Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Junior football - week two

Southern Tasmanian Junior Football League
New Norfolk Junior Football Club results

New Norfolk Red 10.10 (70) d Brighton 3.1 (19) at Pontville.
Goals - New Norfolk: Jack Miller 3, Brodie Scanlon 2, Bailey Chaplin, Bailey Wheeler, Ryan Coppleman,
Samuel Jackson, Connor Tomlin.
Best - New Norfolk: Kady Morgon, James Lathey, Lewis Spaulding, Titan Cashion, Connor Tomlin, Conna Blackaby.

New Norfolk Black: Results not supplied

Dodges Ferry 19.10 (124) d New Norfolk 6.5 (41) at Dodges Ferry.
Goals - New Norfolk: Not supplied.
Best - New Norfolk: T. Anders, H. Townsend, J. Quarrell, R. Blackaby, C. Kelly-Lennox


Sandy Bay White 8.2 (50) d New Norfolk 1.6 (12) at Queenborough.
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Cantrell.
Best - New Norfolk: C. Kemmler, J. Triffett, L. Bowerman, T. Harvey, Z. Kelly, G. Lazenby.

Clarence 11.12 (78) d New Norfolk 10.8 (68) at Howrah Primary.
No other details supplied.
Not supplied.

New Norfolk 8.5 (53) d Sorell 6.5 (41) at Tynwald Park.
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Morgan 3, C. Triffett 2, J. Stevenson, J. Mannie, C. Coleman.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Stevenson, J. Morgan, Z. Triffett, C. Coleman, B. Tomlin, R. Williams.

Clarence Roos 7.11 (53) d New Norfolk 5.9 (39) at Geilston Bay.
Goals - New Norfolk: Alex Blair 2, Aiden Russell, Connor Salter.
Best - New Norfolk: Josh Farrow, Cooper Triffitt, Connor Salter, Billy Pauly, Kye Tomkinson, Aiden Russell.

Congratulations to 100-gamers Connor and Mitchell
Next games:
Under 8: New Norfolk Red v Brighton Blue at Tynwald Park, Sunday, 9.30am.
Under 8: New Norfolk Black v Central Hawks at Tynwald Park, Sunday, 10.45am.
Under 9: New Norfolk v Lauderdale Black at North Hobart Oval, Sunday, 3pm.
Under 10: New Norfolk Red v Dodges Ferry at Tynwald Park, 10.45am.
Under 10: New Norfolk Black v Sandy Bay White at Tynwald Park, 9.30am.
Under 11: New Norfolk v Glenorchy at KGV, Sunday, 9.30am.
Under 12: New Norfolk v Sandy Bay at Queenborough, Sunday, 10am. 
Under 13: New Norfolk v Southern Storm at Cygnet, Sunday, 1pm.
Under 14: New Norfolk v Hobart at Tynwald Park, Sunday, noon.
Under 16: New Norfolk v Kingborough Gold at Tynwald Park, Sunday, 1.30pm.

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