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Monday, October 31, 2011

Cricket catch-up

PLAY in the Southern Cricket Association's 2011-12 season has been under way for several weeks with mixed results for Gretna in the 2nd and 4th Grade competitions.

2nd GRADE, Round 1 - Sunday, October 16: Gretna I 9 for 228 off 50 overs defeated Runnymede 10 for 49 off 18.1 overs at Runnymede. Batting - Gretna: Mathew Burns 53 (three 4s, one 6), Aaron Maddox 44 not out (four 4s, one 6), Corey Ransley 44, Ben Rainbird 14 (three 4s), Craig Cunningham 23 (one 4). Bowling - Gretna:
Aaron Maddox 3 for 1 off 1.1 overs, Corey Ransley, 3 for 19 off 8 overs, Bruce Emery 3 for 28 off 8 overs.

Round 2 - Saturday, October 22: Gretna I 10 for 100 off 36.4 defeated by Sorell II for 103 off 33 overs at Gretna. Batting - Gretna: Mathew Burns 35, Bruce Emery 13. Bowling - Gretna: Corey Ransley 1 for 13 off 7 overs, Mathew Burns 1 for 20 off 7 overs.

Round 3 - Saturday,October 29: Gretna I 2 for 107 off 20 overs defeated Montagu Bay Sharks 9 for 135 off 38.1 overs at Risdon Vale (rain affected match). Batting - Gretna: Craig Cunningham 48 (two 4s, one 6), Bruce Emery 27 not out), Ben Rainbird 20 (one 4). Bowling - Gretna: Mathew Burns 4 for 41 off 10 overs, Ben Rainbird 2 for 23 off 10 overs, Brad Prentice 1 for 20 off 5 overs, Craig Cunningham 1 for 3 off 1 over, Cameron Emery 1 for 0 off 0.1.

4th GRADE, Round 1 - Saturday, October 15:  Gretna II (did not bat) drew with DOSA 1 for 37 off 11.1 overs (rain affected match) at Gretna. Bowling - Gretna: Cameron Emery 1 for 19 off 6, Jackson Ackerly 0 for 21 off 5.1.

Round 2 - Sunday, October 23: Gretna II 10 for 151 off 32.5 overs defeated by Marquis Tigers 4 for 154 off 16.4 overs at Lansdowne. Batting - Gretna: Brian Smith 26, Tim Lowe 22, Tom Allcock 20, Cameron Emery 18, Darren Lennox 23. Bowling - Gretna: Cameron Emery 3 for 45 off 7, Ross Langford 1 for 13 off 1.4.

Round 3 - Saturday, October 29: Gretna II 10 for 146 off 41 overs defeated by Sandford 8 for 148 off 44.3 overs at Gretna. Batting - Gretna:  Josh Bomford 30, Nathan Rainbird 25 (two 4s, one 6), Brad Moles 22 not out, Brian Smith 17, Nick Wakefield 13 (one 4). Bowling - Gretna: Ross Langford 3 for 28 off 6.3 overs, Larry Menzie 2 for 27 off 9 overs, Adam Browning 1 for 20 off 10 overs, Darren Lennox 1 for 22 off 10 overs, Brad Moles 1 for 23 off 5 overs.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Strange bedfellows

WE'RE not sure what to make of the sight of a private ambulance parked at the New Norfolk Ambulance Station yesterday.

We know the Tasmanian Government's health budget is in a parlous state...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Burnett St works

PART of Burnett St will be closed this weekend to allow for upgrading works to be carried out. The Derwent Valley Council yesterday advertised that Burnett St would be closed between Montagu St and High St from 6.30am to 6.30pm tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday. General manager Stephen Mackey apologised for any inconvenience and asked motorists to observe all signage and any directions from the contractors.

SUNDAY UPDATE: The council's warning would appear to have been unnecessary, with no sign of any roadworks this weekend.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Neighbourhood Watch invitation


New Norfolk Neighbourhood Watch would like to invite you/your group to a social evening to wind up 2011 at the New Norfolk RSL on November 29, 2011.

A guest speaker from the Legal Aid Commission will present information on a range of topics such as Family Law and Youth Law including the rights of young people, residential leases, duty of care and privacy legislation, or any other related topic that might be of interest to people on the night.

