Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tunnel photos - judge for yourself

THE release of a video showing about 100m of the tunnel between Willow Court and the River Derwent has sparked a flurry of suggestions about its origins and purpose. A further investigation is clearly warranted, from end to end.

This is where the film starts, showing the tunnel to be
six flagstones wide.

The tunnel undergoes various changes along the way,
here the floor is brick - about eight wide.

Another change in the floor's surface, and the wall can be seen to be
six or seven bricks tall before the start of the arched roof.

This repaired section, dated 1928, is said to be where Burnett St
crosses High St. A pipe enters from the left.
The repaired section is in part of the tunnel that was carved from
solid rock.
Here the tunnel has been repaired with a section of cement pipe
which is said to be dated 1920.
Another view of the rock-carved section of tunnel.
This is where the film ends, a silted section said to be somewhere
near the Riteway Supermarket.


  1. At 8 bricks wide this would be as wide as a standard doorway in your home, and at 7 bricks high before the arch would make it about 1 metre high (about waist height). A good size for crawling only.

  2. Hmmm I was just thinking, people were a lot small back then, you only need to look at the WC Barracks sentry box not very tall at all indeed, so that needs to be taken into consideration.

    1. Nick, I assume you mean shorter in height? and back when?

  3. I have seen an underground room at hall green in the garage down the back this also looked like the begining of a tunnel but it was bricked over

  4. Yes anonymous shorter in height, back in 1830 as that's when the barracks was built, I believe average height was 5'5.

    I did hear a report about a tunnel at hall green, how cool!