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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Plenty plateau counter claims

THE following media statements were released last week by Greens MHA Tim Morris and Forestry Tasmania Derwent District forest manager Dave Brown in relation to the salvaging of specialty timbers on the Plenty plateau. The statements are published below without alteration.

Massive amounts of specialty timbers and firewood posed to go up in smoke
Tim Morris MP
Greens Member for Lyons
Friday, 22 March 2013, 4.07pm

THE Tasmanian Greens today said that tens of thousands of tonnes of easily recoverable of firewood will be wasted if Forestry Tasmania goes ahead with plans to burn timber left behind from recent logging operations in southern Tasmania.Greens Member for Lyons Tim Morris MP today accompanied forest contractors to logging coupes on the Plenty Plateau, where large quantities of firewood timber and young special species is about to be burned.

“Celery top pine, sassafras and myrtle that should be grown on to supply wooden boat builders and craftsmen  in future decades has been smashed and trashed and is about to go up in smoke,” Mr Morris said. “These two coupes are amongst the many in similar condition that Forestry Tasmania is about to set fire to now that they have announced that their annual coupe burning program has begun.”

“It makes me so angry that in the three decades that I have been observing the practices of Forestry Tasmania, they are still as careless and wasteful as always. As a hobby woodworker the most sickening part of it is the massive quantity of young specialty timbers including celery top pine and sassafras that has been pushed over and smashed almost beyond recognition.”

“Specialty timber users and craftspeople will be absolutely livid to find out that these coupes have not been considered for their long term resource needs. Something has to change and it has to change soon, because the whole community is going to be outraged when they learn about the extreme waste that is continuing in our forests. Until there is some real change on the ground, Forestry Tasmania will never make money, nor will it get the community acceptance that it needs if it is to stand any chance of getting FSC certification. With winter approaching, Forestry Tasmania should at least be providing a transparent way for people to access the massive quantities of firewood that’s available up there right now.”

Harvesting on the Plenty Plateau
Forestry Tasmania 
Friday, 22 March 2013, 7.02pm

FORESTRY Tasmania says claims by Greens Member for Lyons Tim Morris about timber harvesting on the Plenty Plateau are without foundation.

Derwent District Forest Manager Dave Brown said the Plenty coupes had been harvested responsibly and all commercially saleable timber had been extracted. “These coupes are regrowth that established naturally after the 1934 bushfires. They have been harvested over the past couple of years to supply smaller diameter regrowth peeler logs to Ta Ann."

“Unfortunately the closure of the Triabunna woodchip mill prevented the sale of lower grade residues.  Contractors have, however, been encouraged to harvest all saleable firewood. The wood that is left has not been able to be sold commercially.”

Mr Brown said the young special species trees in the coupes would have needed to grow to 2-300 years to reach a saleable size. “FT’s Specialty Timbers Strategy 2010 has identified areas of special species timbers to be set aside for long-term supply.”

Mr Brown said the regeneration burns in the coupes were designed to replicate the natural regeneration achieved after wildfires like those in 1934.

Kensington St car boot sale

Click image to enlarge

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Grand final reports

Southern Cricket Association
Grand Finals

IN a rain-affected grand final at Richmond last Saturday, Molesworth I went down to Rokeby by six wickets. Rokeby won the toss and sent Molesworth into bat and the underdogs were going well at 3 for 85 with opener Dean King and Bradley Coppleman looking good - the pair putting on a 52-run stand. After King was out for 27, Coppleman and Mathew Siely then got the score to 123 before Siely was out caught for 17. Fifteen runs later and Coppleman was out for an even 50 with Molesworth 5 for 138. Things slipped from here on in for Molesworth, losing their next five wickets for just 38 runs, Nathan Eiszele 18 runs, Brad Ransley 14 and Chris Slater 11 not out all tried hard, the team finishing 10-176 off 44.4 overs.

With time lost due to rain during both innings, Rokeby's target was reduced to 145 off 41 overs. The favourites were soon in trouble with four wickets down with just 60-odd runs on the board, but from here they weren't troubled finishing 4-145 off 33 overs. Dean King used his grand final experience and fire, finishing with 3-40 off 8. Chris Slater took the other wicket 1-30 off 4.

The Molesworth army tried hard all day, but it just wasn't to be. The guys should hold their heads high - with the young and talented boys in the team playing alongside the experienced players, I'm sure Molesworth will be right up there again next season. Well done.        

In the 4th Grade grand final it was similar news, with a gallant Bushy Park going down to the MacKillop Beltas by six runs. Bushy with just the one wicket in hand and needing a six to win off the final delivery, couldn't quite get over the line. Young Nathan Grant swung the bat, but missed. This was a gallant effort by the Bushy Park team who should hold their heads very high.

MacKillop won the toss and elected to bat, making the good score of 10 for 219 off 47.5 overs. Dylan Grant was the main wicket taker with three wickets while Mitch Crosswell and Nick Fenton snared two each. Troy Smith and Danny Mason also got a wicket each. In reply Bushy lost their first wicket at 12 when opener Troy Smith went for 9. It was then left to fellow opener and captain Shaun Fenton to build the innings and build it he did, making a superb captain's knock of 90. This was just what his team needed in a grand final.

Fenton shared a 37-run stand with Mitch Croswell  and then an 87-run partnership with Damien Madden who supported his captain very well making 22. When the captain was out, Bushy were 3 for 136. Three more wickets fell for just nine runs, leaving the underdogs 6 for 147 and in trouble. The Bushy Park tail then began to wag with Nick Fenton scoring 20 runs, Dylan Grant 13. Then Jason Croswell 14 not out and batting with Nathan Grant 8 not out, did very well going ever so close to what would have been a famous victory.

With Bushy finishing 9 for 214 off its 50 overs, it just wasn't to be and this was the second grand final loss in a row for the brave Bushy Park team, which I'm sure was a very hard pill to swallow. This team has proved it can be very competitive season after season and will bounce back for yet another shot at the grand final in 2013-14.

Molesworth I,  back row from left: Dean King, Nick Piuselli, vice captain Bradley
 Coppleman, captain Ricky Martin , Chris Slater. Front from left: Daniel Coppleman,
Mathew Siely, Tyson Gray, Cody Neads, Nathan Eiszele, Bradley Ransley.
Taken at Richmond.

