Monday, October 22, 2012

Scout hall makeover

New Norfolk scouts with their cheque for the scout hall repairs
THE New Norfolk Scout Group has received a Commonwealth Bank community grant of $8400 to fund a facelift for their hall in Derwent Terrace. The scouts received a giant cheque from New Norfolk branch manager Kelly Shaw on October 10.

The grant will be used to give the scout hall a renovation and makeover.  In the grant submission it was highlighted that there were several areas in need of urgent attention. The carpets are worn and torn, there are holes in the roof and the ceiling is sagging. The walls need painting, the stove no longer works and the vacuum cleaner has reached the end of its life. The hall was built in 1998 and has no doubt been given a thorough workout by cubs and scouts in the intervening years.

The Commonwealth Bank grant will be used to cover the necessary repairs, spruce up the hall and purchase a new stove and vacuum cleaner. This year 244 grants have been awarded to organisations across the country that support the health and wellbeing of children. A total of $2 million was awarded. The program is funded by the Commonwealth Bank Staff Community Fund, with current and retired bank staff contributing from their pay with matching funding by the bank.

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  1. Congratulations to the New Norfolk Scout Group on attaining a grant from the Commonwealth bank.
    Groups in our community that cater for the encouragement of knowledge and togetherness in our young people need all the help that is required by them, be it monitory, verbal or voluntary labour. I know this money is to be put to good use for this Group and upcoming Cubs and Scouts of the future; it is unfortunate that such Groups and the Parents that do get involved aren’t recognized more often, well done.
    Ian Rice.