Sunday, July 8, 2012

End of the run for country buses

DERWENT Valley Link has announced the end of its Maydena, Lachlan and Magra bus services from the end of this month. The company says government funding for these trial services will cease at the end of July and passenger numbers have not reached the minimum needed to sustain the service.

The last services will run on Tuesday, July 31. In a statement published on its website, Derwent Valley Link thanks those who supported the Maydena, Lachlan and Magra services and expresses its regret that it cannot continue operating to these areas.

The company has also announced two changes to its New Norfolk bus service with effect from July 29. The Route 132 Hobart to New Norfolk express service will leave the city at 5.40pm on weekdays rather than 5.30. Meanwhile the Route 130 New Norfolk to Glenorchy service (weekdays 5.05pm from Warner Ave and 5.25pm from Burnett St) will be deleted from the timetable.

New timetables are expected to be posted on the Derwent Valley Link website on July 23 and will also be available on the buses or from outlets around New Norfolk.

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  1. Its a shame that the bus run cannot continue, I always wondered why a smaller bus was not used instead of a full sized bus. The outlining areas still need a transport service and I hope the Derwent Valley Lines reconsider the service. As for the lack of numbers maybe a survey could be conducted from these outlining areas asking what sort of service they would like.