Monday, February 11, 2013

Molesworth, Lachlan, Collinsvale: remain vigilant

DUE to more favourable weather conditions overnight, the Molesworth fire was downgraded to "Advice" level. Residents in the area still need to remain vigilant as weather conditions may change in coming days.

The main fire activity continues on the western edge of the fire just south of Ringwood Rd, Lachlan. There is also activity on the south-eastern edge to the north of the East-West Trail through to Collins Bonnet in very steep and inaccessible terrain. 
Crews today, with the assistance of machinery, will be working on the fire edge around the Ironstone Gully, Ringwood Rd and Ringwood Trail area. Crews will also be undertaking backburning operations around Haney Rd.
The fire in this area is producing a considerable amount of smoke which will be visible from and may fall on the northern suburbs, Collinsvale, Molesworth. People in New Norfolk may also see an increase in smoke.

Tasmania Fire Service advice

The fire danger rating in this area is high. Fire under these conditions can be  uncontrollable and unpredictable.
Smoke from this fire may affect the communities of  Suhrs Rd, Myrtle Forest Rd, Springdale Rd, Old Springdale Rd, Fehlbergs Rd, Valley Rd, Fairy Glen Rd, Mount Hull Rd, Collins Cap Rd, Ironstone Gully, Ringwood Rd, Molesworth, Collinsvale, northern suburbs and Mt Wellington.
There is no immediate threat to communities. Parts of this bushfire are currently not controlled.
Reported Road Closures: Ringwood Rd is closed to the public (except residents). Roads may be affected by smoke. Motorists are advised to drive carefully and turn on headlights. For up to date information on road closures for this fire refer to the Tasmania Police website.

What to do:
  • Check your bushfire plan now; well constructed and prepared homes are defendable in these conditions.
  • If you don’t have a bushfire plan or your plan is to leave, consider leaving the affected area for a relative or friends place if conditions worsen, only if the path is clear.
  • The Community Fire Refuge at Carinya Education Park, New Norfolk, is now closed.
  • Unless you are a resident or have urgent business, consider avoiding travel in this area.
  • Stay informed in case conditions change.
  • Monitor ABC Local Radio & TFS Website – for further information.

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