2nd Grade Grand Final Results

Rokeby 4 for 145 off 33 overs (14 extras) d Molesworth 10 for 176 off 44.4 overs (18 extras) at Richmond. Molesworth batting: Brad Coppleman 50 (six 4s), Dean King 27 (three 4s), Ricky Martin 18 (two 4s, one 6), Nathan Eiszele 18 (one 4), Mathew Siely 17 (one 4), Brad Ransley 14, Chris Slater 11no. Molesworth bowling: Dean King 3-40 (8), Chris Slater 1 for 30 (4), Ricky Martin 0-24 (9), Nathan Eiszele 0-38 (9), Brad Coppleman 0-9 (3).

Bushy Park, back row from left: Trent Grant, Geoffrey Crosswell, Scott Grant,
Mitchell Crosswell, Nathan Grant, Jason Crosswell, Danny Mason. Front from left:
Captain Shaun Fenton, Nicholas Fenton, vice captain Dylan Grant, Peter Madden,
Damien Madden, Troy Smith.
Taken at Tynwald Park.

4th Grade Grand Final Results

MacKillop Beltas 10 for 219 off 47.5 overs ( 16 extras) d Bushy Park 9 for 214 off 50 overs ( 21 extras) at Cambridge. Bushy Park batting: Shaun Fenton 90, Damien Madden 22, Nick Fenton 20, Jason Crosswell 14 not out, Dylan Grant 13, Nathan Grant 8no. Bushy Park bowling: Dylan Grant 3-52 (10), Mitchell Crosswell 2-33 (9), Nick Fenton 2-45 (10), Troy Smith 1-36 (7.5), Danny Mason 1-36 (5).
Other SCA Grand Final Results

FIRST GRADE: Wellington 9 for 226 off 50 overs (10 extras) d St Annes 10 for 102 off 28.4 overs (7 extras) at Eady Street.
THIRD GRADE: Campania 9 for 214 off 50 overs (33 extras) d Wellington 10 for 196 off 46.3 overs (23 extras) at Cadbury's No. 1.
FIFTH GRADE: Wellington 2 for 108 off 34.3 overs (20 extras) d Richmond/Cambridge 10 for 103 off 42 overs (21 extras) at Sorell No.1.
SIXTH GRADE: Dynnyrne 10 for 137 off 48.3 overs (31 extras) d Runnymede 10 for 91 off 33.2 overs (30 extras) at Campania.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Diamond valley Gazette

A MAGNIFICENT chocolate mud cake was shared with readers of the Gazette today as the Derwent Valley newspaper celebrated its 60th anniversary. Customers at the New Norfolk Newsagency were waiting for the cake cutting this morning, which was performed by Gazette representative Maree Campbell and newsagent Pauline Martin.

The 60th anniversary issue, which includes a 16-page supplement and a reprint of the first issue in broadsheet format, remains on sale at the New Norfolk Newsagency and other shops throughout the Derwent Valley and Central Highlands as well as selected city outlets.

Summer's here again

FORGET about all that rain last weekend - summer is back today with a forecast maximum of 32 degrees at New Norfolk, 30 in Hobart and 27 at Ouse.

There are fire, severe weather and road weather alerts for the Derwent Valley and other parts of the state today. For the latest warnings and advice from the weather bureau, click here.

The Bureau of Meteorology says Very High Fire Danger is forecast for the Upper Derwent Valley and South East. This means some bushfires breaking out will spread rapidly and be difficult to control. There is a possibility that people in the path of a fire who are not well prepared may be killed or seriously injured.

The Tasmania Fire Service advises you to:
  • Check your bush fire survival plan - Now.
  • Monitor the fire and weather situation on ABC radio or through
  • If power supplies fail, listen on your car radio.
The Tasmania Fire Service advises that if you are in an area of Very High or Severe Fire Danger:
  • Get ready now to leave for a safe place.
  • Leave immediately if fire breaks out near you.
  • Only stay if your home is well prepared to withstand fire and you can actively defend it.
No further warnings will be issued for this event, but the situation will continue to be monitored and further warnings issued if necessary.

There is also a Severe Weather Warning for damaging winds for people in the King Island, Western, Central Plateau, Midlands, East Coast, Upper Derwent Valley and South East forecast districts.

A trough lies to the west of Tasmania. During today a low will move along the trough to the west and then southwest of Tasmania before the trough crosses the state later tonight and early tomorrow.

Damaging winds around 50 km/h with peak gusts of 100 km/h are forecast for the King Island and Upper Derwent Valley forecast districts and parts of the Western, Central Plateau, Midlands, East Coast and South East forecast districts.
The State Emergency Service and Tasmania Police advise that people should:
  • Secure or put away loose items around your house, yard and balcony.
  • Keep clear of fallen power lines.
  • For emergency help in floods and storms, ring the SES on 132 500.

There is also a Road Weather Alert for Western, Central Plateau, Midlands, East Coast, Upper Derwent Valley and South East forecast districts

Gusty winds will make driving conditions dangerous during Wednesday afternoon and evening in parts of the Western, Central Plateau, Midlands, East Coast, Upper Derwent Valley and South East forecast districts.

For information on any road closures, please contact your local council or the Police.

For the latest warnings and advice from the weather bureau, click here.

Gazette's diamond anniversary

THE Derwent Valley Gazette turns 60 today. The newspaper is celebrating its diamond anniversary with a special collectors edition produced in partnership with Norske Skog Boyer. Readers are invited to have a slice of birthday cake at the New Norfolk Newsagency after 9am today.

Originally called the Derwent Gazette, the newspaper first hit the streets of New Norfolk and surrounding towns on March 27, 1953. The name changed to Derwent Valley Gazette in 1954 and was shortened to The Gazette in 2008. Read all about it in this week's issue, which includes a 16-page anniversary supplement inside the regular paper. Also included is a reprint of the first issue of the paper in broadsheet format.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Gretna juniors celebrate the season

GRETNA Cricket Club's junior teams capped off another great season with their annual trophy presentations and barbecue on March 16. Although the day was interrupted by the rain, everyone had a great day. I would like to take this opportunity to thank coaches Owen Browning and Darren Stevenson for their time and effort throughout the season. Both have done a fantastic job and it is very much appreciated.

I must also thank team managers Kevin Williams and Ian Booth - without them things wouldn't run as smoothly as they have. Well done fellas. Thanks also to Debra Crosswell for scoring every match in the Under 15s. This isn't an easy job, so thank you Debra. Many thanks also to all that helped out in other ways during the season. It sure does make a difference.

