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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Statement: Lachlan Festival cancelled

IT is with great disappointment that I inform you of the cancellation of the 2012 Lachlan Festival. Due to a lack of support from both the community and the Derwent Valley Council, the Lachlan Festival cannot continue.

The Lachlan Festival Committee was formed as a sub-committee of the Lachlan Reserve Committee. The Lachlan Reserve Committee is a special committee of the Derwent Valley Council. The purpose of the Reserve Committee is to administer the funds allocated to Lachlan from the councils' reserves fund which is funded from subdivision of land in the Lachlan area.

The festival committee (Lachlan Reserve sub-committee) was formed to promote use of the public space (Gleeson Park) that the reserve committee maintains and develops. Whilst the festival committee was included under the umbrella of the Reserve Committee we were covered under the Derwent Valley Council's public liability insurance.

The council has decided that the festival has outgrown its original charter, and therefore will no longer allow the event to operate under their insurance. The festival runs on a tiny budget and we cannot afford to both pay for our own insurance and pay for the event. Whilst we are unsure of why the council has made this decision, it is a decision they are standing by and efforts to convince them otherwise have fallen on deaf ears.

I have spoken personally to the council's insurance company who explained to me that all the council had to do was approve the event as a "council event" and authorise the committee to organise and run the event on council's behalf in order for us to remain insured. The council steadfastly refused to consider this option.

I was told to approach the council for sponsorship, which may or may not be approved, and they couldn't give me an answer until the next meeting of council which is far too close to the event to find out that we're not insured. We were no longer able to run our fundraising events without insurance and therefore have no way to raise the funds to pay for our own insurance.

Had all of this occurred much earlier in the year and planning process, we may have been able to overcome the setback, however the council chose to formally notify us in October which was simply too late for us. At this juncture it seems unlikely that the festival will operate again in the near future.

The committee has worked hard over the past year to make many improvements to the running of the festival, acquire assets and raise the profile of the local area.

Sponsorship money will be returned to sponsors, stallholder fees will be returned, and any remaining funds will be given to the Lachlan Reserve Committee (Gleeson Park) to help fund their current projects. All non-financial assets (such as marquees etc) will be donated to the Lachlan Community Hall.

Reuben Hopkins

Municipal recycling options

THE topics of salvaging metal and other recyclable materials from the New Norfolk tip site will be discussed at this month's Derwent Valley Council workshop tomorrow night. This follows a series of questions about salvage and recycling rights put to the mayor at the November council meeting. Council workshops are open to the public and are held at 6.30pm on the first Thursday of the month, in the council social rooms.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bushfire survey on the way

DERWENT Valley residents are to be invited to take part in a survey that will help fire authorities better understand how people will react if threatened by a bushfire. Householders in Ouse will specifically receive a flyer in their letterbox about the survey but any Tasmanian resident who thinks they may be at risk of bushfire can participate via http:/

The research is being undertaken by the Bushfire Co-operative Research Centre, based at La Trobe University in Victoria. Research project manager Glenn Elliott said little was known about what drives a resident’s decision under imminent bushfire threat.

“Unlike other surveys we will be asking respondents to imagine that a bushfire has broken out near your home and then ask what you will do and why,” he said. “Generally speaking, people’s intentions are a good predictor of their eventual behavior, however there are other potential difficulties when a bushfire actually breaks out.”

Tasmania Fire Service chief officer Mike Brown said the research would provide important information to the TFS and other fire authorities around Australia. “When a resident finds a bushfire survey flyer in their letterbox we strongly urge them to read it, get the survey and complete it," he said.

Forest agreement briefing

Click to enlarge

Round seven cricket

RAIN played a big part in the results of most local matches in round seven of the Southern Cricket Association on Saturday.

2nd grade
Gretna I 6 for 358 drew with Hobart due to rain, at Gretna
Molesworth I 4 for 200 drew with Sorell due to rain, at Sorell
MacKillop Beltas 5 for 161 drew with Molesworth due to rain, at Tynwald Park

4th grade
Sandford 9 for 95 drew with Bushy Park due to rain, at Bushy Park
Gretna II 7 for 213 drew with Claremont due to rain, at Abbotsfield

5th Grade
St Aidans 6 for 115 off 22.1 overs defeated Molesworth II 10 for 113 off 26.2 overs at Boyer Oval

This weekend's games, Round 8
2nd Grade - Saturday: New Norfolk v Hobart at Tynwald Park; Gretna I v Molesworth I at Gretna
4th Grade - Saturday: Gretna II v Knights at Cosgrove; Bushy Park v Sorell at Sorell No 2
5th Grade - Sunday: Molesworth II v MacKillop Beltas at Cambridge Oval

Junior cricket - round five

Youth League results, Round 5, Sunday November 27

Under 13

Gretna Green 8 for 101 off 25 overs defeated Tasmanian University 6 for 90 off 25 overs at Gretna.
Batting - Gretna Green: Josh Farrow 29 not out (four 4s), Josh Hills 13no (two 4s), Jack Stevenson 6 (one 6), Ebony Downie 1, Jacob Bowerman 1.
Bowling - Gretna Green: Josh Farrow 1 for 5 off 4 overs (one maiden), Jack Hills 1 for 11 off 2 overs, Ebony Downie 1 for 12 off 2 overs. (five extra overs played each innings)

