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Southern cricket

Ben Rainbird
Southern Cricket Association
Round 9

NEW Norfolk II's Leigh Berry recorded a fine century in his team's great win over Richmond/Cambridge in 5th grade on Saturday. Berry made 105 not out in the Red Caps' huge total of 2 for 294 off their 50 overs. He shared a staggering 222 run partnership with young gun Josh Rowlands who made 82 not out. Openers Daniel Taylor, 41 runs, and Dylan Pearce, 18, did well with a 54-run partnership, which could be said laid the foundation for the excellent batting by Berry and Rowlands. In reply Richmond/Cambridge were bowled out for 201 in 46.1 overs. Richard Munnings captured three wickets while the young brigade of Mitchell Rice and Josh Rowlands took two wickets each while N. Gregory took one. Daniel Taylor had a good day in the field, taking three catches.

Thanks to a Troy Smith cricket clinic, Bushy Park continued on with their winning form with comfortable win over St Aidans at Bushy Park on Saturday. Smith captured 4 for 26 off 10 overs then smashed 60 not out to help Bushy win its sixth straight match and have yet another early day. After winning the toss Bushy Park sent St Aidans into bat to make 8 for 87 off 30.2 overs. Smith was the main destroyer with four wickets while Trent Grant took 2 for 26. Veteran Nick Fenton bowled extremely well taking 1 for 7 off 5 overs and Nathan Grant took one. In reply, Bushy Park made quick work of the St Aidans, total hitting the winning runs off just 15 overs. The comeback kid and superstar Troy Smith made a quick 60 while Danny Mason remained 10 not out.

In a rain-affected match at Sandford, Gretna I defeated Sandford in a close game. Gretna won the toss and batted first, making 10 for 173. Opening the batting, Captain Ben Rainbird made a fine 55, Craig Cunningham got 24, Jackson Ackerly is doing very well this season and got 18, while Mathew Burns and Rhys Browning got 12 each and Aaron Maddox 10. Due to rain delays Sandford's target was revised to 157 and they nearly got there, finishing just seven runs short. Ben Rainbird (1 wicket) and Craig Cunningham (2 wickets) kept the pressure on the Sandford batsmen late in the match and picked up the final few wickets to give Gretna its seventh win from nine rounds.     

In the other fifth grade match at Old Beach, Molesworth II were defeated by Old Beach by four wickets. Molesworth won the toss and elected to bat, making 10 for 125. Daniel Coppleman made 29 not out while D. Ambler made 20 and Brad Kemmler made 15. In reply Old Beach finished 6 for 126. Young Daniel Coppleman top-scored for Molesworth and took 3 for 37 to also be the best of the bowlers. Cody Neads did well taking 2 for 27 and Brad Kemmler picked up the other wicket. I hear Brad took a great catch, but didn't know he had it as it nearly winded him. It doesn't matter how you catch it, as long as you do.

In fourth grade on Saturday, Gretna II went down to Dynnyrne at New Town High School by six wickets. Gretna won the toss and had first hit, making the small total of 10 for 120. Stand-in captain Tom Allcock did well top-scoring with 30, Cody Eyles got 13, Brian Smith 11 and Jordan Hastie 10. Nathan Eyles remained 4 not out. In reply Dynnyrne reached the target in the 28th over, finishing 4 for 121. Cameron Emery opened the bowling and got 2 for 32 while Joey Eyles and Adam Browning got a wicket each. 

In the other second grade matches, New Norfolk went down to Rokeby at Clarendon Vale. New Norfolk had first, hit making 9 for 216 off 50 overs, but due to rain interrutions Rokeby had a revised total of 150 to win off 35 overs and reached this in 22 overs. Red Caps captain Glen Williams top-scored with 68 runs while Chris Ashcroft and Ashley Morgan made 28 and Josh Walsh 24. Josh Dykes was the main wicket taker for New Norfolk with 2 while Rohan Heron took the other.

The match between Molesworth I and Derwent at Boyer Oval was a washout.

