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Cricket catchup

WITH all the Round 11 Southern Cricket Association matches cancelled due to the bushfires which have affected many, it gives us the chance to look at Round 10 which was played just before the Christmas break.

New Norfolk Cricket Club player Josh Walsh really turned things on in the 5th Grade match between New Norfolk II and Old Beach at Tynwald Park. Walsh was one of the opening bowlers and bagged a staggering eight wickets in their 52-run win. New Norfolk had first hit and could only manage 115 and of this total 47 were extras. You don't win many matches with a score of 115, but bring on Josh Walsh and how quickly things can change. Walsh ripped through the Old Beach attack, finishing with the magical figures of 10 overs, 3 maidens, 8 for 25 and to cap it off Walsh didn't even bowl a wide or a no ball! The Old Beach wickets fell like nine pins and the visitors were out for just 63 off 22 overs. Richard Munnings claimed the other two wickets and he too bowled well - one over, 2 for 7. Of the New Norfolk batsmen, Richard Munnings 25, captain Stephen Nichols 13 and opener Daniel Taylor 12 were the only to reach double figures. And just for the record Josh Walsh made 4 runs!

David Smith and Peter Rainbird had big wicket hauls in their day
Of the big wicket hauls from players in the Derwent Valley and Central Highlands, two players come to mind - Gretna's David Smith who once bagged 10 for 38 off 15 overs between Gretna II and Molesworth I at Gretna in 1980-81 and he didn't bowl a single wide or no ball. The other is Peter Rainbird of the Gretna who bagged 9 for 31 off 9.1 overs (2 wides and 0 no balls) in the match between Gretna I and New Norfolk at Gretna in 1976-77 and would you believe it he caught the other batsman! Do you know off any other big wicket hauls? Let us know.

In 2nd Grade Molesworth I got back on the winners list, recording their sixth win of the season thanks to an excellent century by opener Nick Piuselli. In an entertaining innings at Geilston Bay, Piuselli made 127 runs of which 96 came in boundaries. Montagu Bay Sharks had first hit, making the very good score of 6 for 222. M. Siely and Nathan Eiszele picked up two wickets each for Molesworth while Brad Coppleman and Chris Slater got one each. Molesworth reached the Sharks' total with little trouble at all and as metioned this was due to the fine innings of Piuselli. Brad Coppleman also got in on the act making 53 and Nathan Eiszele remained 17 not out, Molesworth losing just the four wickets reaching the total in just 32 overs.

In a double for the club, Molesworth II also had a good win defeating Lindisfarne at Boyer. Lindisfarne batting first were dismissed for just 91. Brad Kemmler who has been bowling well of late tore through the Lindisfarne batting finishing with figures of 4 for 16 off 10 overs. Cody Neads and Martyn Evans snared two each while Jye County and new player Aaron Triffitt who has had a few matches now got one wicket each. Molesworth reached the total in the 29th over, losing just the three wickets with Shannon Long top-scoring with 20, D. Ambler 18 and Cody Neads 16 the other top scorers.   

In the other 2nd Grade match between New Norfolk I and Gretna I at Tynwald Park, New Norfolk enjoyed a three wicket win. Gretna I won the toss and elected to bat hitting up the competitive total of 174 before being bowled out in the 49th over. Wicket keeper batsman Glenn Blackwell batted well making 46 with fives 4's, Jackson Ackerly who is showing signs of things to come made 20 while Mathew Burns got 19. Off the New Norfolk bowlers Graeme Rowlands and Ashley Morgan bowled well picking up 3 wickets each with all of Rowlands scalps being the top three Gretna batsmen, Rowlands finished with figures of 3 for 26 off 10. In reply New Norfolk chased down the runs with 3 wickets in hand. Opener Rohan Heron did well making 58 while Chris Ashcroft  made 39 and Stewart Rice 23. Gretna bowler Aaron Maddox who has bowled well so far this season picked up 3 wickets to be the best of the Gretna bowlers.

In 4th Grade Bushy Park continued on its winning way, recording a seventh straight win of the season defeating Dynnyrne by 99 runs. Bushy had first knock, making a great total of 10 for 252 off 50 overs. Damien Madden top-scored with a fine 59, and shared a partnership of 74 with Danny Mason 33. Mitch Crosswell made 47 and batting at number nine Peter Madden brother of Damien did very well making 40. Peter shared a 58 run partnership with Jason Crosswell 19. Dylan Grant made 10. Dynnyrne put up little fight in their run chase being bowled out for 153. Mitchell Crosswell bowled well taking 3 for 36 while Troy (the one to watch) Smith took 2 for 23, Trent Grant 2 for 30. Nathan Grant, Dylan Grant and Danny Mason all picked up one each. It is great to see Scott Grant play along side his sons Nathan, Dylan and Trent.