Gretna Gold 5 for 68 off 20 overs defeated St Anne's Cougars 8 for 53 off 17.1 overs at Glenora.
Batting - Gretna Gold: Luke Crosswell 15 not out, Hannah Mann 13no (one 4), Ryan Emery 12 (one 6), Joshua Eyles 4 (one 4), Adam Bartels 11, Blake Eyles 5, Zac Crosswell 1.
Bowling - Gretna Gold: Ryan Emery 2 for 4 off 2.1 overs, Hannah Mann 2 for 7 off 3 overs, Blake Eyles 1 for 2 off 2 overs (one maiden), Joshua Eyles 1 for 5 off 2 overs, Adam Bartels 1 for 10 off 2 overs.

Under 15
Batting second, Gretna 10 for 117 off 39.5 overs defeated Wellington 10 for 94 off 40 overs at Eady St No 2.
Batting - Gretna: Cody Eyles 63 not out (eight 4s, three 6s), Daniel Browning 9, Aaron Thorpe 8 runs (one 4), Nathan Blair 5, Josh Russel 5, Aiden Russell 4, Jamie Davidson 3, Wade Lockley 2, Lucas Davidson 1.
Bowling - Gretna: Lucas Davidson 3 for 12 off 5 overs, Nathan Blair 2 for 5 of 5 overs, Daniel Browning 2 for 6 off 4 overs (two maidens), Aaron Thorpe 1 for 4 off 5 overs (three maidens), Brock Nichols 1 for 11 of 4 overs (one maiden).

Next games - Sunday December 4
Under 13: Gretna Green v Kingborough at Lightwood Park.
Under 13: Gretna Gold v Tasmania University at Gretna.
Under 15: Gretna v Wellington at Gretna. (Twenty20 match)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Macquarie celebration

Period dress added to the colour at today's Lachlan Macquarie commemoration
Organising committee member Jacky Whitehead

Historian Peter MacFie

In the beginning...

1830s New Norfolk by J.O. Ommanney
IN commemoration of the formal establishment of the town of New Norfolk 200 years ago today, the New Norfolk NEWS introduces a spinoff blog: New Norfolk News 200.

The intention is to create an archive of newsworthy events in New Norfolk 200 years ago.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Police want to know about Eve

Eve Askew
POLICE have re-opened their investigations into the disappearance of Derwent Valley girl Eve Askew 20 years ago. Eve disappeared from her home at Fitzgerald, near Maydena, in November 1991. An initial three-year investigation failed to solve the mystery.

The matter was revisited in 2001 but no new evidence came to light. Eve's parents were killed in a car crash soon after.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Willow Court oval latest

A SPECIAL meeting of the Derwent Valley Council will be held on Monday night to debate a proposed planning scheme amendment intended to pave the way for the redevelopment of the Willow Court oval. Several councillors queried the process being followed when the proposal came before last week's council meeting.

The council voted to defer consideration of the proposal until after a workshop with the council planning officer but the mayor and general manager subsequently called a special meeting instead. The public may attend the meeting in the New Norfolk Courthouse at 6.30pm but will not have an opportunity to ask questions. The agenda can be downloaded from the council website.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Back on the front page

FORMER Derwent Valley mayor Nick Cracknell is back on the front page this week, appearing in today's issue of Tasmanian Country.

An article by Roger Hanson reports on recent innovations at Cracknell Tomatoes, the Granton operation that has been run by Nick and Sue Cracknell since 1980. Their son Mathew is also a partner in the business, selling tonnes of vine-ripened tomatoes to Woolworths and other supermarkets.

Grab a copy of Tasmanian Country from the New Norfolk Newsagency or read it online.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Macquarie commemoration

Lachlan Macquarie
THE 200th anniversary of the first visit by colonial governor-in-chief Lachlan Macquarie to the "district of New Norfolk" will be celebrated this Sunday at Arthur Square from 2-4pm, followed by an ecumenical service at St Matthew's Anglican Church at 5.30pm.

Governor Macquarie visited New Norfolk on November 27, 1811, staying overnight at the home of Denis McCarty who is regarded as the town's first settler. Macquarie was taken with the local setting and decreed that "Elizabeth Town" would be the name for the local settlement between the River Derwent and the creek he named the Thames. On his next visit, 10 years later, he renamed the creek after his son, Lachlan.

Macquarie later dispatched surveyor James Meehan to lay out a town plan including a village green. That green, Arthur Square, will be the venue for this Sunday's commemorations at 2pm. The program includes:
  • Royal Anthem (God Save the King, as it was in 1811)
  • Flag raising
  • National Anthem (Advance Australia Fair)
  • Governor Macquarie's speech
  • Derwent Valley Concert Band
  • Performance by Uisce Reatha of colonial tunes about New Norfolk written by Alexander Laing
  • Afternoon tea by invitation
  • Church service at 5.30pm
These events will take place at the Stephen St end of Arthur Square. In the event of inclement weather the program will take place in the St Matthew's Church Hall, Bathurst St, New Norfolk.

