Saturday, January 5, 2013

Today's fire situation

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Tasmania Fire Service
Bushfire Watch & Act Message UPDATE


Current from: 5/01/2013 8:03AM  until: 12/01/2013 8:04AM  or further notice

There is a large bushfire at Dawson Road, LAKE REPULSE. The fire is now due East of Ellendale (11am). 

The fire danger rating in this area is forecast to be high. Fire under these conditions can be uncontrollable and unpredictable but fire activity will continue.

Residents that have relocated to a nearby safer place should remain there .Residents that have chosen to stay and defend are to maintain their activated bushfire plan.

The fire is impacting on the communities of Ellendale and Karanja NOW. Residents are instructed move to a Nearby Safer Place as the last resort ONLY if the path is clear. If you are at home, this may provide some shelter.

With predicted weather changes it is expected that the communities of Lawrenny and Hamilton may be directly impacted today, Saturday (05/01/2013). Please remain vigilant.

This fire may affect the communities of Ellendale, Gretna, Hamilton, Ouse and Meadowbank   .

This bushfire is currently not controlled. There may be embers, smoke and ash falling on Fentonbuy, National Park, Westerway and New Norfolk.

Reported Road Closures: Ellendale Rd from Rockmount Rd to Lyell Hwy; Dawson Rd from the Ellendale intersection; Lake Repulse Rd near Ouse and Pillies Rd.   

What to do:
  • Activate your bushfire plan now
  • If your home is well constructed, prepared and actively defended, it may provide shelter.
  • If you don’t have a plan or your plan is to leave – leave now only if the path is clear.
  • There is a Community fire refuge at the Ouse Hall in OUSE and the Carinya Education Park in Blair St NEW NORFOLK
  • If you are away from home: Do not try to return to your home as the roads in this area could be highly dangerous.
  • Non-residents should stay away from the affected areas.
  • Monitor ABC Local Radio & for further instructions.
Community Information:
Motorists are advised to slow down and exercise care when driving as the conditions on the road are not optimal. Also be aware of downed power lines and stock that may be wandering in the area and creating a hazard.

Anyone camping in the areas from Lawrenny through Meadowbank to below Hamilton on either side of the River Derwent must leave now.

People who relocate need to be self-sufficient. Community Fire Refuges are open at the Ouse Hall, 6955 Lyell Highway, OUSE; and "Carinya Education Park" located near New Norfolk High School, 103 Blair St, NEW NORFOLK.

If you choose not to leave and the fire impacts on you, you may be able to travel to a Nearby Safer Place otherwise you should prepare to shelter in your home. Leaving at the last minute can be extremely dangerous.

Mount Field National Park is closed.

Vegetation fires at Meadowbank Rd, MEADOWBANK, and Gordon River Rd, BUSHY PARK, are part of the Dawson Rd LAKE REPULSE fire. For information refer to Dawson Rd LAKE REPULSE information above.

A statewide Tasmania Police hotline has been established for people who are concerned or have queries regarding property and relatives call 1800 567 567.


  1. I noticed the Lake Repulse fire was reportedly started by a campfire not completely extinguised. If I remember right, at least one of the Meadowbank fires a year or two back was started by campers.

    Possible solutions:
    - evict all campers as soon as extreme fire danger is forecast a few days ahead. They lose a few days of cheap holiday but we all save millions of dollars in damage
    - patrol all camping areas when extreme fire danger forecast, make sure the less competent campers have put their fires out. Probably not as effective as the first suggestion

  2. We lived in New Norfolk for 20 years. Left in 2011. In all that time we never experienced the thermometer at 40 degrees. Late 30s at the most and these were rare times. Thanks to 'Ed' who does this blog. We are always interested in New Norfolk happenings.