To the kids, I hope to see you all again next season and to those moving onto TCA level we wish you all the best for the future.
Gretna Cricket Club Junior Development Officer

Gretna Under 13s 2012-13 - back row from left: coach Darren Stevenson,
 Blake Mayne, Sam Booth, captain Jack Stevenson, Grant Booth, Jake Ransley,
 Jake Branch, manager Ian Booth. Front from left: Joshua Eyles, Ryan Emery,
Tristan Carmichael, Jack Hills, Ryan Browning. Absent: Blake Eyles, Adam Bartels.

Gretna Under 15s 2012-13: Back row from left: coach Owen Browning,
Joshua Farrow, deputy vice captain Joshua Whitford-Marriott,
captain Daniel Browning, vice captain Brodie Gleeson, Nathan Wakefield,
manager Kevin Williams, scorer Debra Crosswell, junior development officer
Wade Gleeson. Front from left: Nicholas Wakefield, Zac Crosswell, Jake Campbell,
Luke Crosswell, Reece Williams, Nathan Eyles. Absent: Jamie Davidson.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Shopping centre hearing in May

THE Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal will hold a three-day hearing starting on May 13 to consider the appeals against the major shopping centre proposed for Glebe Rd, Ring Rd and Hobart Rd in New Norfolk. A fourth day has been set down for the following week.

A preliminary hearing was held earlier this week and it was decided to proceed to a full hearing rather than attempt mediation.
  • Readers please note that as the legal process has now commenced, comments on this appeal will not be published until the tribunal reaches its decision.

Glebe Rd car boot sale

Car boot Sale

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Derwent Valley Produce & Our Valley Kitchen
car park and connecting paddock
Glebe Rd, New Norfolk
$10 per boot

Call 6261 2446 to book your space.

Secure car park safe for kids and pets

Friday, March 22, 2013

Wade's tipping the locals

Southern Cricket Association
Grand final weekend
IN 2nd Grade, I'm tipping Molesworth I to cause the upset of the season defeating the more fancied Rokeby by 45 runs or five wickets in tomorrow's grand final. Molesworth will be looking to make amends from last season's grand final loss against Sorell. They have one player missing from that side and I'm sure the Molesy boys will do everything possible to win the premiership for their former star!
Brad Coppleman will make a most welcome return to form, making 80-plus in a man of the match performance while Dean "Bravo" King will clean up the Rokeby top order taking three vital wickets. If Brad Ransley, Daniel Coppleman, Cody Neads and Tyson Gray are picked I'm sure all four of these youngsters will play a good hand in the win.
In 4th Grade I'm also tipping an upset with Bushy Park making amends for their nine-wicket loss against the Beltas two weeks ago to win the big one by just eight runs or one wicket. Bushy are still annoyed by their performance in last season's grand final against Sandford and will not be going down that path this time around.
The Madden brothers, Peter and Damien, will both make great scores above 40 while Troy "Wizard" Smith and Nick Fenton won't be far off. Mitch Crosswell will be man of the match with a big bowling performance of five wickets!
It's been a big season for the Derwent Valley teams in the SCA and I'm sure all will be behind both teams to bring the cups back to the valley.  
All the SCA grand final matches are on tomorrow (Saturday, March 23) and will start at 10.30am
FIRST GRADE: Wellington v St Anne's at Eady Street. 

SECOND GRADE: Rokeby v Molesworth I at Richmond.

THIRD GRADE: Wellington v Campania at Cadbury's No. 1.
FOURTH GRADE: MacKillop Beltas v Bushy Park at Cambridge.
FIFTH GRADE: Wellington v Richmond/Cambridge at Sorell No. 1.

SIXTH GRADE: Runnymede v Dynnyrne at Campania.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Council accepts school offer

Maydena Primary School
AFTER months of negotiations the Derwent Valley Council has agreed to a proposal to take over the recently closed Maydena Primary School for use by the community. At tonight's council meeting held at Maydena, the council voted unanimously to accept an Education Department offer involving a $300,000 grant to take on the school site.

The funding comes with an obligation to build a bus stop for the students who now travel to school at Westerway and to take responsibility for the demolition of buildings deemed to be surplus to requirements. The future site of the Maydena Online Access Centre remains a sticking point and the council resolved to continue discussions with the community and the Education Department on whether the centre would stay at the old school site on Kallista Rd or be relocated to the former kindergarten in nearby Holmes St.

The council will ask the Maydena Community Association to manage the school site on a day-to-day basis, taking care of matters such as lawn mowing and bookings for the relatively new school hall that was build under former prime minister Kevin Rudd's economic stimulus program.

A community committee will be asked to work with the council over the next six months to determine possible future uses for the old school. The implication is that the main school building stands to be demolished if viable future uses cannot be achieved. The council decision includes holding the grant funds in trust for use in the Maydena area only.

Molesworth's in the big one

Finals week three

MOLESWORTH I has advanced to its third 2nd Grade grand final in a row after defeating New Norfolk I by seven wickets at the weekend. Molesworth won the premiership back in 2010-11 and was runner up last season, and will again play off in the big one, this time against the all-conquering Rokeby.

After a rain affected match at Boyer Oval on Saturday, reduced from the normal 50 overs to 34, New Norfolk after winning the toss had first hit making 88 for the loss of three wickets. Openers Jake King 30 runs and Rohan Heron 26 put on a 40-run stand, but with the wet conditions the runs dried up. From here New Norfolk scored just 48 more runs with David Maddox making 15. The Molesworth bowlers did very well with Brad Coppleman taking 2-5 off four overs while Nathan Eiszele finished with 1-21 off seven overs. Although they didn't take wickets, Dean King 0-11 off nine and Ricky Martin 0-17 off seven also did very well in restricting the New Norfolk batsmen from scoring.

In reply, Molesworth were never troubled, finishing 3-89 off 17.2 overs. Opener Nick Piuselli batted very well at the top, making 45 not out with three 4s and two sixes. Captain Ricky Martin sure knows how to bat in the big matches and made 31 (three 4s and two sixes). New Norfolk used four bowlers to try to contain the Molesworth batsmen. Jamie Maddox, Josh Dykes and Stewart Rice all took a wicket each, but it just wasn't New Norfolk's day, with Molesworth running out easy winners.     