Adams declines high office

THE Federal Member for Lyons, Dick Adams, today declined the Federal Opposition's nomination for him to become Speaker of the House of Representatives. The nomination was part of the political manoeuvring  that followed the unexpected resignation of the speaker this morning.

Hansard records the following:
Liberal MHR Christopher Pyne: " gives me great pleasure to nominate the member for Lyons as Speaker of this House. I do so because the conventions of this parliament are that a member of the government takes the role of Speaker, in our Westminster tradition. ... The member for Lyons has served in this parliament since 1993. He was elected in the same election as I was elected in 1993 and he has been re-elected on many occasions since that time. He has been a member of the Speaker's panel of this place since 1996. For 15 years he has been a member of the Speaker's panel of this place and, of course, in the Tasmanian state parliament he was the Chairman of Committees and Deputy Speaker from 1980 to 1981, and as a former member, of course, of the Tasmanian House of Assembly from 1979 to 1982. He has served as chairman and deputy chairman of many parliamentary committees. He is eminently qualified to fulfil the role of Speaker in this parliament. I am almost trepidatious in nominating the member for Lyons knowing how he would like to deal with the opposition if he so took the role of Speaker in this parliament. I know that, if he fulfilled the role, he would do so fairly and reasonably. I know, most importantly, his No. 1 qualification for Speaker of this parliament is that he comes from the government. Everyone in this parliament knows that the Westminster tradition in this country has been that the government nominates the Speaker and the government fills the role of Speaker. That is as it should be and that is why I nominate the member for Lyons."
The Clerk: "Does the honourable member for Lyons accept the nomination?"
Mr Adams: "No, I decline the nomination, Mr Clerk."

The political manoeuvring continued with further nominations, all declined, until the controversial Queensland MHR Peter Slipper, a member of the Opposition, was declared to have been elected Speaker. He subsequently resigned from the Liberal National Party, improving the position of the minority Labor government.

Mayor to seek fire probe

IT was unacceptable for a major fire in New Norfolk to go uninvestigated, mayor Martyn Evans told last week's Derwent Valley Council meeting. Responding to questions without notice, Cr Evans said he had been aware of media reports that there would be no inquiry into the latest fire at the former Royal Derwent Hospital.

The brick building known as Ward 1 was destroyed by fire early last week and the remains were demolished on the same day, following the announcement that there would be no investigation.

Cr Evans told the council meeting that the lack of an investigation was unacceptable and he would raise the matter with local police.

High school fair

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

Round six cricket

Southern Cricket Association - round six

2nd grade
Gretna 9 for 221 off 50 overs defeated MacKillop 10 for 121 off 36.1 overs at Gretna.
Molesworth I 4 for 90 off 19.3 overs defeated Runnymede 10 for 89 off 34.3 overs at Boyer Oval.
Richmond/Cambridge 5 for 146 off 34.4 overs defeated New Norfolk 10 for 168 off 46.5 overs at Tynwald Park.
4th grade
Bushy Park 9 for 289 off 50 overs defeated Marquis Tigers 9 for 174 off 34.1 overs at Lansdowne.
Dynnyrne 3 for 140 off 31.2 overs defeated Gretna II 10 for 137 of 38 overs at Cadburys No. 1.

5th grade
Moonah Cricket Club 7 for 221 off 34.2 overs defeated Molesworth 9 for 59 off 20 overs at Boyer Oval.

This weekend's games (Saturday)
2nd grade: Molesworth I v Sorell at Sorell No. 2; Gretna I v Hobart at Risdon Vale; New Norfolk v MacKillop at Tynwald Park
4th grade: Gretna II v Claremont at Abbotsfield Park; Bushy Park v Sandford at Bushy Park.
5th grade: Molesworth II v St Aidans at Boyer Oval.

Junior cricket - round four

Youth League Results, Round 4, Sunday November 20

Under 13
Gretna Green 1 for 97 off 20 overs defeated St Anne's Crows 8 for 20 off 8.2 overs at Cadbury No.1.
Gretna Green - Batting: Jack Stevenson 26 not out (three 4s), Reece Williams 21no (one 4), Zac Carnes 11no (two 4s), Jake Ransley 5 (one 4), Ryan Browning 4no (one 4), Jack Hills 2no. Gretna Green - Bowling: Josh Farrow 3 for 1 off 2 overs, Ryan Browning 2 for 5 off 2 overs, Josh Hills 1 for 0 off 0.2 overs, Jack Stevenson 1 for 4 off 2 overs.

Gretna Gold 4 for 95 off 20 overs defeated New Norfolk 9 for 83 off 20 overs at Glenora District High School.
Gretna Green - Batting: Nathan Eyles 42 not out (five 4s, one 6), Luke Crosswell 18no (one 4), Grant Booth 13no (one 4), Zac Crosswell 11no, Ryan Emery 6, Colby Monks 2, Adam Bartels 1; New Norfolk - Bowling: Ryan Banks-Smith 2 for 1 off 2 overs (2 maidens), N. Rice 1 for 3 off 2 overs, L. Triffitt 1 for 3 off 2 overs.
New Norfolk - batting: Ryan Banks-Smith 21 (two 4s), Jack Guesdon 15 (three 4s), Z. Hill 11, A. York 9 (one 4); Gretna Green - Bowling: Ryan Emery 2 for 8 off 3 overs, Colby Monks 2 for 4 off 2 overs, Grant Booth 2 for 8 off 2 overs, Blake Eyles 1 for 6 off 2 overs, Josh Eyles 1 for 7 off 2 overs, Nathan Eyles 1 for 10 off 3 overs.

