Thursday, February 7, 2013

Molesworth bushfire latest

Bushfire Watch & Act Message UPDATED


Current from:  07/02/2013 11:19 AM    until: 07/02/2013 11:59 PM   or further notice
This fire is expected to impact the communities of  Collins Cap Rd from Tanglewood Rd through to Valley Rd including Stocks Rd, Suhrs Rd, and any small private roads within the next 2 - 4 hours.   All residents are asked to relocate now to friends or relatives away from the area or to the Community Fire Refuge, Carinya Education Park, 103 Blair St, New Norfolk.

Current from:  07/02/2013 08:45 AM    until: 07/02/2013 11:59 PM   or further notice
There is a  large   bushfire at  Glen Dhu Rd, MOLESWORTH.
The fire danger rating in this area  is forecast to be very high. Fire under these conditions will be difficult to control, unpredictable and fast moving.
This bushfire is currently not controlled.
This fire is affecting the communities of  Glen Dhu Rd, Collins Cap Rd, Tanglewood Rd, Tubbs Rd Dawes Rd and Wyre Forest Rd, Molesworth, now and over the next 2 to 6 hours.
Spot fires will move quickly and come from many directions. There may be embers, smoke and ash falling on Molesworth, Glenlusk and Collinsvale.
Reported Road Closures:
  • Molesworth Rd is open to the public, however road blocks are in place at the junctions of Glen Dhu Rd and Collins Cap Rd restricting access to Glen Dhu Rd, Collins Cap Rd, Tubbs Rd and Wyre Forest Rd to residents only.
 The following tracks are closed:
  • East West Track
  • Collins Cap Track
  • Myrtle Forest Track.
  • Please be advised that Jeffreys Track to East West Track is closed to all 4WD vehicles.
What to do:
  • You need to start taking action now to protect you and your family.
  • Activate your bushfire plan now. Leaving is the SAFEST option for your survival. Only well constructed, prepared and actively defended homes may provide shelter in the predicted fire conditions.
  • If you don’t have a bushfire plan or your plan is to leave the affected area,  go to a safer location now   if the path is clear. Only stay if your home is well prepared and you can actively defend it. Stay informed in case conditions change
  • There is a Nearby Safer Place identified at the Molesworth Community Hall at 560 Molesworth Rd; Malbina Cemetery at 100 Molesworth Rd; and Collinsvale War Memorial Hall at 14 Hall Rd.
  • Non residents should stay away from the affected areas.
  • Monitor ABC Local Radio & TFS Website – for further instructions

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