In the 4th Grade preliminary final, Bushy Park went through to its second grand final in a row after their match against Old Beach at Tynwald Park was eventually washed out. Old Beach won the toss and sent Bushy Park into bat. The openers got their side off to a excellent start with a 92-run opening stand, Troy Smith making 55 and captain Shaun Fenton 50. Both batsmen are looking in very good form for the big one this Saturday. Geoff Crosswell made 24 while Dylan Grant made 18 not out. Bushy Park made 5-161 off 35 overs. The match was stopped by rain which later resulted in the match being washed out. With Bushy finishing on top this means they go straight into the grand final against the MacKillop Beltas at Campania this Saturday. 

Preliminary Final

Molesworth I 3-89 off 17.2 overs (6 extras) d New Norfolk I 3-88 off 34 overs (15 extras) at Boyer Oval. New Norfolk batting: Jake King 30 (two 4s), Rohan Heron 26 (four 4s), David Maddox 15. Molesworth bowling: Brad Coppleman 2-5 (4), Nathan Eiszele 1-21 (7). Molesworth batting: Nick Piuselli 45no ( three 4s, two 6s), Ricky Martin 31 (three 4s, two 6s). New Norfolk bowling: Stewart Rice 1-18 (5), Jamie Maddox 1-22 (3), Josh Dykes 1-23 (5.2).

Preliminary Final

Bushy Park 5 for 161 off 35 overs (7 extras) v Old Beach (did not bat) at Boyer Oval. Match washed out with Bushy Park progressing to the grand final. Bushy Park batting: Troy Smith 55, Shaun Fenton 50, Geoff Crosswell 24, Dylan Grant 18no.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ghost quest tonight

THE Old Colony Inn at New Norfolk is said to be the location of a paranormal investigation tonight.  Team Paranormal Australia has advised that New Norfolk News that they are back in town to look into the story of a flamboyant former owner of the well known local tourist attraction.

The Tasmanian-based group explored Willow Court last year and a video of that investigation can be seen on YouTube hereThey are not the locally-based Australian Paranormal Investigation Unit.

Visit the Team Paranormal Australia Facebook page from 10pm-midnight tonight to watch the live feed from New Norfolk. Alternatively click here to go straight to the feed, which includes a chat box.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Council's sesquicentenary today

The council's first minute book.
TWO pubs and a police station were the polling places for the Derwent Valley's first municipal election 150 years ago today. Fifteen candidates contested the six available positions on the then Rural Municipality of New Norfolk. Voters turned out to cast their votes at the police office in New Norfolk and at the Gretna Green Hotel, Gretna, and Fentons Arms Inn, Glenora.

In order of the votes received, the candidates were Walter Angus Bethune Jamieson 188, William Dean 182, Ralph Terry 162, John Anthony Moore 157, Ebeneezer Shoobridge 142, William George Salier 136, George Francis Huston 132, Henry Lloyd 130, Michael Fenton junior 129, Alexander Riddock 128, William Cahill 116, George Nicholls 63, Ebeneezer Geiss 61, William Blyth 51 and Joseph Richards 26.

The council's inaugural meeting was held on the same day as the election. Business at the first meeting included electing warden (mayor) and appointing a council clerk (general manager) and a superintendent of police. The most successful candidate in that day's election, Walter Jamieson, was unanimously elected warden of the municipality, with a salary of 100 Pounds per annum (about $13,000).

The meeting instructed the warden to ask that the police buildings be transferred to the municipality for use as council chambers. This office would serve a triple role as police station, court house and council chambers for the next 70 years. In 1933 the council turned its gaze to the library hall at the opposite end of High St and lobbied the government to hand it over for remodelling into the municipal offices that are still in use today.

In 1996 the New Norfolk Council was renamed the Derwent Valley Council, with boundaries considerably different to those of 1863.

Minutes of the first council meeting, March 18, 1863.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Community House leader resigns

Sheryl Rainbird
THE popular and energetic co-ordinator of the Derwent Valley Community House has resigned after more than four years of service. During her time Mrs Rainbird has given the centre a greatly increased profile in the community and in the local media, with a regular column in the Derwent Valley Gazette.

A tribute on the centre's Facebook page notes that Sheryl has implemented many new programs, and received hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants for the centre and the wider community.

In reponse, Mrs Rainbird said she had enjoyed her time at the Derwent Valley Community House and the wider community house network. "Working with Dianne and Lexia has been a real joy and as a team we have achieved a lot," she said.

Tunnel photos - judge for yourself

THE release of a video showing about 100m of the tunnel between Willow Court and the River Derwent has sparked a flurry of suggestions about its origins and purpose. A further investigation is clearly warranted, from end to end.

This is where the film starts, showing the tunnel to be
six flagstones wide.

The tunnel undergoes various changes along the way,
here the floor is brick - about eight wide.

Another change in the floor's surface, and the wall can be seen to be
six or seven bricks tall before the start of the arched roof.

This repaired section, dated 1928, is said to be where Burnett St
crosses High St. A pipe enters from the left.
The repaired section is in part of the tunnel that was carved from
solid rock.
Here the tunnel has been repaired with a section of cement pipe
which is said to be dated 1920.
Another view of the rock-carved section of tunnel.
This is where the film ends, a silted section said to be somewhere
near the Riteway Supermarket.

Family centre opened

TASMANIAN Health Minister Michelle O'Byrne yesterday performed the official opening of the Derwent Valley Child and Family Centre in New Norfolk. Now called Ptunarra after an endemic but threatened Tasmanian butterfly, the centre has been built on the Ellis Dean Reserve next door to Blair St Kindergarten.

Ms O'Byrne said the centre was already delivering a range of services to support families and give children the best possible start in life. "Like similar centres around the state, Ptunarra is an example of Government and communities working together to provide the services families want and need," she said. "The State Government is committed to providing every child with the opportunities they deserve."

Ms O'Byrne said Ptunarra would be a hub for lifelong learning for families and a support centre for children in their early years. "Ptunarra will offer a range of programs to improve the health and well-being, education and care of Tasmania's very young children by supporting parents and enhancing accessibility of services in the local community."

Programs and services already available at the centre include Launching into Learning, a first aid course for parents, and courses titled "Being a Parent" and "Plant, Grow and Eat." Ms O'Byrne said Ptunarra would also provide a perfect place for children to learn through playing and socialising with other children and their families.

