Clifford (NN) 1.

In the Reserves game earlier in the day New Norfolk were clear victors by 54 points and also took out the Colts by 39 points against the home town Sharks.

Report provided for publication by Ben Harrison
SFL Football Operations Management

New Norfolk 3.2 5.11 12.14 22.20 (152)
Dodges Ferry 1.4 3.10 5.10 8.11 (59)
Goals - New Norfolk: M. Thompson 4, Z. Gardam 4, B. Booth 3, J. Clifford 2, B. Wardlaw 2, N. Ross 2, C. Curtain, R. Belcher, N. Clayton, J. Hall, B. Chaplin; Dodges Ferry: R. Martin 3, J. Curran 2, G. Frankcombe, J. Wiggins, B. Matthews.
Best - New Norfolk: S. Moles, N. Ross, J. McCulloch, K. Styles, R. Belcher, J. Hall; Dodges Ferry: J. Hyland, N. Donoghue, J. Curran, T. Little, M. Cusick, J. Taylor-Evans.

New Norfolk 4.0 7.6 11.8 16.12 (108)
Dodges Ferry 5.2 6.3 8.5 8.6 (54)
Goals - New Norfolk: K. Cashion 5, P. Jelkic 3, M. Cashion 3, C. Watson 3, J. Papera, S. Fenton; Dodges Ferry: J. Syrett 3, S. Cusick 2, B. Dolliver 2, M. O'Donovan.
Best - New Norfolk: L. Menzie, J. Kelly, K. Cashion, J. Papera, A. Minchin, P. Ling; Dodges Ferry: M. Wiggins, J. Syrett, S. McLean, M. O'Donovan, N. Daly, J. Smyth.

New Norfolk 4.3 9.6 10.8 13.12 (90)
Dodges Ferry 3.3 4.4 6.6 7.9 (51)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Whitford-Marriott 3, A. Triffitt 2, D. Coppleman 2, A. Pearton, N. Wakefield, J. Banks-Smith, R. Wakefield, M. Thurston, B. Ransley; M. Young 3, J. Wilson 2, R. Millhouse, H. Davis.
Best - New Norfolk: D. Adams, T. Purdon, R. Wakefield, M. Thurston, T. Gray, D. Coppleman; L. McLean, A. Meredith, M. Young, J. Booth, R. Millhouse, C. Blackley.

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