Saturday, February 9, 2013

Molesworth fire community information

THE main fire activity today has been in the south-west to southern area around Ringwood Trail to East-West Trail through to Collins Bonnet in very steep and inaccessible terrain. The fire in this area is causing a considerable amount of smoke and may be causing embers, smoke and ash to be falling in many areas around greater Hobart.

There is active fire around Collins Cap Rd with the junction of Suhrs Rd. This is not causing immediate threat to residents but residents need to remain vigilant.

Forestry Tasmania and Parks and Wildlife Service crews are working on the northern end of the fire around the bottom of Glen Dhu Rd and the Transend transmission lines near Malbina.

Crews with the assistance of machinery are working on the fire edge around the Ironstone Gully, Ringwood Rd and Ringwood Trail area. Crews are also undertaking property protection at the bottom of Ringwood Trail.

The Tasmania Fire Service says non-residents should stay away from the affected areas. Stay up-to-date by monitoring ABC Local Radio the TFS website for further instructions.

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