Similar child and family centres are being established in communities throughout Tasmania with 11 already operational at Beaconsfield, St Helens, Ravenswood, Burnie, East Devonport, Queenstown, Bridgewater, Clarence Plains, Geeveston, Chigwell and now New Norfolk.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Wade's cricket tips - week three

Southern Cricket Association
Finals week two

MY tips for this weekend's matches are New Norfolk I in 2nd Grade to continue on their winning way and defeat Molesworth I by four wickets or 45 runs and make the grand final from the elimination final. Captain Glen Williams has his team up and about and will be hard to stop. This match will be played at Boyer Oval at 10.30am tomorrow (Saturday).

In 4th Grade I'm tipping Bushy Park to bounce back from last Saturday's loss to defeat Old Beach by three wickets or 35 runs and play in their second grand final in a row. Captain Shaun Fenton will be looking for a much better show with the bat from his players and I'm sure they won't let him down. This game will be at Tynwald Park at 10.30am tomorrow (Saturday). Good luck to all teams.

Junior Trophy Day Reminders 

The Gretna Junior Cricket Trophy Day will be on this Saturday March 16 at the Gretna Oval starting at 9am. The Under 13s and 15's will play a mixed cricket match followed by a barbecue and then trophy presentations.

The Molesworth Junior Cricket Trophy Presentation will be this Sunday March 17 at Tynwald Park (Rotunda Hut) starting at 10am. Spit roast and barbecue supplied. Players and parents will play a cricket match.

See the tunnel video

PART of the video from the Derwent Valley Council's investigation into the Burnett St tunnel has been published online by the Mercury.
  • Read the Mercury's article here and see the video
  • Watch the ABC TV News report

Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Norfolk "tunnel" unearthed

Historic tunnels unearthed in New Norfolk

Derwent Valley Mayor, Martyn Evans, was very excited today with the release to Councillors of a video of historic tunnels that run under New Norfolk. “There has been speculation for some time about tunnels running under our town, the video shown to Councillors today at a Council Workshop confirms this important discovery.

“The tunnels run in vicinity of Burnett Street to The Avenue area and are believed to have been built in the mid 1800s; with significant repairs having been done in the late 1920s. “Much of this find is still to be confirmed; however it opens up a whole new world of heritage and tourism opportunities for New Norfolk and the wider Derwent Valley,” Martyn Evans said.

For many years there has been speculation that New Norfolk housed a series of underground tunnels.  Some belived they were used for transferring convicts or patients to and from boats and Willow Court, while others thought that they were drains put in during the settlement period. The video shown to Derwent Valley Councillors confirms that these are tunnels that are wide enough for people to walk through comfortably.

“There is still a lot of work to be done, including further investigation and filming of the find. Council is hoping to work with Heritage Tasmania and the State and Australian Governments to ensure that this important find is conserved and if safe, made available to the public to see.

“These tunnels compliment the Derwent Valley’s already strong reputation as a heritage hot spot in Tasmania, and will provide not only tourism but also research opportunities well into the future,” Mayor Evans said.

Glenora reunion this Sunday

This Sunday at the school, 11am-2pm, $5 for barbecue & refreshments, BYO alcohol

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shopping centre approval appealed

TODAY'S issue of the Derwent Valley Gazette reports that there have been two appeals against the Derwent Valley Council's recent decision to grant planning permission for a major shopping centre on the outskirts of New Norfolk. The newspaper names local retailer Ray Williams and property developer Robert Rockefeller as the two appellants and states that a hearing will be held on Wednesday next week.

At its February meeting the council approved developers Raif and Roostam Sadri's proposal for a large supermarket with baker, butcher and delicatessen; seven retail tenancies; petrol station; takeaway shop; future tenancy; and five warehouse/showrooms. Councillors rejected the municipal engineer's recommendation of a roundabout for the junction of Hobart Rd and Glebe Rd and substituted slip lanes as a means of dealing with the anticipated increase in traffic.

The Gazette quotes Roostam Sadri saying he was hoping to attract a supermarket brand never before seen in Tasmania, and goes on to say Mr Sadri was in negotiations with the Aldi chain. In an interview with ABC TV News on March 3, Mr Sadri said the new supermarket could be "...any of the big ones. Could be Coles, could be Woolworths, could be Aldi, could be Costco."

  • The ABC TV News item here.

New Norfolk's thrilling victory

Southern Cricket Association
Finals Week 2

AFTER a thrilling victory over Gretna I in the 2nd Grade first semi-final at Gretna on Saturday, New Norfolk I will now play Molesworth I in the preliminary final. With Gretna 9-206 and needing six runs to win on a tie, with four balls remaining, New Norfolk's Leigh Berry took a spectacular one-handed catch on the boundary to claim victory for the Red Caps. Batsman Corey Ransley must have thought he had made the distance and got his team over the line, but it wasn't to be.

New Norfolk had won the toss and elected to bat, hitting up the competitive score of 5-212 off their 50 overs. Opener Jake King batted well, making 62, and when he was out the Red Caps were 5-113. Match-winner Leigh Berry continued on, making the good score of 75 not out (11 fours), while his captain Glen Williams remained 25 not out to give their team a good score to defend. Craig Cunningham was the main wicket taker for Gretna with 2-35 while Bruce Emery showed his experience, bowling extremely well and finishing with 1-18 off 10. Aaron Maddox and Jackson Ackerly also picked up a wicket each.

In reply to New Norfolk's 212, Gretna got off to a great start with openers Ben Rainbird and and Damien Hack putting on 55 before Hack was out for 13. Burns and Rainbird then got the score to 113 and Gretna looked the goods until Burns fell for 34 and then 27 runs later Rainbird was out for a great captains knock of 75 with 12 well-struck fours. At this stage Gretna was 3-140 and still in control, but the next seven wickets were lost for 66 runs and the side was bowled out in the final over. The experienced pair of Stewart Rice and Ashley Morgan showed the way for New Norfolk, picking up three wickets each while Jamie Maddox and Josh Dykes also did well snaring two each. Josh Rowlands had a great day in the field, taking four catches while Leigh Berry got three - with the last being a classic match winner.

New Norfolk and Gretna have had some classic finals matches dating back to the 1980s and Saturday's thriller was no exception. Well done New Norfolk, maybe this will be your season.