Everyone is welcome and supper will be provided. Please RSVP to Anne Salt, phone 0419 213 232 or by November 25.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Update: Successful candidates named

THE Tasmanian Electoral Commission has announced the names of the successful candidates elected to the Derwent Valley Council for four year terms. They are, in the order of election:
  1. Cr Martyn Evans, of Magra
  2. Mr Tony Nicholson, of Lachlan 
  3. Mr Chris Lester, of Magra
  4. Cr Judy Bromfield, of New Norfolk
  5. Mr Wayne Shoobridge, of New Norfolk
The election of councillors (above) is conducted separately to the elections for mayor and deputy mayor, which saw Cr Evans returned as mayor and Cr Barry Lathey elected as deputy mayor.

Primary votes

Distribution of preferences

Update: Lathey elected deputy

NEW Norfolk's Barry Lathey has been elected deputy mayor of the Derwent Valley Council following the exclusion of Judy Bromfield and the distribution of her preferences earlier today. Mr Lathey is mid-way through a four-year term as a councillor and will serve as deputy mayor for the next two years.

At the close of counting the primary votes on Tuesday night, Cr Lathey had a small lead over rival candidates Judy Bromfield and Wayne Shoobridge. After a recheck of the figures, Mr Shoobridge overtook Cr Bromfield and the latter was excluded when counting resumed this morning.

Cr Lathey received just over half of Cr Bromfield's preferences, increasing his tally to 2060 votes (54.9%) over Mr Shoobridge's 1692 votes (45.1%) and cemented his victory, becoming deputy mayor on his second attempt.

Cr Lathey replaces former deputy mayor Craig Farrell MLC who has retired from council following his election to the Upper House of State Parliament this year. Cr Bromfield's unsuccessful campaign had been endorsed by mayor Martyn Evans.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lathey leads deputy race

MARTYN Evans has been returned for a second term as mayor of the Derwent Valley Council and Barry Lathey is the frontrunner in the deputy mayoral contest.

In the two horse race for mayor, incumbent Martyn Evans was first across the line with 2554 votes. Former mayor Tony Nicholson, who lost office two years ago, received 1291 votes.

At the close of counting tonight there was no clear winner among the three candidates for deputy mayor,  although Cr Barry Lathey is well in front with nearly 40% of the vote. It would appear that Cr Bromfield will be excluded from the count tomorrow (Wednesday), with her preferences to be distributed between Cr Lathey and Wayne Shoobridge to determine the winner.

Mayor - two candidates
  1. Martyn Evans     2554 votes (66.42%)
  2. Tony Nicholson  1291 votes (33.58%)

Deputy Mayor - three candidates
  1. Barry Lathey            1524 votes (39.3%)
  2. Wayne Shoobridge   1188 votes (30.63%)
  3. Judy Bromfield         1166 votes (30.07%)

Nicholson back on council

FORMER mayor Tony Nicholson has romped back on to the Derwent Valley Council two years after being unseated. Mr Nicholson, of Lachlan, polled 721 primary votes in today's council election, second only to rival mayoral candidate Martyn Evans who topped the poll with 1555 votes and was convincingly returned as councillor.

Cr Evans obtained 2.4 quotas and Mr Nicholson obtained 1.1 quotas. Distribution of their surplus votes will help to determine which candidates will fill the three remaining vacancies. Chris Lester received 399 primary votes and looks set to be elected.

Final figures for tonight were:
  1. Martyn Evans        1555 votes (2.4 quotas)
  2. Tony Nicholson       721 votes (1.11 quotas)
  3. Chris Lester            399 votes (0.62 quotas)
  4. Judy Bromfield        308 votes (0.48 quotas)
  5. Wayne Shoobridge  282 votes (0.44 quotas)
  6. Phil Bingley             226 votes (0.35 quotas)
  7. Dane Cowley          176 votes (0.27 votes)
  8. Mark McDiarmid    107 votes (0.17 votes)
  9. Simon Rolfe            104 votes (0.16 votes)
Counting will continue tomorrow (Wednesday) which will firstly see the distribution of Evans and Nicholson's surplus votes, followed by the gradual exclusion of candidates with the least votes and the distribution of their preferences. Follow the count at the Tasmanian Electoral Commission website

Monday, October 24, 2011

Retiring councillors farewelled

THE three Derwent Valley councillors who opted not to contest this week's council election have now reached the end of their terms. At the last council meeting a fortnight ago, Mayor Martyn Evans paid tribute to retiring councillors Craig Farrell, Jim Elliott and Narelle Hill.

