Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Junior football roundup

New Norfolk Junior Football Club
STJFL - Round  11 Results

UNDER 8: New Norfolk Black 10.8 (68) d Glenorchy Black 1.2 (8) at KGV. Goals - NN: Tomas Anders, Ashton Henderson, Gregory Picken, Bailee Strong, Joshua Whyte, Max Marriott; Best - NN: Tomas Anders, Jye Gray, Ashton Henderson, Gregory Picken, Jacob Quarrell, Joshua Whyte and Max Marriott. This weekend New Norfolk Black has the bye.

New Norfolk Red had the bye last weekend. Next game v Central Hawks at Tynwald Park at 10am this Sunday.

UNDER 9: New Norfolk Black 26.10 (166) d Claremont Bulldogs 0.1 (1) at Cadburys. Goals - NN: Baker Smith 5, Jordan George 4, Riley Wenban 4, Tyron Bailey 2, Zac Holdsworth 2, Brock Russell 2, Jordan Banks, Blade Bennett, Brayden Butler, Brandon Gall, Riley Higgins, Baine Tomlin, Tyler Scanlon;
Best - NN: Jordan George, Zac Holdsworth, Coran Jenkins, Brock Russell, Tyler Scanlon, Baker, Smith
Next game v Brighton Red at Tynwald Park at 9.30am this Sunday.  

Brighton Red 10.10 (70) d New Norfolk Eagles 7.5 (47)  at Tynwald Park. Goals - NN: William Temple 2, Tyler Carr 2, Taj Auksorius, Kyeden Booth, Hayden Kennedy; Best - NN: Kyeden Booth, Tyler Carr, Taj Auksorius, William Temple, Hayden Kennedy, Blake Lennox, Zack Holloway. Next game v Brighton Robins at Tynwald Park at 10.45am this Sunday.

UNDER 10: Glenorchy 10.10 (70) d New Norfolk Eagles 9.7 (61) at Ferguson Park No 1. Goals - NN: George Lazenby 3, Jack Gordon 2,  Jye Bearman, Jake Carnes, Zachary Wheeler, Zachary Wickham; Best - NN: Zachary Wheeler, George Lazenby, Ryley Wilton, Jack Triffett, Dylan Browning, Zayden Kelly. Next game v Claremont at Cadbury Oval at noon this Sunday.

North Hobart Red 13.17 (95) d New Norfolk 5.12 (42) at Ferguson Park No 2. Goals - NN: T. Harvey 2, J. Cantrell, B. Masterton, H. Davis; Best - NN: T. Harvey, B. Masterton, C. Kemmler, H. Davis, J. Cantrell, D. Davis. Next game v Central Hawks at Kempton at noon on Sunday.

UNDER 11: New Norfolk 9.12 (66) d Lauderdale 3.1 (19) at Clarendon Vale. Goals - NN: Brock Triffett 2, Tyler Donaghy 2, Jack Stevenson 2, Jaiden Russell 2, Samuel Holloway; Best - NN: Jack Stevenson, Kayden Parr, Jake Stevenson, Samuel Holloway, Jayden Wilton, Owen Hole. Next game v Sandy Bay at Tynwald Park at noon on Sunday.

UNDER 12: New Norfolk  had the bye. Next game v Sandy Bay at Tynwald Park at 1.15pm on Sunday.

UNDER 13: New Norfolk had the bye. Next game v New Norfolk v Claremont at Tynwald Park at 2.30pm on Sunday.

UNDER 14: Kingborough Black 10.11 (71) d New Norfolk 1.6 (12) at Tynwald Park. Goals - NN: Blake Kemmler; Best - NN: Patrick Vout, Dakoda Smith, Aiden Russell, Cooper Triffitt, Joshua Farrow, Brandon Higgins In chilly conditions New Norfolk found the going tough against A Division's Kingborough Black. The New Norfolk boys found it hard to contain Kingborough's run-on style of football. New Norfolk at times showed that they can match it with these stronger teams but they must be more consistant. Next game v Sandy Bay at Queenborough Oval at 11am on Sunday.

UNDER 15: New Norfolk 11.10 (76) d Lauderdale 4.1 (25) at Tynwald Park. Goals - NN: Joshua Whitford-Marriott 3, Brayden Chaplin 2, Brett Hodge 2, Zak Booth, Daniel Browning, Jacob Picken, Brodie Wilton; Best - NN: Brodie Gleeson, Zak Booth, Hayden Bielleman, Zoe Thurston, Brayden Chaplin, Jahrod Locher. Playing against A Division's Lauderdale, New Norfolk played a very good game. The young Eagles applied great pressure all round the ground and worked well as a team. Josh Whitford-Marriott bagged three majors while backman Brodie Gleeson was best on ground. In what was a rare happening on Sunday, Brayden Chaplin, Zoe Thurston, Brodie Gleeson and Jacob Picken all played their 100th game. All four have come through from the Under 8s. Congratulations and well done. Next game v North Hobart at New Town Bike Track at 12.30 on Sunday.

UNDER 16: North Hobart 9.16 (70) d New Norfolk 8.10 (58) at New Town Bike Track. Goals - NN: Josh Rowlands 4, Brad Ransley 3, Jacob Daley; Best - NN: Brad Ransley, Josh Berry, Tyler Purdon, Jacob Daley, Aaron Triffitt, Aiden Pearton. Next game v Lauderdale at Lauderdale Oval at 2.30pm on Sunday.

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