Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Junior football results

New Norfolk Junior Football Club
Round 10 results

Under 8: New Norfolk Black 10.5 (65) d New Norfolk Red 6.8 (44) at Tynwald Park. Goals - NN Black: not supplied; NN Red: Riley Blackaby 3, Brodie Scanlon, Samuel Jackson, Jack Miller. Best - NN Black: Tomas Anders, Connor Klemke, Ashton Henderson, Connor Lennox,Baillee Strong and Jacob Quarrell; NN Red: Brodie Scanlon, Tyler Booth, Lewis Spaulding, Nathaniel Sulzberger, Connor Tomlin, Jack Miller.
Next games: New Norfolk Black v Glenorchy Black at KGV Oval at 9.30am. New Norfolk Red have the bye.

Under 9: New Norfolk Black 25.18 (168) d Glenorchy White 2.1 (13) at Tynwald Park. Goals - NN: Tyron Bailey 4, Jordan George 4, Tyler Scanlon 3, Riley Wenban 3, Baine Tomlin 2, Brock Russell 2, Zac Holdsworth 2, Riley Higgins 2, Brandon Gall 2, Brayden Butler; Best - NN: Baine Tomlin, Riley Wenban, Tyron Bailey, Jordan Banks, Brayden Butler, Brandon Gall. Next game v Claremont Bulldogs at Cadbury Oval, noon.

New Norfolk Eagles 9.10 (64) d North Hobart Demons 8.6 (54) at John Turnbull Oval. Goals - NN: Cain Plunkett 2, William Temple 2, Taj Auksorius, Kyeden Booth, Blake Lennox, Jordan Pauly, Tristen Post; NN - Best: Connor Gittus, William Temple, Jordan Pauly, Cain Plunkett, Tristen Post, Tyler Triffett, William Watts. All the boys played exceptionally well, playing for the first time at John Turnbull Oval. In wet and slippery conditions it was a great team effort in securing their first win for the season. Next game: v Brighton Red at Tynwald Park at 9.30am.

Under 10: Lindisfarne Blues 15.10 (100) d New Norfolk Eagles 3.6 (24) at Lindisfarne. Goals - NN: J. Gordon, R. Wilton, R. Triffitt; Best - NN: L. Bowerman, G. Lazenby, Z, Wickham, J. Gordon, J. Bearman, J. Carnes. Next game: v Glenorchy at Ferguson Park #1 at 10.45am.

Triabunna 8.12 (60) d New Norfolk 8.3 (51) at Triabunna. Goals - NN: T. Harvey 2, J. Cantrell, D. Davis, J. Pearce, C. Kemmler, B. Masterton, H. Davis; Best - NN: C. Kemmler, T. Harvey, H. Davis, J. Pearce, B. Masterton, K. Browne. Next game: v North Hobart Red at Ferguson Park #2 at 9.30am.

Under 11: New Norfolk 10.16 (76) d Channel 2.2 (14) at Snug. Goals - NN:  Ben McRoss 3, Owen Hole, Kayden Parr, Jack Hills, Jayden Wilton, Corey Keleher, Will Banks, Jaiden Russell; Best - NN: Ben McRoss, Jack Hills, Nathan Rice, Tyler Donaghy, Will Banks, Corey Keleher. Next game: v Lauderdale at Clarendon Vale at 1.15pm.

Under 12: North Hobart 9.5 (59) d New Norfolk 1.3 (13) at Tynwald Park. Goals - NN: Mitchell Clark;
Best - NN: team effort. New Norfolk was gallant in defeat against North Hobart in wet and cold conditions at Tynwald. Despite the scoreline the boys showed pure determination and courage and fought to the end.  Their tackling and defence work was sensational and a pleasure to watch and in the future these boys will be a force to be reckoned with.  No boy could possibly be singled out in this match as all the boys gave 100%. This weekend New Norfolk has the bye.

Under 13: Kingborough Tigers 6.3 (39) d New Norfolk 2.6 (18) at Tynwald Park. Goals - NN: J. Campbell, J. Morgan; Best - NN: J. Morgan, J. Bowerman, T. Heron, Z. Triffett, J. Guesdon, R. Williams.
This weekend New Norfolk has the bye.

Under 14: Sandy Bay 8.8 (56) d New Norfolk 7.11 (53) at Tynwald Park. Goals - NN: Cooper Triffitt 2, Connor Salter 2, Alex Blair, Adam Byrne, Shayne Upton; Best - NN: Connor Salter, Cooper Triffitt, Alex Blair, Joshua Farrow, Mitchell Banks, Torne Oates. Although New Norfolk were narrowly defeated by Sandy Bay in greasy conditions the boys put in a good team effort. Their attack on the ball and their tackling were much improved from previous games. The boys are starting to believe in themselves more, and with this their confidence and team work will continue to improve.

Under 15: Sandy Bay Blue 17.8 (110) d New Norfolk 5.2 (32) at Tynwald Park. Goals - NN: Aaron Thorpe 2, Jacob Picken, Ryan Wakefield, Charlie Stewart; Best - NN: Ryan Wakefield, Mitchell Booth, Daniel Browning, Brodie Gleeson, Aaron Thorpe, Brett Hodge. New Norfolk put up a hard fought game against Sandy Bay on Sunday. The young Eagles tried hard for the four quarters, but just couldn't match it with the more polished Sandy Bay. In a game where the scoreboard didn't really reflect how the Eagles played, given they tackled and pressured well for the whole game. When the opposition went forward they made all opportunities count. Congratulations to Josh Challenger for playing his 100th game. Josh has a bright future ahead of him on the footy field and has done a great job in the backline this season. Let's hope there are many more games to come. Next game: v Lauderdale at Tynwald Park at 12.30pm. Brodie Gleeson, Brayden Chaplin, Jacob Picken and Zoe Thurston will play their 100th NNJFC game.

Under 16 (Round 11): New Norfolk 13.10 (88) d Glenorchy 7.4 (46) at KGV. Goals - NN: Dylan Pearce 2, Brandon King 2, Jordan Harvey 2, Brad Ransley, Cody Neads, Tyson Gray, Daniel Coppleman, Aaron Triffitt, Josh Rowlands, James Webb; Best - NN: Jacob Daley, James Webb, Tyler Purdon, Daniel Coppleman, Brandon King, Josh Berry. Next game: v Nth Hobart at New Town Bike Track at 2pm.

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