Cr Farrell was first elected to council in 2002, after an unsuccessful tilt at the House of Assembly earlier that year. He won a second term in 2007 and was elected deputy mayor in 2009. On his election to the Legislative Council earlier this year, Cr Farrell announced his intention to retire from council at the expiry of his term.

Crs Elliott and Hill were elected to council in 2007 and have similarly chosen not to contest the current election. The departure of this trio means there will be at least three new faces on the council by the end of this week.

Cr Evans thanked the three councillors for their service and said it had been a pleasure having Cr Farrell as his deputy. He wished all candidates the best of luck in the council election.

Gospel star in the valley

AUSTRALIAN gospel singer Steve Grace will bring his 25th anniversary heritage acoustic tour to New Norfolk this weekend, appearing at the War Memorial Hall on Saturday at 7pm.

Grace will perform his classic original songs plus new heritage hymns. The three-hour concert will also feature acoustic duo The SkyPilot, from Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

New setup for Sandi's

THE New Norfolk hairdressing salon shut down by a recent electrical fire is expected to reopen in temporary premises tomorrow (Monday). Sandi's for Hair will be re-established in a vacant shop in High St between the Riteway Supermarket and The Roost.

Sandi's new location has been largely vacant in recent years. The shop was refurbished following the retirement of long-term tenant Geraldine Newton who operated Vivienne Salon for many years but it has attracted only temporary tenants since then.

Congratulations to Sandra Pullen and her staff on their rapid recovery from the recent fire which was thought to have been caused by an electrical fault in a washing machine.

Appointments may be made using the existing phone number - 6261 2480.

Time running out for council voters

WITH just under 42% of Tasmanian electors having returned their local government postal votes by mail, the remaining majority have been urged to have their say and get their votes in the mail by Monday afternoon at the latest. The Tasmanian Electoral Commission says the participation rate is "somewhat less" than at the same time two years ago, but the figures had slowly improved over the course of last week.

Derwent Valley voters remain ahead of the pack, with 45.23% of votes returned as of Friday morning. Electoral Commissioner Julian Type encouraged all electors, who had not already done so, to take the time to record their votes and post them as soon as possible to ensure they are counted. “Consider your vote right away so that you don’t miss the deadline,” Mr Type said.

This has been echoed by Tasmanian Greens MHA and former Derwent Valley mayor Tim Morris, who said a strong return of postal ballots would ensure that local councils represented the diverse needs and interests of the community.

“Local councils do more than just collect the rubbish,” Mr Morris said. “Local government plays a crucial role in the implementation of a wide range of important community and economic programs, which is why it’s important to have strong local voices on council. I’d encourage all Tasmanians to take a look at the list of candidates in their municipality and to pick the candidates they who think would best represent local community needs and aspirations.”

Mr Morris also emphasised the need for young people to have a voice on local councils. “The trend in the past has been that young people are less likely to submit a postal ballot in local council elections, which means they’re not achieving the levels of representation they deserve,” Mr Morris said.

To be counted in the election, votes must be received by the electoral office by 10am this Tuesday, October 25. This means getting them into the post tomorrow at the latest, or hand delivering them to the Derwent Valley Council Chambers (or other councils as appropriate) by 10am on Tuesday.

The Derwent Valley Council candidates are:
Councillor - nine candidates (five to be elected)

BINGLEY, Phil, of New Norfolk
BROMFIELD, Judy, of New Norfolk
COWLEY, Dane, of New Norfolk
EVANS, Martyn John, of Magra
LESTER, Chris, of Magra
McDIARMID, Mark, of Magra
NICHOLSON, Tony, of Lachlan
ROLFE, Simon, of New Norfolk
SHOOBRIDGE, Wayne, of New Norfolk

Mayor - two candidates
EVANS, Martyn John

Deputy Mayor - three candidates
LATHEY, Barry Keith

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Election drawing to a close

THERE are just a few days left for the return of postal votes for this year's council election. Prior to today's public holiday, just under 35% of votes had been returned statewide. Participation by Derwent Valley electors remains ahead of the state average, with 38.85% of local votes returned as of yesterday.

