Saturday, April 13, 2013

Private enterprise reveals the tunnel

The grate covering the shaft at Willow Court
PRIVATE enterprise has got in first and provided a place to view part of the "tunnel" that once ran from Willow Court to the River Derwent at New Norfolk.

Old maps show multiple man-holes or ventilation shafts along the route of the tunnel, which was built as a sewer in colonial times. The route has been partially explored by experts hired by the Derwent Valley Council, but the full length has not yet been inspected.

One of the access points has been uncovered in the front yard of the former Nurses Quarters and an advertisement in today's Mercury newspaper invites visitors to bring their own torch and have a look.

Visitors are not able to access the tunnel, but there is a view down the shaft, which also contains a large drain pipe entering from one side.

NEW NORFOLK NEWS TIP: If the position of the sun obscures your vision through the grate, turn on your mobile phone camera and place it directly onto the grate for a better view.

The view through the grate
The notice in today's Mercury

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