Under 15s
Gretna 8 for 110 off 40 overs was defeated by Sorell 8 for 130 off 40 overs at Sorell No. 2
Gretna - Batting: Josh Russell 29 not out (one 4), Jeremy Nossiter 27 (one 4), Jamie Davidson 9, Aaron Thorpe 8 (one 4).
Gretna - Bowling: Zac Webb 2 for 10 runs off 6 overs (1 maiden), Daniel Browning 2 for 18 runs off 6 overs, Aaron Thorpe 1 for 6 off 5 overs (2 maidens), Alex Blair 1 for 11 off 6 overs (2 maidens), Jeremy Nossiter 1 for 21 off 3 overs.

Next games - Sunday, November 27
Under 13: Gretna Green v Tasmania Universtity at Gretna
Under 13: Gretna Gold v St Annes Cougars at Glenora
Under 15: Gretna v Wellington at Eady Street No. 2

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nicholson slams committee hoggers

THE routine appointment of councillors to various committees took a bizarre turn at last week's Derwent Valley Council meeting. Thursday night's meeting was the first since last month's election and the agenda featured several procedural items including the meeting roster for the next year and the appointment of representatives to special committees and outside organisations.

After several councillors had put their names forward to continue on various committees, newly-returned Cr Tony Nicholson voiced his objection to councillors seeking to "hold on" to their committees. "Appointment to special committees is not a sinecure," Cr Nicholson said, suggesting that some councillors may view committee representation as a long-term arrangement.

Cr Judy Bromfield refuted Cr Nicholson's assertion and Cr Damian Bester pointed out that the mayor had said a ballot would be held if there were multiple nominations for any committees.

Having had his say, Cr Nicholson put his name forward for several committees including the Historical Information Centre Special Committee, of which he is already the chairman. Cr Nicholson has been a member of the Historical Information Centre for more than 20 years and was the council representative at the time of losing his seat two years ago.

Excerpt from 2007 council minutes

Rotary on the river

The cruisers rafted together at New Norfolk
THE Rotary Club of Moonah held its annual fundraising boat cruise on November 8 and the destination was New Norfolk. Some 160 participants - being members, supporters, sponsors and friends - gathered at the Motor Yacht Club of Tasmania at the Lindisfarne Marina for the 9am-5pm cruise on the beautiful River Derwent.

The 11 boats, heavily laden not only with people, but champagne, strawberries, gourmet food and a variety of refreshments made their way to Granton to await the "booked" opening of the Bridgewater Bridge's lifting span.

Following lunch at New Norfolk's Espanade, a swim by a few hardy souls and much merriment, the sailforce
made its way back down the river to comply with the re-opening of the span for the return journey. The Club has been holding the event for the past nine years, alternating the destination between Bruny Island and New Norfolk.

The cruisers making their way under the Bridgewater Bridge

Friday, November 18, 2011

Our band welcomes Polish orchestra

The Nadarzyn Wind Orchestra
THE Derwent Valley Concert Band is hosting the highly acclaimed Nadarzyn Wind Orchestra until November 22. This well-travelled ensemble was established in 1998 and, like our own community band, caters for musicians of all ages.

The band is from Poland and has travelled extensively throughout Europe, China, Malaysia, Singapore and the US, winning many competitions. As well as starring in concert halls, the band is also an award-winning marching band.

This is the orchestra’s first visit to Australia and lovers of quality band music are encouraged to take up this rare opportunity to hear this iconic music ensemble.

Performances in Hobart will include:
  • Today (Friday, November 18) A “Musical Taste of Poland” at the Hobart City Hall at 10am, catering particularly for schools. Admission is $2 person
  • Tomorrow (Saturday, November 19), the Nadarzyn orchestra will be a feature marching exhibit in the Hobart Christmas Pageant in the morning.
  • Tomorrow (Saturday, November 19), outdoor concert at MONA, Berriedale, at 3.30pm. Free admission.
  • Sunday evening (November 20) gala concert in the Farrall Centre, at The Friends’ School, 7.30pm, when the Nadarzyn Orchestra will be joined by the Hobart Polish Dance Group “Oberek” and the Derwent Valley Concert Band. Admission $10 per person (no concessions)
On Monday the Polish visitors will tour the Derwent Valley and perform at New Norfolk High School.

Tickets for today's concert are available at the door. Online bookings are recommended for Sunday night's gala performance at Friends -

Free concert this Saturday

Mercury reveals "tunnel"

THE Mercury newspaper yesterday published this photo (left) showing the archaeology that was uncovered by construction workers in Burnett St last week.

The photo is said to reveal a ventilation shaft connected to some sort of tunnel beneath the road. The question remains: is it a tunnel, sewer or drain?