To be counted in the election, votes must be posted in time to be received at the electoral office by 10am on Tuesday. There are 6881 people eligible to vote in the Derwent Valley Council election and 2673 people have already done so.

Well done Jewel and Paul

CONGRATULATIONS to Molesworth residents Paul and Jewel Beresford for the wonderful job they are doing to promote Tasmania and the Derwent Valley in particular on their website which can be found at

The website tells the story of their garden, Danson Park, and also reflects the couple's individual passions for fine food and gemmology. Other features include an online tour of Tasmania. It is well worth a visit.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chance to make a mark

NOMINATIONS are being sought for a person or group to appear on the cover of next year’s Hobart phone book (the combined White Pages and Yellow Pages). The theme will be "A Helping Hand, the Aussie Way". Sensis (the phone book company) is looking for individuals who have gone above and beyond to lend a hand in the community when times get tough. They might have led recovery efforts after natural disasters, supported the vulnerable, or they might be long time volunteers who don’t hesitate in helping others.

The nominee must have contributed to the community in one or more of the following ways:
  • Performed an action/s that has resulted in a positive impact on the local community
  • Undertaken projects/activities to help others in the community
  • Initiated projects/activities to help the community overcome ongoing struggles/difficulties
  • Assisted those new to the region in forming community relationships
  • Displayed strong leadership to protect, reunite or rebuild their community
  • Volunteered their time to help protect, re-establish or rebuild the community
  • Actively volunteered their time, over an extended period of time, to help create a better community
  • Inspired others to undertake actions/projects to help better the community
Nominations close on November 28. For more information or to make a nomination, visit

Derwent Valley themes have featured on the front of the phone book on several occasions in the past. The most recent example was in 2009 when Bothwell's Bignell family was featured. In 1998 the Belmont hop kiln at Rosegarland was chosen for the front page (pictured above). The building was destroyed by fire in May 2009.

Fairview on show

FAIRVIEW Primary School students and staff are busily preparing for the "Taste of Fairview" being held at the school from 4-6pm on November 2. All classes will prepare food for the event and there will also be a spit roast, barbecue, afternoon tea and more. Entertainment will be provided by the New Norfolk High School and Fairvew Primary School bands. All welcome.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Council votes top 25%

JUST over a quarter of votes in the Derwent Valley Council election have been returned, with a week remaining in this year's poll. Across Tasmania, 21.06% of votes had been returned this morning. Locally, 1752 or 25.46% of voters have had their say. This is the fifth highest participation rate in Tasmania as of today.

Everyone wishing to vote in the council election must make sure their postal vote is received by the electoral office before 10am next Tuesday, October 25. Any elector who has not received their postal ballot pack should call the Tasmanian Electoral Commission on 1800 801 701 to have a replacement pack sent out.

To read what the Derwent Valley mayoral and deputy mayoral candidates had to say at the weekend's community forum, visit

Blustery conditions at shooting comp

CONDITIONS for Sunday's 50 target skeet and 50 target down the line events at the Derwent Valley Field amd Game Club were made very difficult due to strong gusting winds and heavy rain showers. Such conditions make it hard for all outdoor sports but in this case the members and other competitors could at least return to the fire and facilities in the clubhouse between showers.

At the end of the day the down the line results were - A Grade: Ray Williams 46/50; B Grade: Simon Bowden 46/50; and C Grade: Ron Moses on 45/50. The skeet results saw Michael Blackwell win A Grade with 48/50, while Ray Williams took B Grade with 44/50 and C Grade was Tim Jenkins' with 45/50.

Anyone wanting to try out or practice the olympic sport of clay target shooting should contact Ray Williams on 6261 3444 during business hours.

Vale Joe McKenzie

RACING writer Peter Staples has paid tribute to Derwent Valley harness racing identity Joe McKenzie who has died after suffered a head injury as the result of a fall last Tuesday (October 11) while tending a horse at Triabunna. The funeral service will be held at St Peters Church, New Norfolk at 11am on Friday. Read more here.

What the candidates said

ABOUT 30 people attended the "Meet the Candidates" forum at the New Norfolk District Football Clubrooms on Saturday afternoon. Organiser Ngaire Glover introduced former Glenorchy City Council general manager Frank Pearce as the moderator and thanked Elaine Dwyer and Jacky Whitehead for providing afternoon tea.

