Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Petitioners seek budget action

Barry Lathey and Phil Bingley
PETITIONS requesting formal consideration of four budget submissions were presented to the Derwent Valley Council last week. Organiser Phil Bingley handed the petitions to deputy mayor Barry Lathey on Friday.

The first petition relates to having an economic development plan (EDP) in accordance with the council's strategic plan. "I am passionate about this and ... was very disappointed with council's answer to my question at the Bushy Park council meeting, ie that council would not be progressing the EDP because of the downturn in the forestry industry and the possibility of school closures. Yet again council quickly looks for excuses and sits on its hands," Mr Bingley said.

"Now is the very time to have an EDP with objectives that promotes a positive identity for New Norfolk as a business-friendly town, supports small business development and expansion and aims at attracting new investment into New Norfolk and the Derwent Valley," he said. The petition was signed by 64 individuals representing over 30 businesses in New Norfolk and the Derwent Valley requesting that the council initiates an economic development plan in 2012/13.

The second petition was signed by 139 residents calling on the council to reseal Glebe Rd between The Avenue and Lachlan Rd. "It's more like driving on a cobbled street than a sealed road ... and needs priority attention given the volume of traffic that uses the road," Mr Bingley said.

The third petition (12 signatures) requests that curb and guttering be installed along a section of Lachlan Rd where the absence of a proper stormwater system is said to cause water infiltration under some houses.

The fourth petition (seven signatures) requests the sealing of Triffetts Rd, Glenfern, to stop dust causing a nuisance to residents in the area.

Submissions received by the close of business last Friday are to be considered in budget deliberations starting shortly.


  1. if the council are going to seal any roads or streets they should take a good look at the goat track they call stephen street at goerge street the way people drive up and down there it is a accident waiting to happen

    1. Are you serious?April 5, 2012 at 4:09 PM

      I agree this should be considered, and needn't ought to be at the behest of ratepayers. The recent edition of the RACT Magazine is calling for the public to identify dangerous roads and this surely must be one of them.
      Pleased to see Hobart Road has finally been resurfaced in one continuum. Looks good, drives nice.

    2. the bottom end of stephen street is dangerous because of the load limits in the other srteets the safeways trucks use it all the time
      and locals use it as a sort cut
      it is only a matter of time before something bad happens
      heavy traffic should use the avenue

  2. hello petitions should not be necnesary if the council; was doing the job the infrastructure is falling apart , the list is long . i no we do not have much hay in the barn but a stitch in time saves nine is that not your grandmothers said, walk the streets less talk. peter