In the other 4th grade match Gretna II went down to DOSA by six wickets. DOSA won the toss and sent Gretna into bat. They made the small total of 83 off 22.3 overs. Adam Browning tried to hold things together making 27 and Jordan Hastie was the only other batsman to reach double figures with 17. In reply DOSA made quick work of the run chase finishing 4 for 86 off just 16 overs. Cameron Emery tried hard taking 2 for 26 off eight overs as did Adam Browning and Todd Tarvis who picked up one wicket each. It was great to see three Gretna Under 15s players stepping up to play for Gretna II. Of the three it was Reece Williams' first ever senior game for the club and he now is the 284th player since season 1977-78. Well done Mr cricket!

Lastly on behalf of all the clubs, we send our sympathy to all those affected by the bushfires and also a big thank you to all firefighters and personnel that have helped in any way. Without you, all things would be a lot worse. Your efforts are very much appreciated.              

Scores - SCA Round 10
SECOND GRADE - New Norfolk I 7 for 178 off 36.3 overs (13 extras) d Gretna 10 for 174 off 48.1 overs (22 extras) at Tynwald Park. New Norfolk batting: Rohan Heron 58, Chris Ashcroft 39, Stewart Rice 23, Ashley Morgan 14, Glen Williams 12. Gretna bowling: Aaron Maddox 3-46 (8), Jackson Ackerly 1-11 (1.3), Ben Rainbird 1-15 (2), Corey Ransley 1-25 (9), Mathew Burns 1-42 (8). Gretna batting: Glenn Blackwell 46 5-4s, Jackson Ackerly 20 2-4s 1-6, Mathew Burns 19 2-4s, Rhys Browning 17, Damien Hack 14 2-4s, Tom Allcock 12no 1-4, Craig Cunningham 10 1-4. New Norfolk bowling: Graeme Rowlands 3-26 (10), Ashley Morgan 3-50 (10), Josh Dykes 2-27 (8.1), Stewart Rice 2-38 (10).

Molesworth I 4 for 226 off 32 overs (16 extras) d Montagu Bay Sharks 6 for 222 off 50 overs (29 extras) at Geilston Bay. Molesworth batting: Nick Piuselli 127 15-4s 6-6s, Brad Coppleman 53 8-4s, Nathan Eiszele 17 3-4s. Molesworth I bowling: M. Siely 2-29 (9), Nathan Eiszele 2-49 (9), Chris Slater 1-30 (6), Brad Coppleman 1-48 (10).

FOURTH GRADE - DOSA 4 for 86 off 16 overs (9 extras) d Gretna II 10 for 83 off 22.3 overs (5 extras) at Gretna. Gretna batting: Adam Browning 27 5-4s, Jordan Hastie 17 2-4s. Gretna bowling: Cameron Emery 2-26 (8), Adam Browning 1-23 (4), Todd Jarvis 1-34 (4).

Bushy Park 10 for 252 off 50 overs (29 extras) d Dynnyrne 10 for 153 off 31 overs (32 extras) at Wentworth Park. Bushy Park batting: Damien Madden 59, Mitchell Crosswell 47, Peter Madden 40, Danny Mason 33, Jason Crosswell 19, Dylan Grant 10. Bushy Park bowling: Mitchell Crosswell 3-36 (6), Troy Smith 2-23 (7), Trent Grant 2-30 (3), Danny Mason 1-2 (1), Dylan Grant 1-12 (5), Nathan Grant 1-45 (9).

FIFTH GRADE - New Norfolk II 10 for 115 off 27.4 overs (47 extras) d Old Beach 10 for 63 off 22 overs (9 extras) at Tynwald Park. New Norfolk II batting: Richard Munnings 25, Stephen Nichols 13, Daniel Taylor 12. New Norfolk II bowling: Josh Walsh 8-25 (10), Richard Munnings 2-7 (1).

Molesworth II 3 for 92 off 28.4 overs (27 extras) d Lindisfarne 10 for 91 off 32 overs (27 extras) at Boyer Oval. Molesworth batting: Shannon Long 20 1-4, 2-6s, D. Ambler 18 2-4s, Cody Neads 16no. Molesworth bowling: Brad Kemmler 4-16 (10), Cody Neads 2-7 (4), Martyn Evans 2-21 (6), Jye County 1-21 (6), Aaron Triffitt 1-21 (6).

SCA Round 12 matches this weekend - all start at 10.30am
  • SECOND GRADE - Saturday: Gretna I v Bagdad at Bagdad, Molesworth I v Rokeby at Clarendon Vale, New Norfolk I v Richmond/Cambridge at Tynwald Park.
  • FOURTH GRADE - Sunday: Gretna II v Derwent at New Town High School, Bushy Park v DOSA at Bushy Park Show Grounds
  • FIFTH GRADE - Saturday: New Norfolk II v Sorell at Cambridge Oval, Molesworth II v Risdon Vale at Boyer Oval.

Junior Cricket
Rosters resume on Sunday, February 3.

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