Mr Pearce kept the proceedings running smoothly throughout the afternoon. A draw was conducted to determine the order in which the candidates would speak. Each candidate was given five minutes to state their case, followed by five minutes for questions. Afternoon tea was served after the nine councillor candidates had spoken.

The second session provided an opportunity for the two mayoral candidates and three deputy mayoral candidates to have their say and face questions.

Read and comment on the candidates' remarks at

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Grumpy Neighbour alert

THE Junction Motel will be the venue for a performance by Grumpy Neighbour at 7pm on October 28. The country/folk mostly acoustic band has two Tasmanian members and is touring the state to launch its new album, Judas Ute.

The group generally plays around Melbourne, Daylesford and Castlemaine as its local circuit. The Tasmanian gigs will include Ulverstone, Burnie, Hobart, Margate and Dunalley as well as New Norfolk.

Contact the Junction Motel for ticket details here.

Triple J "Unearthed" says: "Grumpy Neighbour hail from the far north of the deep south and they've been wandering their merry way along the dusty backroads and dirt tracks of this dry and timeless land on a search for revelation and some place called farther down the line. Their country-folky-bluesy tunes are laced with deep thoughts and shallow puns. They feature strong, catchy melodies, highlighted by choice harmonies and are backed up by a sturdy compliment of guitars, mandolins and the occasional horn or melodica. Singing songs from the heart and imparting bullshit from the hip, Grumpy Neighbour is music for the soul."

Quilts expo at Willow Court

View from the verandah
THE century-old nurses' quarters at Willow Court will host an exhibition of quilts this weekend. "Quilts of the Willow" will be open from 10am-3pm this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (October 21-23).

The nurses' quarters are a spectacular federation-era building, erected in 1911, with a 1928 extension. The building is adjacent to the popular Willow Court Antiques and Patchwork Cafe.

The exhibition will feature the work of local quilt makers, from beginners to advanced. Some of the quilts will be available for purchase. Entry will be by gold-coin donation. For more information phone 0417 916 479.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Corumbene set to grow

Corumbene Nursing Home
PREMIER Lara Giddings today announced the start of a 10-year master plan for Corumbene Home for the Aged. Stage 1 will involve a $2 million nursing home expansion, part funded by the State Government.  

“It is without doubt that if it were not for the generous support from the State Government, Corumbene as a community owned business, could not have got this project off the ground,” chief executive officer Damien Jacobs said.  “Stage one involves increasing our total resident capacity to 82 beds and provides scope in the future for working far more collaboratively with other health services within our community.”

Stage 2 of the master plan involves the construction of the first six of 22 Independent Living Units for more independent residents. These fully self-contained units will be detached from the main nursing home complex. Mr Jacobs said there had been a significant increase in demand for supported, independent living solutions for active seniors. It is anticipated that construction of these units will commence in early 2013.

Postal votes rolling in

NEARLY 900 votes have already been returned in this month's Derwent Valley Council election. Across Tasmania, 11.33% of voters have returned their postal ballots. Locally, 899 or 13.06% had been returned by 10am this morning.

Electoral Commissioner Julian Type encouraged voters to return their ballot papers as soon as possible. “The poll closes at 10am on Tuesday week, October 25, and late votes won’t be counted,” he said.

Any elector who had not received their postal ballot pack by today should call the Tasmanian Electoral Commission on 1800 801 701 to have a replacement pack sent out.

REMINDER: Derwent Valley Council election candidates will appear at a community forum at the New Norfolk District Football Club at 2pm on Saturday, October 15. All welcome.

Meet the candidates

Read and comment at

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Election forum this Saturday

Under 14s trophy day

THE New Norfolk Junior Football Club Under 14s celebrated the end of their season with a barbecue and trophy presentation at Tynwald Park on September 24. It was great to see so many parents, family members and friends there.

Trophy winners and donors - Players Choice (donated by Josh Clifford): Jordan Eiszele. Most Valuable Player in the Finals (donated by the Raspin family): Nathan Wakefield. Best Clubman (donated by the Raspin family): Daniel Browning. Best Utility (donated by Bryan Chaplin and Laura Stevenson): Jacob Picken. Most Courageous (donated by Dannielle Stevenson): Jahrod Locher. Most Consistant (donated by Barry & Elaine Chaplin): Joshua Challenger. Best Forward (donated by Total Industrial & Rural Supplies): Joshua Raspin. Best Midfielder (donated by Statewide Earthworks): Joshua Whitford-Marriott. Best Backman (donated by Clark Purton): Thomas Gillies. Best on Ground in the Grand Final (donated by NNDFC Old Players Association): Hayden Bielleman. Assistant Coaches Award (donated by the Thurston family): Aaron Thorpe.