In the 2nd Grade second semi-final at Clarendon Vale, Rokeby recorded a comfortable six-wicket win over Molesworth I to go straight into the grand final. Molesworth won the toss and elected to bat, making 152 before being bowled out in the 32nd over. D. Williams top-scored with 35 (5 fours and 1 six) while youngster Daniel Coppleman made 31 (6 fours) and brother Brad made 23. Brad Ransley got 19 and Chris Slater 16. In reply Rokeby was hardly troubled, losing just four wickets in the run chase and finishing 4-153 off 22.1 overs. The Molesworth bowlers tried hard, but on the small Clarendon Vale oval it can be very frustrating. Brad Coppleman was the pick of them with 1-34 off seven overs.

After having a week off, Bushy Park went down to the Mackillop Beltas by nine wickets in the 4th Grade second semi-final at Boyer Oval. Bushy won the toss and decided to have first, hit making the small total of 139 and being bowled out in the 40th over. Bushy Park lost wickets regularly, but Troy Smith did well at the top of the order making 34. Batting at number eight Nick Fenton top-scored with 47, and Damien Madden made 10. No other batsman recorded double figures. In reply the Beltas had all the answers, losing just the one wicket in the run chase and finishing 1-144 off 34.3 overs. Mitch Crosswell was the wicket taker with 1-20 off seven overs. Bushy Park now plays Old Beach in the do-or-die preliminary final.      

SCORES - SECOND GRADE 1st Semi Final:  New Norfolk 5-212 off 50 overs (15 extras) d Gretna I  10-206 off 49.3 overs (9 extras) at Gretna. New Norfolk batting: Leigh Berry 75 (11-4s), Jake King 62 (5-4s), Glen Williams 25 (1-4), David Maddox 13 (2-4s), Rohan Heron 12 (1-4). Gretna bowling: Craig Cunningham 2-35 (9), Jackson Ackerly 1-15 (4), Bruce Emery 1-18 (10), Aaron Maddox 1-41 (8). Gretna batting: Ben Rainbird 75 (12-4s), Mathew Burns 34 (6-4s), Glenn Blackwell 17 (3-4s), Craig Cunningham 15 (1-6), Bruce Emery 13 (2-4s), Damien Hack 13, Peter Jelkic 12 (2-4s).  New Norfolk bowling: Ashley Morgan 3-28 (8.3), Stewart Rice 3-40 (10), Jamie Maddox 2-42 (10), Josh Dykes 2-43 (9).

2nd Semi Final: Rokeby 4-153 off 22.1 overs (11 extras) d Molesworth I 10-152 off 31.3 overs at Clarendon Vale. Molesworth batting: D. Williams 35 (5-4s, 1-6), Daniel Coppleman 31 (6-4s), Brad Coppleman 23 (1-4, 2-6s), Brad Ransley 19 (3-4s), Chris Slater 16 (3-4s). Molesworth bowling: Brad Coppleman 1-34 (7), Chris Slater 1-27 (4), Daniel Coppleman 1-27 (4), Nathan Eiszele 1-42 (4).

FOURTH GRADE 2nd Semi Final: Mackillop Beltas 1-144 off 34.3 overs (22 extras) d Bushy Park 10-139 off 39.4 overs (19 extras) at Boyer Oval. Bushy Park batting: Nick Fenton 47, Troy Smith 34, Damien Madden 10. Bushy Park bowling: Mitchell Crosswell 1-20 (7).

Total fire ban today


TODAY, Wednesday March 13 has been declared a Day of Total Fire Ban for the whole state.  

No fires may be lit or be allowed to remain alight in the open air until 11.59pm tonight.

General Advice on a Day of Total Fire Ban
Tools and Equipment

Tools and equipment that use a naked flame or generate sparks such as welding or grinding, must not be used in the open air.

If essential works are required to be done a special permit may be issued, after a thorough investigation of each application. Apply to your TFS Regional Office.

Barbecues that use wood, charcoal or other solid fuel are banned
Gas and electric barbecues are permitted subject to the strict application of the conditions set out below.
Gas and electric barbecues provided in public reserves/campsites may be used providing:
  •     the barbecue is electric or gas fired
  •     the barbecue is fixed permanent structure.
Portable gas and electric barbecues may be used provided:
  • The barbecue is located within 20 metres of a permanent dwelling (mobile homes, caravans or tents are not classified as permanent dwellings).
Additional conditions that apply to the use of portable electric and gas fired barbecues and barbecues in public reserves and campsites:
  •     the area for 3 metres around and above the barbecue is completely cleared of flammable material.
  •     an adult is in attendance at all times
  •     a tap with hose connected is ready for use
  •     at least 10 litres of water is on hand in case of emergency.
Commercial caterers are required to obtain a special permit from your TFS Regional Office.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's showtime!

The sign has been updated and the Hamilton Show is coming up on March 23.
For more information click here and here.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Wade's finals tips - week two

Southern Cricket Association
Finals week two

WITH the word that Molesworth will have three of its key players out of the team for the 2nd Grade second semi-final tomorrow (Saturday), and Rokeby playing on their home ground, I'm tipping Rokeby to win by 40 runs and three wickets.

In the first semi-final between Gretna I and New Norfolk I, I'm tipping Gretna to bounce back from its loss to Molesworth and win by a close 10 runs and two wickets. This match will be of interest as these two teams have a great rivalry with a reputation of close finals matches over the years during their time in the DVCA. This match promises to live up to all expectations and im sure will be witnessed by a large crowd at Gretna.

In 4th Grade Bushy Park play MacKillop Beltas in the second semi-final at Boyer Oval tomorrow. This match has been moved from Bushy Park Showgounds. The Beltas drew with Old Beach in the qualifying final. I'm tipping Bushy to go straight into the grand final defeating the Beltas by 15 runs and one wicket.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Good news at Gretna

MISSING mare Sari has been found following an intensive ground search last week. The horse went missing several days before the recent Gretna bushfire, leading some to fear the worst. A line search on Tuesday last week found her at the bottom of a steep ravine.

She was battered and dehydrated but in relatively good condition for a horse that had been missing for 10 days in all her gear. After receiving veterinary attention Sari was walked out to a friend's property nearby.

Trophy days coming up

THE New Norfolk Cricket Club Under 13s Trophy Day will be at the Tynwald Park Cricket Ground this Sunday, March 10, 10am start. All players, family and friends are welcome. Free barbecue and soft drinks. Parents and children will play a match. For more information contact Jamie Hill or Graeme Rowlands.