Jennifer Crawley's report can be read here.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

No investigation for hospital fire

THE Mercury and the ABC have reported the decision of the Tasmanian Fire Service to forego an investigation of this week's fire at the Royal Derwent Hospital site.

  • The Mercury, here, says firefighters are sick of being called to fires at the derelict hospital site, situated a short distance from historic Willow Court
  • The ABC TV news report is here  and its earlier radio news bulletin is here.
  • and earlier on the Mercury website

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ward 1 the latest to go

The latest inferno at Royal Derwent Hospital
UPDATED: FIRE has destroyed the second-last of the 1950s-era wards on the former Royal Derwent Hospital site. The brick building was gutted early this morning. The fire was reported at about 12.15am.

Ward 1 was one of the first two buildings erected in 1957 when the hospital embarked on its landmark rebuilding program that completely modernised mental health care in Tasmania.

In 2001 the building served as the venue for the ceremonial closing of Royal Derwent Hospital, with the then health minister Judy Jackson doing the honours.

It then became one of the first wards recycled for alternative use, reopening as the New Norfolk annexe of Claremont College. This was discontinued after several years.

Ward 1 now becomes the third of the former hospital buildings destroyed by fire this year, following Wards 11 and 2 in June, as well as Ward 9 last December. The tragic process of wiping Royal Derwent from the map is almost complete and we should hang our heads in shame.

In the cold light of day only the shell remained. It was demolished later

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Man fell eight metres into sewer

THE latest research into the tunnel under Burnett St has turned up a report of a worker falling eight metres while working on repairs to the sewer in 1920. The Mercury reported that works foreman John Thurley had lost his footing and pitched head-first down a hole that had been dug in Burnett St to allow access to the sewer leading from Willow Court to the river.

He narrowly missed a wooden ledge about half way down, eventually landing in about 20cm of slush. George Mansfield was working in the sewer at the time and raised the alarm. Bruised and shaken, Mr Thurley was admitted to the New Norfolk Cottage Hospital.

MAN FALLS 27 FEET. (1920, March 20). The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.), p. 6. Retrieved November 15, 2011, from

New business - Messpots

MONIQUE Smart of New Norfolk is pleased to announce the launch of her new online business, selling a range of children’s products. Themed around creative play and trying to moderate some of the mess that can go hand-in-hand with such activities, the MessPots website carries a broad selection of items – from aprons and paints to bubble bath and drawing activities.

You can see all the products by visiting There is also a Facebook page – become a fan to receive special deals, product updates and to share an idea or two.

As MessPots is a locally operated business, you can save on postage with free local pickup. Simply select the Local Pickup option at checkout when you make your purchase online – make sure to register your details and email address. MessPots will then be in touch to arrange a collection time in central New Norfolk. Monique also hopes to have a stall at the December 18 Derwent Valley Community Market.

Congratulations to Monique on her new venture. Other local businesses are welcome to send a profile to

Round five cricket

Southern Cricket Association - Round 5

4th Grade
Bushy Park 5 for 270 off 50 overs defeated Gretna II at Gretna.

2nd Grade
New Norfolk 1 for 105 off 28.4 overs defeated Montagu Bay Sharks 10 for 104 off 40.1 overs at Tynwald Park on Saturday.
Richmond/Cambridge 10 for 173 off 50 overs defeated Gretna I 10 for 119 off 38.4 overs.
Rokeby Wanderers 9 for 270 off 50 overs defeated Molesworth I 10 for 162 off 21.1 overs.

5th Grade
Molesworth II 5 for 174 off 39 overs defeated Runnymede 9 for 173 off 50 overs at Boyer Oval.

This weekend's games
2nd Grade: Molesworth I v Runnymede at Boyer Oval; New Norfolk v Richmond/Cambridge at Tynwald Park; Gretna I v Mackillop at Gretna.
4th Grade: Gretna II v Dynnyrne at Cadburys 1; Bushy Park v Marquis Tigers at Lansdowne.
5th Grade: Molesworth II v Moonah at Boyer Oval.

Read the full details of the local cricket matches in the Derwent Valley Gazette's weekly report.

Junior cricket - round three

Under 13
Gretna Gold 4 for 77 off 20 overs defeated Molesworth 9 for 61 off 20 overs at Glenora District High School.
Batting - Gretna Gold: Ryan Emery 27 (two 4s, one 6), Hannah Mann 23 not out (three 4s), Luke Crosswell 19no, Colby Monks 5no, Adam Bartels 2, Zac Crosswell 1no. Bowling - Molesworth: C. Evans 2 for 4 off 2 overs, B. McRoss 1 for 22 off 2 overs, J. Ransley 1 for 5 off 3 overs (1 maiden).
Batting - Molesworth: J. Daniels 14no (one 4), B. Duncan 14 (one 4), J. Ransley 9 (one 4), B. McRoss 9, B. Kemmler 10 (one 4), A. Long 3, T. Rainbird 1. Bowling - Gretna: Colby Monks 2 for 4 off 2 overs, Hannah Mann 2 for 6 off 2 overs, Blake Eyles 2 for 10 off 2 overs, Ryan Emery 1 for 4 off 3 overs, Adam Bartels 1 for 8 off 2 overs, Grant Booth 1 for 11 off 2 overs.