Coach Josh Clifford was presented with two plaques for his time and efforts through out the season. These were donated by the Under 14 team and Nathan Stewart. All players received a medal each. These were donated by the Raspin family, who along with all trophy donors must be congratulated for their generosity. This is very much appreciated by all.

Congratulations to Zoe Thurston who was the first female to play in a STJFL grand final. Zoe is looking to play in a women's team next season. Since starting in the Under 8s Zoe has played 92 games and has certainly been a great player. Well done Zoe and good luck for next season.

After the trophy presentations the players challenged the dads to a footy match. This was an enjoyable game with us dads running away winners. Owen Browning stood tall in the back line, while Gleeson and Shaun Thurston teamed up well in the forward line, just like our old days with the North Derwent Football Club Guru, we have still got it!

Finally, I would like to thank everyone from the coaching staff through to all that gave their time throughout the season. Your help and guidance plays a big part in seeing that the kids get the opportunity to play the game they love. See you all next season.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

McDonald's progress

WORK is proceeding on the construction of the New Norfolk McDonald's on the corner of Burnett and George Sts.

The slab has been laid, blockwork is under way and the steel frame is going up.

These photos were taken late this afternoon.

Funding support for local volunteers

DERWENT Valley organisations have won a share $540,000 in Volunteer Grants allocated to Tasmania. Of 165 successful applicants throughout the state, seven are based in the 7140 postcode area  and have been allocated a total of more than $25,000.

The grants will support more than 5,100 volunteers across Tasmania who give their time, energy and expertise to volunteering. Grants of up to $5000 will help organisations purchase much-needed equipment, help with volunteers’ fuel costs, and cover the cost of training courses and background checks.

Bushy Park Show Society - $5000. The Bushy Park Show Society is a volunteer-run organisation focused on promoting and displaying local agricultural and artistic endeavours. Volunteers organise an annual event that showcases the efforts of local residents across a wide spectrum of rural activities. The show is a focal point of region, encouraging participation from all sectors of the farming community to ensure a successful and engaging local event. 

Central Highlands Community Mens Shed (Hamilton) - $3200. The Central Highlands Community Men's Shed is a hub of community activity in the Hamilton region. Volunteers maintain a supportive environment where men of all ages and backgrounds can learn new skills, connect with friends and collaborate on projects to enhance the local community. The shed connects local residents, promotes a culture of inclusion and enhances the wellbeing of individuals, their families and the wider community. 

Derwent Valley Concert Band - $4350. The Derwent Valley Concert Band provides an artistic forum for self-expression and musical appreciation in the community. Volunteers make a vital contribution to the success of the band by co-ordinating rehearsals and performances and encouraging participation from community members of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.  The band promotes a socially inclusive community where musicians can showcase their talents, bond through a common interest, and bring people together through musical entertainment. 

Derwent Valley Field & Game Association Incorporated - $3600. The Derwent Valley Field and Game Association is a community-based organisation that promotes health and wellbeing through regular physical activity. Volunteers provide a welcoming environment where community members of all ages and backgrounds can participate in regular competitive and recreational events. By expanding social networks and providing opportunities for personal growth and development, the association assists local residents to gain self-confidence and connect with the wider community. 

Derwent Valley Railway - $4224. Derwent Valley Railway is a volunteer-run organisation dedicated to preserving the local heritage-listed railway. Volunteers operate and maintain the rail line, trains and amenities and encourage participation through tourism and education programs. The railway’s work fosters community participation and enables volunteers to become involved in their region by sharing their heritage and appreciation for railways.

Lachlan Community Hall Association - $4350. The Lachlan Community Hall Association hosts a range of social and recreational events to provide opportunities for community interaction. The association's volunteers maintain the hall's amenities and support community events to create an atmosphere of social inclusion and community participation. The Hall provides a focal point for the community to continue its development and improve the welfare of local residents. 

