Sunday, July 15, 2012

Update for town sign

THE entry sign on the outskirts of New Norfolk was given a facelift last week. New signage on the front and rear of the structure has replaced the original panel that had "Derwent Valley Council" in larger writing than the name of the town.

A new panel on the rear of the sign features a photograph of the iconic view of New Norfolk from Pulpit Rock Lookout.


  1. The Devils AdvocateJuly 15, 2012 at 1:27 PM

    Whilst the new front sign is an improvement on the old, whoever gave it the go-ahead, really hasn't got a clue. Visually it looks wrong as it is wider than the "gate". You need a slightly smaller sign, not as wide as the gate.

    In regards to the picture on the back as you are driving out of town, you can't really see what is on it. What would be wrong with something along the lines of "Thanks for coming, drive safe!"???? (Also with it being square, you see the back of it under the "New Norfolk" front sign).

    As I said the front sign IS an improvement on what was there, it just wasn't thought out or executed very well!

    1. I think the new front sign looks excellent. Simple and to the point. The fact that you think there is a problem with the size relative to the gate is simply your opinion, and does not indicate that any other person "hasn't got a clue".

      However, I have to agree that the rear sign seems superfluous and does jar with the look of the front of the sign.

      Finally, is it really necessary to bag everything that is being done to improve the look of the town? While I don't agree with some things that are done, and have no problem stating that my objections, they are my own personal opinion, I certainly don't personally disparage people with a contrary view by saying they "haven't got a clue".

    2. The Devils AdvocateJuly 17, 2012 at 8:17 AM

      johnd, with you being a 'new' arrival to the town surely you would see what I mean by "haven't got a clue"! It's not always just about 'doing something' it's about 'doing it well with good visual presentation'.

      The skate park is good, shame no-one thought about beauitfing it with trees, bushes, etc.

      The orange pavement in high street does nothing to the visual appeal of the town.

      The money wasted on the planter boxes, that are now sitting up by the tip, could at least be placed in the Laskey car-park to add something to an otherwise bland area of bitumen. Same goes for the roundabouts in town. Did you know, down near the Blair street roundabaout, there is a plaque "thanking an individual" for the upkeep of the well kept roundabout. Now it's just a bricked over area. Why not make them floral roundabouts, it works well in Europe!

      I'm not even going to start on Willow Court which could have been drawing in tourist $$$ many years ago. Hopefully now it might go ahead.

      The DVC doing the bare minimum is the problem, it's a 'Bush Council'!

      I want the town to prosper and grow, to appeal to tourists and Taswegians alike.

      As I said, "haven't got a clue"!

  2. I agree, its an improvement, but like others said the front sign is to wide, I think it would look much better if it was the same width as the gate.

    On to the rear sign, well in my opinion the rear sign ruins the whole gate appearance because you can't see thru the beautiful gate from the front side because there is a big metal sign in the way.
    Also because the front and rear signs are different sizes it looks odd.

    I think both signs need to be the same size

  3. The new sign is very typical of dv council, the sign looks cheap and nasty and like most things done by dv council has not been given any real thought. Why not have a competition? You just might get some good ideas. By the way the sign could at least say "WELCOME"