Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Junior football resumes

Southern Tasmanian Junior Football League
New Norfolk Junior Football Club results
Round 4

New Norfolk Red 9.6 (61) d Central Hawks 2.0 (12)
Goals - New Norfolk: Bailey Chaplin 4, Connor Tomlin 2, Jack Miller 2, Ryan Coppleman.
Best - New Norfolk: Jack Miller, Samuel Jackson, Zac Daley, Bailey Chaplin, Brodie Scanlon, Markus Black.

New Norfolk Black – Results not supplied.

Glenorchy 7.10 (52) d New Norfolk 3.3 (21) at KGV.
Goals - New Norfolk: A. Triffitt 2, J. Quarrell
Best - New Norfolk: A. Triffitt, B. Strong, C. Klemke, A. Henderson, J. Quarrell, T. Anders.

Brighton Red 15.15 (105) d New Norfolk Red 5.4 (34) at Ferguson Park.
Goals - New Norfolk : Z. Holloway 3, B. Green , W. Temple.
Best - New Norfolk: W. Watts, W. Temple, C. Plunkett, C. McKenzie, B. Lennox, H. Kennedy.

New Norfolk Black – Results unavailable.

Brighton Blue 10.6 (66) d New Norfolk 5.4 (34) at Tynwald Park.
Goals - New Norfolk: H. Davis 2, D. Davis , J. Gordon , Z. Wheeler.
Best - New Norfolk: Z. Wheeler, H. Davis, T. Harvey, J. Triffett, J. Gordon, L. Bowerman.

Kingborough Gold 8.11 (59) d New Norfolk 3.6 (24) at Tynwald Park.
Goals - New Norfolk: C. Keleher , B. McRoss , B. Triffett.
Best - New Norfolk: N. Rice, J. Hills, W. Banks, B. McRoss, J. Wilton, O. Hole.

Hounville Lions 12.10 (82) d New Norfolk 2.12 (24) at Tynwald Park.
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Bearman , A. Long.
Best - New Norfolk: T. Eiszele, R. Banks-Smith, K. Williams, T. Donaghy, T. Nation, J. Russell.

New Norfolk 6.10 (46) d Brighton 3.3 (21) at Tynwald Park.
Goals - New Norfolk: R. Stewart 3, J. Morgan 2, J. Stevenson.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Stevenson, Z. Triffett, C. Coleman, J. Fisher-Cooley, R. Williams, R. Stewart.

New Norfolk 14.13 (97) d Sandy bay White 5.6 (36) at Queenborough.
Goals - New Norfolk: Josh Ransley 5, Connor Salter 4, Alex Blair 3, Brodie Gleeson 2.
Best - New Norfolk: Connor Salter, Cooper Triffitt, Josh Farrow, Josh Ransley, S. Upton, Brodie Gleeson.
New Norfolk combined well as a team to account for Sandy Bay White at Queenborough Oval. The New Norfolk midfielders consistently delivered the ball well into the forward line where our dominant forwards led by Connor Salter finished off the team's good work.
Congratulations to Joshua Farrow and Alex Blair on playing their 100th games and to Alex Blair, Connor Salter, Cooper Triffitt and Joshua Farrow on competing in the Blue versus Gold Development program earlier in the week.

Alex Blair
Josh Farrow
This Sunday’s games
Under 8: New Norfolk Red v New Norfolk Black at Tynwald Park, 9.30am.
Under 9: New Norfolk v Richmond at Richmond Oval, 10.45am.
Under 10: New Norfolk Red v Central Hawks at Kempton, 10.45am.
Under 10: New Norfolk Black v Dodges Ferry at Dodges Ferry, noon.
Under 11: New Norfolk v Triabunna at Triabunna, noon.
Under 12: New Norfolk v North Hobart Blue at Tynwald Park, 11am.
Under 13: New Norfolk v Brighton Blue at Pontville, 2.30pm.
Under 14: New Norfolk v Hobart at TCA, 11am.
Under 16: New Norfolk v Glenorchy Magpies at Tynwald Park, Sunday, 12.30.

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