The Gretna Junior Cricket Trophy Day will be on Saturday, March 16, at the Gretna Oval starting at 9am. The Under 13s and Under 15s will play a mixed cricket match followed by a barbecue and then trophy presentations will take place.

The Molesworth Junior Cricket Trophy Presentations will be held on Sunday, March 17, at Tynwald Park (Rotunda Hut) starting at 10am. Spit roast and barbecue supplied. Players and parents will play a cricket match. 

Gretna junior cricket

Youth Cricket

UNDER 15s: Gretna 7-211 off 40 overs d Old Beach 9-87 off 25.4 overs at Gretna. Gretna batting: Josh Farrow 62 (5-4s), Daniel Browning 37no (7-4s, 1-6), Nathan Eyles 30 (6-4s), Reece Williams 23 (2-4s), Zac Crosswell 12 (1-4). Gretna bowling: Nathan Eyles 2-6 (5), Reece Williams 2-11 (5), Nick Wakefield 2-11 (3), Luke Crosswell 1-2 (.4), Jamie Davidson 1-17 (4), Jake campbell 1-22 (4).

UNDER 13s: North Hobart 5-137 off 20 overs d Gretna 7-135 off 20 overs at Gretna. Gretna batting: Ryan Emery 39no (6-4s, 1-6), Jack Stevenson 29 (4-4s), Josh Eyles 32 retired (4-4s, 1-6), Blake Mayne 9 (1-4). Gretna bowling: Ryan Browning 1-16 (3 overs), Blake Mayne 1/27 (3 overs).

Molesworth's big finals win

 Ricky Martin with son Kai
Southern Cricket Association
Finals Week 1

FOR the second week in a row Molesworth I captain Ricky Martin has led his team to victory. This time it was the all-important win in the qualifying final over Gretna at Gretna. Martin picked up four wickets as his team skittled Gretna out for 113 runs. The captain then made a half-century during the run chase, smashing 8-4s and 1-6 to see his team to victory and advance to the second semi-final against Rokeby at Clarendon Vale this Saturday. The winner will go through to the grand final.

Molesworth won the toss and in a plan to add early pressure to the in-form Gretna team sent the home side into bat. And the plan came off. The Molesworth attack was right on target and soon had Gretna captain Ben Rainbird back in the sheds for just two runs. Gretna then lost wickets at 16 and 20 before Glenn Blackwell 10 and Craig Cunningham 42 steadied with a 44-run stand. But then Blackwell fell with the score on 64. Cunningham went soon after and a run later Bruce Emery was also out and Gretna were in serious trouble at 6 for 102. Jackson Ackerly tried hard while at the crease, but things didn't get any better and Gretna were all out for the small total of 113.

The experienced Dean King had a big impact on the Gretna top order, taking the big wickets of Rainbird and Burns. Nathan Eiszele did a excellent job also and finished with 3-30 off 10 overs. Tim Nichols 1-22 off 10 also did well and captain Ricky Martin cleaned up the tail, finishing with fine figures of 4-15 off 7 overs.

In reply Molesworth got off to the worst start possible when Corey Ransley had opener Nick Piuselli caught behind first ball of the innings. But from here the visitors were never troubled, reaching the target with only three wickets down. Ricky Martin steering his team to victory remaining 54 not out. Mathew Siely 25 not out, Brad Coppleman 13 and Dean King 12. Gretna opening bowler Corey Ransley gave his all, bowling extremely well as he tried to keep his side in the match, finishing with 3-35 off 9 overs. It was a great finals atmosphere at Gretna on Saturday and the large crowd enjoyed every minute of it.

In the 2nd Grade elimination final, New Norfolk I smashed Runnymede by a whopping 237 runs at Tynwald Park. Opener Jake King belted a fine century, making 126 hitting 14-4s and 2-6s. King shared a 90-run opening stand with fellow opener Rohan Heron who made 40 including 5-4s. After David Maddox was out for 10 and the score was 2-116, King and Ashley Morgan went about again carving up the Runnymede attack, putting on a 138-run stand. Stewart Rice also got amongst the runs making 64 not out (4-4s and 7-6s). In reply Runnymede were never in the hunt and were dismissed for just 93. Josh Rowlands and Jamie Maddox bowling very very well claimed four wickets each to see their team to victory. Josh Dykes also did well picking up the other two Runnymede wickets.

In the 5th Grade elimination final, New Norfolk II went down to Rokeby at Clarendon Vale by 52 runs. Rokeby had first hit, making 10 for 141. Mark Thurston bowled well picking up four wickets as did wicket machine Josh Walsh and Richard Munnings taking three each. In reply New Norfolk just couldn't handle the Rokeby attack and was all out for 89. Captain Stephen Nichols top scored with 16 with tail-enders Mitch Rice 10 and T. Mayne 10 the next best. New Norfolk II now bow out of the finals, but the team should hold its head high as it has a young side with a bright future.

SCORES - SECOND GRADE Qualifying Final: Molesworth 3-114 off 28 overs (10 extras) d Gretna I 10-113 off 34 overs (21 extras) at Gretna. Gretna I batting: Craig Cunningham 42 (5-4s, 1-6), Mathew Burns (1-4 1-6), Jackson Ackerly 13 (2-4s), Glenn Blackwell 10 (1-4). Molesworth I bowling: Ricky Martin 4-15 (7), Nathan Eiszele 3-30 (10), Dean King 2-37 (7), Tim Nichols 1-22 (10). Molesworth I - batting: Ricky Martin 54 (8-4s, 1-6), Mathew Siely 25no (3-4s, 1-6), Brad Coppleman 13 (1-4), Dean King 12 (1-4). Gretna I bowling: Corey Ransley 3-35 (9).

Elimination Final: New Norfolk I 5-330 off 50 overs (28 extras) d Runnymede 10-93 at Tynwald Park. New Norfolk I batting: Jake King 126 (14-4s, 2-6s), Stewart Rice 64 (4-4s, 7-6s), Ashley Morgan 50 (8-4s), Rohan Heron 40 (5-4s), David Maddox 10 (1-4). New Norfolk I bowling: Jamie Maddox 4-21 (6.2), Josh Rowlands 4-30 (10), Josh Dykes 2-34 (10).
FIFTH GRADE Elimination Final: Rokeby 10-141 off 35.1 overs (15 extras) d New Norfolk II 10-89 off 20.1 overs (26 extras) at Clarendon Vale. New Norfolk II batting: Stephen Nichols 16 (3-4s), Mitchell Rice 11 (1-6), T. Mayne 10 (1-4, 1-6). New Norfolk II bowling: Mark Thurston 4-46 (9.1), Josh Walsh 3-37 (10), Richard Munnings 3-42 (10).

