Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lovely day for it

THERE are still several hours left to take advantage of today's sunny start to autumn with a visit to beautiful Rosedown garden at New Norfolk. Rosedown is a beautiful example of following your heart, rather than a rigid plan, when it comes to gardening. The five-acre property has been lovingly brought back to life over the past 26 years by Ian and Brenda Triffitt and it is today at 134 Hamilton Rd (Lyell Hwy), New Norfolk, as part of the Open Gardens Australia program.

"At the time the garden consisted of a gnarled old apple tree, a weeping willow and a cypress hedge," Brenda recalls. "The character of the garden was the result of no rigidly planned development - it was made in my heart rather than my head. It just evolved over the years. We have been influenced by Beatrice Bligh’s philosophy: 'A garden should be just a little too big to keep the whole cultivated, then it has a chance to go a little wild in spots and make some pictures for you’."

Most trees are deciduous, leading to spectacular autumnal displays as well as masses of useful mulch. Plants are grown for decorative quality, such as colour, scent and foliage, rather than a strictly controlled colour scheme. "Many trees have been planted to mark special occasions such as marriages of our children, births of grandchildren, anniversaries and the passing of loved ones," Brenda says.

There are birches, maples, gleditsias, liquidambars, elms, (cork, golden and variegated) a tulip tree, Norway cut maple, gingko, ashes silver pear and a golden rain tree. "These trees are the backbone of the garden, providing a framework, shelter and a microclimate for plants and shrubs not previously able to grow because of the westerly winds and fierce sun. The connection to and love of our garden has been long and vigorous. It’s had 26 years to find its way into our heart. Rosedown is our refuge and sanctuary. We hope you enjoy your visit."

134 Hamilton Road (Lyell Hwy), New Norfolk
Open 10am-4.30pm today
Admission $7. Under-18s free

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