Gretna Green 6 for 103 off 20 overs defeated North Hobart 7 for 74 off 20 overs at Queens Walk Oval.
Batting - Gretna Green: Joshua Farrow 45 not out (seven 4s, one 6), Jack Stevenson 27no (two 4s), Jacob Bowerman 8 (one 4), Jack Hills 5, Jake Ransley 1, Ebony Downie 1, Reece Williams 1. Bowling - Gretna Green: Joshua Farrow 3 for 6 off 3 overs, Jack Hills 1 for 5 off 2 overs, Dylan Downie 1 for 11 off 2 overs, Ryan Browning 1 for 12 off 3 overs, Reece Williams 1 for 16 off 3 overs.

Under 15
Gretna 7 for 203 off 40 overs defeated North Hobart 10 for 75 off 25.2 overs at Glenora District High School.
Batting - Gretna: Nathan Blair 34 (one 4), Connor Salter 26 (three 4s), Brodie Gleeson 24no (two 4s), Josh Russell 23 (one 4), Alex Blair 15 (three 4s), Cody Eyles 12 (two 4s), Guy Hodge 3, Wade Lockley 1no, Jeremy Nossiter 1. Bowling - Gretna: Daniel Browning 2 for 2 off 2 overs, Jamie Davidson 2 for 7 off 4.2 overs, Nathan Blair 1 for 0 off 2 overs, Alex Blair 1 for 1 off 2 overs, Cody Eyles 1 for 3 off 2 overs, Josh Russell 1 for 4 off 2 overs, Connor Salter 1 for 8 off 2 overs, Guy Hodge 1 for 9 off 2 overs.

Thank you and well done to the following Gretna Under 15 players who played for North Hobart on the day to make sure the game went ahead: Zac Webb 16 (two 4s) and 3 for 25 off 5 overs; Kai Wilton 0 for 23 off 4 overs; Aiden Russell 20 (three 4s), Lucas Davidson 1 run and 1 for 21 off 4 overs.

Next games - Sunday, November 20
Under 13: Gretna Gold v New Norfolk at Tynwald Park, 9am
Under 13: Gretna Green v St Anne's at Cadbury No.1, 9am
Under 15: Gretna v Sorell at Sorell No.2, 12.30

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Reader's letter - the tunnel

IT is interesting to read of the history behind the drain that was uncovered in Humphrey St last week, and the other articles regarding tunnels and drains to Willow Court.  What is extremely frustrating is that these stories only come to light during an event such as the burst water pipe in Humphrey St.

How much more interesting it would be for tourists and locals alike if the wonderful stories of New Norfolk's built and social history were permanently displayed.  What is needed in New Norfolk is a heritage trail with interpretation boards that depict pictures and stories of significant sites, historical  events and social stories around the whole town, linking Willow Court, the town, Esplanade and Turriff Lodge and other sites that are of significance.

The current Spatial Plan that is open to public comment until November 24 attempts to address this issue.

Anne Salt

Reader's letter - tourism shame

The walk into Junee Cave near Maydena
LAST month we had two ladies from Japan visit us and we spent time being “tourists” in our own state. Firstly we did a day tour of the Derwent Valley up to the Styx Tall Trees area near Maydena.

After phoning various departments to find out how to get there and what to see (as a tourist would) we ascertained that we could get to the Tall Trees area from the far side of Maydena. Preferring not to take the same road in as out, we enquired about the “round trip” using the road at Karanja almost opposite the sawmill. Nobody could tell us a thing about this road other than “there is a gate on it that could be locked and you may have to turn around.” Being intrepid we went in that way. A short way in we did see a gate but it would appear that it has not been closed for many years.

Eventually were delighted to arrive at the Styx Tall Trees area. Arriving at lunch time we got the Esky out but although there was a toilet it appeared that tables chairs and cover from the elements was not a priority. What a shame. A beautiful ferny area with some of Australia’s oldest tallest trees and well maintained walkways of timber and railings and several information boards, but nowhere to sit and eat. Very disappointing. The information sign tells you (if you came in from Maydena) “No exit from Styx Valley. Private road and locked gate 34km ahead” so nobody is really going to try it. What a shame.

Anyway we had been there, done that and headed into Maydena and sought out another local highlight: Junee Caves. This is a must do trip for visitors. For those that do not know, Junee Caves is a very interesting place where a mountain stream that empties eventually into the Derwent comes literally out of a hillside cavern. The system includes Niggly Cave, Australia’s deepest cave. There is a well maintained walkway with handrails through dense ferny bush leading to a viewing platform and information board. But the road in is an absolute eyesore: about 4km or so of roadside devastation. Trees laying on top of each other, like a bomb has hit them. Cleared for some reason I know not why. The bridge across the Junee River has been blocked by boulders meaning a long walk from the parking area to the cave, all right if you are fit, but not to be attempted if you are elderly or unfit. Again, no table, chairs or cover from the elements. What a shame. The entry to a fantastic icon is an absolute eyesore.

We chose not go into Mt Field as the National Park fees for a brief visit were too high, although there would have been tables and chairs and cover from the elements. So we headed back to New Norfolk, hoping for a nice area on the roadside to stop for afternoon tea. Westerway gave us some hope as there are tables and benches on the river's edge. But not a toilet in sight. Apart from that the next good stop off area to have a cuppa is in New Norfolk itself. What a shame.