SCORES - SECOND GRADE: Gretna I 10 for 173 off 42.5 overs (28 extras) d Sandford 10 for 150 off 33.4 overs (21 extras) at Sandford. Gretna I batting: Ben Rainbird 55 (three 4s, one 6), Craig Cunningham 24 (two 4s), Jackson Ackerly 18 (three 4s), Mathew Burns 12 (one 4), Rhys Browning 12 (one 4, Aaron Maddox 10no (one 4).\ Gretna I bowling: Craig Cunningham 2-17 (4.4), Corey Ransley 2-32 (6), Peter Jelkic 2-40 (7), Aaron Maddox 2-44 (10), Ben Rainbird 1-5 (4).

Rokeby 3 for 153 off 22 overs (8 extras) d New Norfolk I 9 for 216 off 50 overs (23 extras) at Clarendon Vale. Rokeby had a revised total of 150 runs off 35 overs due to rain. New Norfolk I batting: Glen Williams 68no, Chris Ashcroft 28, Ashley Morgan 28, Josh Walsh 24. New Norfolk I bowling: Josh Dykes 2 wickets, Rohan Heron 1 wicket.

Molesworth v Derwent at Boyer Oval was a washout.

Unoffical ladder after Round 9 (Top 5): Rokeby 54, Gretna I 42, Molesworth I 33, New Norfolk I 30, Runnymede 30, Richmond/Cambridge 27, Sandford 24, Bagdad 12, Montagu Bay Sharks 6, Derwent 0.

FOURTH GRADE: Dynnyrne 4 for 121 off 27.5 overs (21 extras) d Gretna II 10 for 120 off 36 overs (25 extras) at the New Town High School. Gretna II batting: Tom Allcock 30 (one 4), Cody Eyles 13 (one 4, one 6), Brian Smith 11 (one 4), Jordan Hastie 10. Gretna II bowling: Cameron Emery 2-32 (9), Joey Eyles 1-24 (6), Adam Browning 1-32 (4.5).

Bushy Park 2 for 88 off 15 overs (7 extras) d St Adians 8 for 87 off 30.2 overs (19 extras) at the Bushy Park Showgrounds. Bushy Park batting: Troy Smith 60no, Danny Mason 10no. Bushy Park bowling: Troy Smith 4-26 (10), Trent Grant 2-26 (5.2), Nick Fenton 1-7 (5), Nathan Grant 1-19 (8).

Unoffical ladder after Round 9 (Top 5): DOSA 48, MacKilop Belta's 42, Hobart 42, Bushy Park 36, Knights 30, Gretna II 30, Old Beach 30, Dynnyrne 24, Marquis Tigers 24, McRobies Gully 12, Derwent 6, St Aidans 0.

FIFTH GRADE: New Norfolk II 2 for 294 off 50 overs (46 extras) d Richmond/Cambridge 10 for 201 of 36 overs (36 extras) at Richmond. New Norfolk II batting: Leigh Berry 105no, Josh Rowlands 82no, Daniel Taylor 41, Dylan Pearce 18. New Norfolk II bowling: Richard Munnings 3-47 (10), Mitchell Rice 2-29 (8), Josh Rowlands 2-36 (10), N. Gregory 1-7 (3.1).

Old Beach 6 for 126 off 30.5 overs (25 extras) d Molesworth II 10 for 125 off 34.5 overs (40 extras) at Old Beach. Molesworth II batting: Daniel Coppleman 29no, D. Ambler 20, Brad Kemmler 15. Molesworth II bowling: Daniel Coppleman 3-27 (8), Cody Neads 2-27 (5.5), Brad Kemmler 1-24 (7).

Unoffical ladder after Round 9 (Top 5): Wellington 48, Lindisfarne 36, Old Beach 36 Rokeby 36, Richmond/Cambridge 30, Montagu Bay 30 New Norfolk II 24, Risdon Vale 12, Molesworth II 12, Sorell 0.

Next games, Round 10
All matches start at 10.30am

SECOND GRADE - Sunday: Gretna I v New Norfolk I at Tynwald Park; Molesworth I v Montagu Bay Sharks at Geilston Bay.

FOURTH GRADE - Saturday: Gretna II v DOSA at Gretna; Bushy Park v Dynnyrne at Wentworth Park.

FIFTH GRADE - Saturday: New Norfolk II v Old Beach at Tynwald Park; Molesworth II v at Lindisfarne at Boyer Oval.

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