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Very high fire danger today

THE Bureau of Meteorology has forecast a very high fire danger about the upper Derwent Valley this afternoon.

As of late last night the predicted maximum temperature at New Norfolk today is 32 degrees, followed by 34 degrees on Wednesday. Click here for updates. A top of 33 degrees is forecast for Ouse for the next two days, 30 and 31 at Maydena, and a cooler 24 and 25 degrees at Mt Field National Park.

Check the state forecast by clicking here. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Community market diary date

Derwent Valley Community Market

Sunday, March 17, 10am-2pm

at Derwent Valley Community House

The Avenue, Willow Court, New Norfolk

Held on the third Sunday of every month

Council not keen on extended term

THE Derwent Valley Council will tell the State Government that it does not support a 12-month extension to the terms of half of Tasmania's local government councillors. Local Government Minister Bryan Green's proposed reforms were discussed at the council's monthly meeting in February and a week later at last week's councillor workshop on the topic.

Most councillors thought it inappropriate to ask councils to comment on the proposal to extend the terms of some councillors to enable reforms to be introduced next year. If carried out, five Derwent Valley councillors would have their terms extended by one year and four others would have a 12 months cut from their term of office.

In response to a request for comments on the proposed reforms, the council reiterated its previous position:

  • In favour of compulsory voting for council elections (not opt-in compulsory as proposed by Mr Green); 
  • Against the proposal to prevent people from serving on council and in State Parliament at the same time (the council's view is that mayors or deputy mayors elected to Sate Parliament should immediately resign from the position of mayor or deputy mayor, but should be able to sit on council for the remainder of their term;
  • In favour of all-in, all-out elections with four-year terms for councillors, Mayors and Deputy Mayors; and,
  • Against "around the-the-table" election of deputy mayors.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Local candidate for Lyons

THE Tasmanian Greens have named New Norfolk's Pippa Brinklow as their candidate for Lyons at the upcoming Federal election. Ms Brinklow is a nurse who has spent the last 20 years developing and managing health and aged care, community housing and vocational education and training programs throughout Tasmania.

Ms Brinklow's campaign was launched on Friday by Tasmanian Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson. “Pip is known for her great work in the community, including playing a lead role in securing improved health and aged care services to regional areas,” Senator Whish-Wilson said. “Pip has an ability to see a need and to simply get on with the job of finding the solution. Her concern about the lack of quality vocational education and training opportunities in rural and regional areas prompted her to set up a training centre that helped hundreds of job seekers in Lyons gain qualifications and employment,” he said.

Ms Brinklow has lived and raised a family in the electorate for more than 20 years and lives in New Norfolk with her partner Tim Morris MHA, deputy leader of the Tasmanian Greens. “I have had the privilege to serve and listen to the people of Lyons for many years, and I am ready to represent them in Federal Parliament,” Ms Brinklow said.

“There is a clear and unmistakable mood for change in the electorate of Lyons. People are looking for someone to represent them who has energy, vision and a genuine track record of working hard for the community. Now is not the time to hide from change, or remain entrenched in the ways of the past that have held Tasmania back for far too long. There are a growing number of voters who want their political representative to embrace new ways of thinking – 21st century ideas – in tackling the challenges and opportunities that are facing our state," she said.

Lovely day for it

THERE are still several hours left to take advantage of today's sunny start to autumn with a visit to beautiful Rosedown garden at New Norfolk. Rosedown is a beautiful example of following your heart, rather than a rigid plan, when it comes to gardening. The five-acre property has been lovingly brought back to life over the past 26 years by Ian and Brenda Triffitt and it is today at 134 Hamilton Rd (Lyell Hwy), New Norfolk, as part of the Open Gardens Australia program.

"At the time the garden consisted of a gnarled old apple tree, a weeping willow and a cypress hedge," Brenda recalls. "The character of the garden was the result of no rigidly planned development - it was made in my heart rather than my head. It just evolved over the years. We have been influenced by Beatrice Bligh’s philosophy: 'A garden should be just a little too big to keep the whole cultivated, then it has a chance to go a little wild in spots and make some pictures for you’."

Most trees are deciduous, leading to spectacular autumnal displays as well as masses of useful mulch. Plants are grown for decorative quality, such as colour, scent and foliage, rather than a strictly controlled colour scheme. "Many trees have been planted to mark special occasions such as marriages of our children, births of grandchildren, anniversaries and the passing of loved ones," Brenda says.

There are birches, maples, gleditsias, liquidambars, elms, (cork, golden and variegated) a tulip tree, Norway cut maple, gingko, ashes silver pear and a golden rain tree. "These trees are the backbone of the garden, providing a framework, shelter and a microclimate for plants and shrubs not previously able to grow because of the westerly winds and fierce sun. The connection to and love of our garden has been long and vigorous. It’s had 26 years to find its way into our heart. Rosedown is our refuge and sanctuary. We hope you enjoy your visit."

134 Hamilton Road (Lyell Hwy), New Norfolk
Open 10am-4.30pm today
Admission $7. Under-18s free

Friday, March 1, 2013

Wade's cricket final tips

WITH Rokeby finishing on top of 2nd Grade in the Southern Cricket Association they are having the week off. Gretna I will play Molesworth I in the qualifying final at Gretna tomorrow (Saturday). This should be a great match with both teams having good batting depth. With Gretna in very good form I'm tipping them to win by four wickets or 50 runs.

New Norfolk I play Runnymede at Tynwald Park in the elimination final. The Red Caps have an excellent batting line up when they have a full team in and I'm sure they will. I'm tipping them to win by five wickets or 99 runs. 

New Norfolk II plays Rokeby in the 5th Grade elimination final at Clarendon Vale. I'm tipping New Norfolk to win by 35 runs or three wickets.

Good luck to all teams and let's hope we have some premiership wins in the coming weeks. See you at the cricket.

  • The captains of Gretna and Molesworth will appear on the Weekend Sports Wrap on 98.9 Tyga FM with Shawry and Gleeso tomorrow (Saturday) at 8am.