Here we are, an acclaimed tourist area and we cannot provide facilities to make travel around our valley more pleasant. Even though we have the Derwent River running through the centre of the valley there are no real “happy friendly” parking spots to stop and view the river and orchards. Even the layby next to the railway bridge on the road from Bushy Park to New Norfolk has gone. What a shame.

Well that was our Styx Tall Trees trip as tourists. After that we went north to Burnie, Deloraine and then back home via the East Coast.  Places we could learn a lesson from.
Paul Beresford

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tunnel, sewer or drain?

THERE has long been speculation about secret tunnels under New Norfolk. The uncovering of some kind of archaeology this week may bring us closer to a definitive answer. There should be no fear of retribution for possible damage. The truth should be the real prize.

Just some of the longstanding stories include:
  • A tunnel between Willow Court and the Derwent River (so convicts and the mentally ill could be moved in private)
  • A tunnel between Willow Court and the Bush Inn (because soldiers could not be seen drunk in public)
  • A tunnel between the Star and Garter Hotel and the Bush Inn
  • A brick drain or sewer between Willow Court and the river
Of all the various stories, only the drain/sewer has been proven to exist. It has been exposed on several occasions, including during the installation of the infamous Burnett St planter boxes three years, and as recently as three weeks ago during the current roadworks in the same street.

In all likelihood, it is the sewer that was exposed again this week. A report in today's issue of the Mercury says the archaeology was inspected by the Derwent Valley Council's general manager before being recovered. Regardless, it is time for the tunnel story to be fully investigated.

Here's what is known about the sewer that drained from Willow Court to the river:
  • In early 1915, council and government representatives inspected the "great sewer from the Hospital for the Insane" and agreed to extend the outfall into deeper water. MUNICIPAL COUNCILS. (1915, February 11). The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.), p. 2. Retrieved November 12, 2011, from
  •  In 1916 the State Government objected to the New Norfolk Council allowing residents to connect to the "sewer or drain" running from the hospital through the town to the river. NEW NORFOLK MATTERS. (1916, January 15). The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.), p. 8. Retrieved November 12, 2011, from 
  • In 1920 a partial collapse of the sewer "almost engulfed a horse". The sewer was described as being between 80-100 years old. NEW NORFOLK'S CENTURY OLD SEWER. (1920, May 22). The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.), p. 6. Retrieved November 12, 2011, from

  • In 1923 the the New Norfolk Council banned further private connections being made to what was then called the "asylum sewer". The Mercury newspaper reported that the council was concerned about polluting the river and also feared the State Government would want the council to contribute to the cost of maintenance. MENTAL HOSPITAL SEWER. (1923, September 14). The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.), p. 3. Retrieved November 12, 2011, from
  • In 1929 it was reported that where the sewer passed under High St it was merely a tunnel cut through the rock. This section had recently been shored-up with pieces of timber. NEW NORFOLK COUNCIL. (1929, September 12). The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.), p. 7. Retrieved November 12, 2011, from
  • Later in 1929 the Mercury reported: "The sewerage drain of the New Norfolk Mental Hospital has caused more than ordinary concern to the authorities during the past few years, and it has been necessary to spend a considerable sum of money on its upkeep. The drain, which runs from the Mental Hospital along Burnett Street to the River Derwent, a distance of a quarter of a mile, is really a large bricked-in tunnel about 15ft in diameter, with a gradual slope from the hospital to the river. It is probable that the tunnel was built over 100 years ago by convict labour when the hospital was set aside for Invalid prisoners, and not mental defectives. With the general increase of traffic through the streets of thc town the old drain has shown distinct signs of decay, and for the past few years it has been necessary for a close watch to be kept on it. Some, two months ago a considerable sum of money was expended in repairing the drain, and on Thursday work was again begun. It is understood that the idea is to thoroughly reinforce the overhead portion of the drain where it crosses under the intersection of Burnett Street and High Street (thc main intersection of the town) with concrete, and so prevent the possibility of heavy traffic, particularly steam rollers and the like, from causing extensive damage to it." NOTES OF THE DAY. (1929, November 2). The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.), p. 10. Retrieved November 12, 2011, from
  •  In 1933 the New Norfolk State School applied to be connected to the mental hospital sewer rather than have septic tanks installed at the school. NEW NORFOLK SCHOOL. (1933, December 6). The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.), p. 5. Retrieved November 12, 2011, from
  • In 1936 the New Norfolk Swimming Pool was moved to a site above the bridge because its original location was too close to drains discharging into the river, including the hospital sewer. DERWENT VALLEY. (1936, January 9). The Mercury (Hobart, Tas), p. 5. Retrieved November 12, 2011, from
  • In 1948 there were complaints when the sewer was left open at several places in Burnett St while it was being repaired. An investigation the year before had found the sewer was blocked in several places, the Mercury reported. Complaints At New Norfolk About Open Sewer. (1948, February 24). The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.), p. 5. Retrieved November 12, 2011, from
  • Later in 1948 it was reported that the hospital had been connected to the town sewer and "the century-old drain leading from the hospital to the River Derwent through the main section of the town will be required no longer."   A.N.M. MAY SUBSIDISE SEWERAGE SCHEME. (1948, May 10). The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.), p. 7. Retrieved November 12, 2011, from
This list is a work in progress and will be added to. What do you know about the tunnels? Do you have any photographs (old or recent). The New Norfolk News will treat all correspondence in confidence if preferred. Comment below or email

