Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Junior football - week one

Southern Tasmanian Junior Football League
New Norfolk Junior Football Club results

UNDER 16s: In ideal conditions the New Norfolk Under 16s were easily defeated by a bigger and faster Sorell side. The New Norfolk boys were second to the ball and rarely played as a team. Hopefully with more match practice the team will improve and the boys will start to believe in themselves more. Congratulations to Mitchell Banks on playing his 100th game for the club.

Sorell 14.22 (106) d New Norfolk 3.7 (25) at Tynwald Park.
Goals - Sorell: B. Cripps 4, L. Zeitzen 2, H. Whitney 2, B. Crisp 2, J. Williams, R. Staples, J. Green, T. Richardson; New Norfolk: Alex Blair 2, Connor Salter.
Best - Sorell: B. Klok, B. Russell, T. Cowle, B. Crisp, K. Johnson, J. Williams; New Norfolk: Patrick Vout, Aiden Russell, Josh Farrow, Cooper Triffitt, Alex Blair, Wade Lockley.

UNDER 14s: New Norfolk 16. 13 (109) d. Claremont 4. 6 (30) at Cadbury Oval.
Goals - New Norfolk: Z. Triffett 5, B. Triffett 4, J. Morgan 4, R. Stewart 3; Claremont: J. Marshall , B. Percey, J. Simpson, J. Hazelwood.
Best - New Norfolk: Z. Triffett, J. Morgan, D. Miller, R. Stewart, B. Triffett, J. Stevenson; Claremont: J. Simpson, B. Martin, H. Fish, L. Arbuckle, B. Percey, J. Hazelwood.

UNDER 13s: Glenorchy 11.8 (74) d New Norfolk 1.2 (8) at Abbotsfield Park.
Goals - Glenorchy: R. Oakley 4, J. Bradshaw , S. Deverell , B. Kelly , T. Gamble, B. Westcott, S. Berry, C. Hart; New Norfolk: J. Bearman.
Best - Glenorchy: R. Oakley, B. Westcott, S. Berry, J. Bradshaw, D. Cooper, L. Jenkins; New Norfolk: R. Franklin, T. Nation, T. Rainbird, R. Banks-Smith, J. Bearman, T. Eiszele.

Next games:
Under 8 – New Norfolk Red v Brighton Red at Ferguson Park #2, Pontville on Sunday at noon.
Under 8 – New Norfolk Black v Brighton Blue at Ferguson Park #1, Pontville on Sunday at noon.
Under 9 – New Norfolk v Dodges Ferry at Dodges Ferry on Sunday at 1.45.
Under 10 – Bye.
Under 11 – New Norfolk v Sandy Bay White at Queenborough Oval on Sunday at 1.15pm.
Under 12 – New Norfolk v Huonville at Franklin on Sunday at 1.15pm.
Under 13 – New Norfolk v Sandy Bay at Tynwald Park.
Under 14 – New Norfolk v Sorell at Tynwald Park on Friday at 6.30pm.
Under 16 – New Norfolk v Clarence at Geilston Bay on Sunday at 12.30.

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