Thursday, April 11, 2013

Junior soccer off to a good start

Coach Ben Rainbird and Under 6 Black
THE coaches of New Norfolk's junior soccer teams report on last weekend's season opening matches.

Under 6 Red: “I was so proud of our team – what a fantastic start to our season! Campbell started the game well, scoring the first goal for our team and was well supported by Jade who scored three goals and showed great ball control. Hunter demonstrated a powerful kicking style with this kick-ins and Tristan showed some great speed on the field.  A great team effort everyone. I am very proud of you all – well done team!” Coach Lisa Fraser.

Under 6 Black: “All players gave it their best and it was a really good first game. Great team effort, all nerves had disappeared by the second half and they all enjoyed themselves!” Coach Ben Rainbird.

Under 6 White: Had a great start to the season, showing great team work. Tristan Dunn was the super goal scorer, Anthony Volta showed speed, Liam Maw and William Blackwell moved the ball around the ground with great control.

Under 7 Red: A fantastic game against Brighton, with goals shared between Nayte, Caitlin, Makayla, J'Khobi & Daniel. Great team effort.

Under 7 Black: A great game and all played well together.

Under 7 White: New Norfolk had a great game.

Under 8: “An awesome first game against Dominic drawing 7-all. Special mention to Georgia and Caleb on a great first-ever game.” Coach Bianca Tolputt.

Under 10 Red: New Norfolk (U9) went down to Metro, 4-0, but it was great first game by all players. Huge congratulations to our boys who filled in for Metro - fantastic sportsmanship. Well done to Luke and Ostyn who had a half each in the goals.

Under 10 Black: New Norfolk was defeated by Brighton Maroon, 6-5. A special mention to Ella for her fantastic efforts. New Norfolk came together well as a team with some great footwork by all players.

Under 12: New Norfolk had a great game to start their season. Although it wasn't a win all players contributed well, with lots of first-game nerves overcome. A great team effort guys and girls.

Under 14 Red: New Norfolk had an exciting game against University, keeping the ball in the forward zone for much of the game and making many attempts to goal. Great skills were shown by all players with Braydon Wilson, Josh Russell and Tayla Pelham the goal-scorers. Thanks to several Under 14 Black players for substituting.

Under 14 Black: It was an exciting game with New Norfolk and Nelson evenly matched and great teamwork shown by all. Trent Nichols and Thomas Fulton were great in goals with Billy Hawkins always the stalwart in defence. All players contributed to the win with Jordan Bailey and Aynsley Daft the goal-scorers. Thanks to several Under 14 Red players for subbing.

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