Reader's letter - the gate

New Norfolk's new entry sign defaced
IT is interesting and frustrating to see that "The Gate" at the entrance to New Norfolk on the Lyell Highway has multiple purposes. Currently it is covered by a banner advertising the Derwent Valley Garden Club's annual flower show this weekend.  It’s not surprising that signs are being strung on "The Gate" given the example set by the Derwent Valley Council.  One can only wonder what will be next.
Anne Salt

Last weekend's cricket

Southern Cricket Association - Round 4
2nd Grade:
Gretna I recorded its first win over New Norfolk since both teams joined the Southern Cricket Association in season 2008-09. Gretna chased down New Norfolk's total of 140 with six wickets wickets in hand. New Norfolk won the toss and batted first, making 10 for 140 off 49 overs. In reply Gretna made 4 for 141 off 29 overs.

In the other 2nd Grade match, Molesworth I opening batsman Bradley Coppleman made a terrific century to lead his team to victory in their game against Montagu Bay Sharks at Risdon Vale on Sunday. Coppleman's 124 not out was a superburb innings that without doubt won the game for Molesworth. Scores: Molesworth 7 for 225 off 31.1 overs defeated Montagu Bay 9 for 224 off 50 overs.

4th Grade:
  • Bushy Park 10 for 102 off 26.2 overs defeated McRobies Gully 10 for 71 off 22 overs at Bushy Park.
  • Sorell 3 for 194 off 37.4 overs defeated Gretna II 9 for 193 off 50 overs at Sorell

5th Grade:
  • Risdon Vale 9 for 201 off 32.5 overs defeated Molesworth II 9 for 200 off 37.4 overs at Boyer Oval

This weekend's games
  • Today - 2nd Grade: Molesworth 1 v Rokeby at Clarendon Vale; Gretna 1 v  Richmond/Cambridge  at Richmond; New Norfolk v Montagu Bay Sharks at Tynwald Park.
  • Tomorrow - 4th Grade: Gretna II v Bushy Park at Gretna. 5th Grade: Molesworth  v Moonah at Boyer Oval.
Read the full details of the local cricket matches in the Derwent Valley Gazette's weekly report.

Scrub fire - Montagu St

THE New Norfolk Fire Brigade is at the scene of a vegetation fire off Montagu St, New Norfolk. The fire was reported just after 7.30am and is burning in dry grass below the Bush Inn Hotel.

The brigade has a heavy tanker, light tanker and personnel carrier on scene below the incident in Page Avenue. There appears to be no danger to surrounding properties.

This is the brigade's second callout this morning, having earlier responded to an alarm call in nearby Pioneer Avenue.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Tunnel talk

THE town is abuzz today with speculation that the rumoured convict tunnel beneath Burnett St was uncovered during roadworks this week.

The existence of a tunnel between Willow Court and the River Derwent has long been dismissed by authorities who have suggested the rumours really related to a brick-built barrel drain which has been uncovered from time to time and as recently as a fortnight ago during the current roadworks.

It is not known whether today's talk - which relates to an alleged incident yesterday - involved the barrel drain or whether there is indeed a convict tunnel under one of New Norfolk's busiest streets. Stay tuned.

SATURDAY UPDATE: Former Derwent Valley Gazette reporter has the story in today's issue of the Mercury newspaper here, suggesting that the tunnel is one of several, connected to the Bush Inn Hotel.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

School surprise

Blair Street Kindergarten
DOCUMENTS tabled in the Legislative Council this week contained the surprising information that New Norfolk's Blair St Kindergarten had closed in 1992. Responding to a question from Independent Labor member Mike Gaffney MLC on Tuesday, Government Leader Doug Parkinson MLC tabled a long list of state schools which had been closed or opened in the last 20 years.

Second on the list was Blair St Kindergarten, which by all accounts was still open today, despite being listed by Mr Parkinson as having been closed and disposed of nearly 20 years ago.

The list did not include the closure of the former Royal Derwent Hospital Special School (now the Derwent Valley Community House) although that may have fallen outside the 20-year timeframe. Similarly, the list did not include the downgrading of the Ouse District High School to primary school status last year.

More accurately, the list included the following closures of Derwent Valley schools in the last 20 years:
  • Wayatinah Primary School - annexed to Ouse District High School in 1992, prior to complete closure.
  • Tarraleah Primary School - annexed to Ouse District High School in 2001, prior to complete closure and sale.
  • Strathgordon Primary School - annexed to Glenora District High School in 1994, prior to complete closure and demolition.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Water supply restored

SOUTHERN Water has announced the completion of repairs to two burst water mains and the restoration of supplies to the affected area of New Norfolk. Normal water service is expected to resume by 11pm.

When water supply returns, householders are advised to run an outside tap for a few minutes until the water runs clear.