Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Norfolk footy rundown - week three

Southern Football League - Round 3
New Norfolk v Sorell at Boyer Oval

THE New Norfolk Eagles stayed on the winner's list in Round 3 with the boys having a massive victory over the Sorell Eagles in their first game at home for the season. Senior coach Jon Murray would be much happier with the last three quarters of the game as Sorell had been leading at quarter time.

The game was well and truly over once the third quarter started to progress as the Eagles kicked 25 goals to Sorell’s five in the last three quarters of the game. The final scoreline was New Norfolk 28.22 (190) to Sorell 9.7 (61)

Clint Curtain led the scoring for New Norfolk with seven majors, whilst Zeke Gardam snagged five goals. Nathan Ross and Sam Hall both played excellent games.

Sorell showed some patterns of good play but still need to deliver four quarters to see them gain their first win of the season. Jed Williamson and Mykal Wiltshire were the best players and John Ferguson led the way on the scoreboard with four goals.

Huon News Best Player award votes: Zeke Gardam (NN) 3, Leigh Post (NN) 2, Nathan Ross (NN) 1.

In the Reserves game earlier in the day New Norfolk were clear victors by 71 points and also took out the Colts by three points against reigning premier Sorell. 

Report provided for publication by Ben Harrison
SFL Football Operations Management


New Norfolk 3.4 9.11 20.15 28.22 (190)
Sorell 4.2 7.3 8.5 9.7 (61)
Goals - New Norfolk: C. Curtain 7, Z. Gardam 5, B. Booth 5, S. Hall 3, N. Ross 2, J. Hall 2, J. Murray, J. Clifford, B. Wardlaw, J. McCulloch; Sorell:
J. Ferguson 4, J. McCarthy 2, J. White 2, T. Hitchens. 
Best - New Norfolk: N. Ross, S. Hall, B. Booth, S. Moles, J. Murray, Z. Gardam; Sorell:
J. Williamson, M. Wiltshire, R. Williamson, J. Ferguson, B. Walker, C. Howlett.

New Norfolk 3.1 7.5 13.7 18.10 (118)
Sorell 2.2 3.2 5.3 7.5 (47)
Goals - New Norfolk: K. Cashion 5, M. Cashion 4, M. Smith 3, A. Minchin 2, J. Kelly 2, B. Chaplin, C. Watson; Sorell: M. Walsh 3, T. Banks 2, D. Walker, M. Padman.
Best - New Norfok: J. Adams, M. Cashion, D. Wall, L. Menzie, K. Styles, M. Smith; Sorell: J. Dillon, A. Crossin, R. Gregson, T. Banks, D. Navickas, T. Rusher.

New Norfolk 2.1 3.2 8.6 8.6 (54)
Sorell 2.2 3.4 7.9 7.(51)
Goals - New Norfolk: N. Wakefield 3, J. Banks-Smith 2, H. Bielleman, C. Neads, J. Whitford-Marriott; Sorell: S. Russell 4, M. Beven 2, J. Johnstone. 
Best - New Norfolk: R. Wakefield, N. Wakefield, T. Purdon, B. Reed, D. Coppleman, B. Chaplin; R. Batchelor, J. Chynoweth, D. Chapman, M. Beven, J. Johnstone, T. McKillop.

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