Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Repulse fire - afternoon update

Tasmania Fire Service
Bushfire Watch & Act Message


Current from: 8/01/2013 3:35PM  until:  8/01/2013 6:00PM or further notice

There is a large bushfire at Dawson Rd, LAKE REPULSE. The fire is currently due east of Ellendale.

The fire danger rating in this area is forecast to be high. Fire under these conditions can be difficult to control.

The main fire activity today is in the north-western area. This may change unexpectedly with local weather fluctuations.

The communities of Ellendale, Karanja, Westerway, Hamilton, Ouse and Risbys Rd should remain vigilant and be prepared for any changes in the fire activity. This bushfire is currently not controlled.

Reported Road Closures: 
  • Dawsons Rd
  • Rockmount Rd
  • Lake Repulse Rd at the junction with Lyell Hwy
  • Scotts Peak Rd and Mt Anne track from Gordon River Rd
  • The TFS web information is only up to date at the time of publication. For up to date road closures please refer to the Tasmania Police website: www.police.tas.gov.au/community-alerts/
Ellendale Rd between Ellendale and Meadowbank Dam is open, but delays of up to 15 minutes should be expected due to Aurora works.

Ellendale Rd from the junction with Dawson Rd through to the junction of Ellendale Rd and Holmes Rd is open, but delays up to 15 minutes should be expected due to Aurora works.

What to do:
  • Maintain your activated bushfire plan.
  • Residents that have relocated to a nearby safer place should remain there.
  • If your home is well constructed, prepared and actively defended, it may provide shelter in these conditions.
  • If you don’t have a plan or your plan is to leave – leave now only if the path is clear.
  • If you are away from home: Do not try to return to your home as the roads in this area could be highly dangerous.
  • Non-residents should stay away from the affected areas.
  • Monitor ABC Local Radio & http://www.fire.tas.gov.au/ for further instructions.

Community Information:
  • People are reminded that all camp grounds in the area are closed and asked not to return to these camp areas.
  • Motorists must drive with care due to possible impact of smoke and are advised to drive with their lights on. There may also be downed Power lines and wandering stock are creating hazards.
  • The Community Fire Refuge located at "Carinya" near New Norfolk High School, 103 Blair St, NEW NORFOLK has CLOSED.
  • Mt Field National Park is closed.
  • Police are urging people to register their details with the National Registration and Inquiry Service on 1800 727 077 or via www.redcross.org.au. This is important to enable police to cross-reference details of possibly displaced people and discount them as a potential concern for welfare where appropriate.
  • People who have already registered at a Community Fire Refuge should re-register on the above number.

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Resources Mobilised:
  1 x CAR

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