Gretna Fire Brigade - $3000. The volunteers of Gretna Fire Brigade are committed to the protection of their local community during times of emergency and natural disaster. The brigade is an essential lifeline for community members in distress due to bushfires and other emergencies, working in unison to save lives and protect property. By encouraging volunteers from many different backgrounds to collaborate for the benefit of their local community, the brigade helps to forge a more connected community and encourages a spirit of mateship in the area. 

Friends of Mt Field (Wildcare Incorporated) - $1332. The Friends of Mt Field are a dedicated volunteer organisation that maintain the recreational facilities in Mt Field National Park. Volunteers are involved with a number of projects including maintaining walking tracks, repairing huts and removing weeds. The organisation provides a valuable service while fostering a sense of belonging and providing opportunities for social interaction.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Peg factory poser

The peg factory chimney tonight.
THE chimney at the old peg factory off Hamilton Rd burst into life this evening, causing much speculation as smoke soared into the sky at New Norfolk. Flames were seen rising from the stack at around 7.30pm, followed by a massive plume of thick black smoke. This gave way to grey smoke (pictured) which soon petered out.

The factory was opened by the Pioneer Woodware Company in 1926, manufacturing dolly pegs from sassafras harvested from forests near Maydena. Some 1.4 million pegs were turned out every week.

When the original factory was destroyed by fire in March 1948, the brick chimney stack was practically all that was left standing. The damage bill (40,000 Pounds) was equal to about $2.1 million in today's terms. The factory was Australia's main supplier of clothes pegs and the fire made headlines around the country. An emergency peg-making factory was quickly turning out sufficient supplies to avoid a national shortage. A completely new factory opened in June 1949. Spring pegs were introduced alongside the traditional dolly pegs in the late 1950s.  

Disasters of a different kind struck in April 1960 when the River Derwent flooded the factory, ruining stock and causing much damage to machinery. In the same year, the Federal Government lifted import restrictions and the market was flooded with cheap pegs from overseas. The Pioneer Woodware Company faced a financial crisis that culminated in Australian Newsprint Mills (now Norske Skog Boyer) buying the business in 1962.

After some years of profitable operation as part of ANM, equal wages for women and increased imports from China were blamed for the final closure of the peg factory at Christmas 1975. The Warden of New Norfolk, Clyde Fitzgerald, was outraged. The owner of three small supermarkets in the town, Cr Fitzgerald said housewives could still afford to buy Australian pegs even if the price was doubled. "Most housewives spend about $1 a year on pegs ... I can't see another dollar a year making any difference," Cr Fitzgerald told the Derwent Valley Gazette.

Do you know what was going on at the peg factory tonight? Please share the details with the New Norfolk News by posting a comment or emailing 

Willow Court working bee

VOLUNTEERS are being sought for a working bee to clean up the Willow Court historic site early next month. The working bee is planned for the weekend of November 5-6, starting at 10am on both days. Organised by the Willow Court and Barracks Working Group, activities will include cleaning out the Alonnah and Bronte wards and the industrial therapy building as well as tidying the grounds around them.

Work in the grounds will include removal of weeds and rubbish in the exercise yards.  Each day, the working bee will be followed by a sausage sizzle for all participants. To assist with the schedule and catering, volunteers are asked to register by either calling the Derwent Valley Council Chambers on 6261 8500 or by emailing their name, address and telephone number to: 

Volunteers are also requested to bring their own protective clothing and hand tools. For more information contact Barry Lathey on 0407 052 559 or Simon Rolfe on 0417 956 041.

Fire damages hairdressing salon

A HAIRDRESSING salon in High St was damaged by fire last night. The New Norfolk Fire Brigade responded to the blaze shortly after 10pm, finding a fire just inside the back door of Sandi's For Hair.

The fire was fought by two crews wearing breathing aparatus. While the blaze was restricted to a room at the rear of the salon, smoke damage extended throughout and some electrical equipment was destroyed.

The smoke-damaged salon.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Westerway mini market

IT'S mini-market day at the Westerway Community Hall this Saturday, October 8. Rain, hail or shine there will be stalls of local products, arts, crafts, jewelery, bric-a-brac, oddities and all sorts of things. Westerway Primary School will have a cake stall.

Why not make a day of it and support the local community and sample some of the beautiful things the area has to offer. The market is on from 9am-3pm.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tour of Tasmania in town tomorrow

Today's racing
WORLD class cycling returns to the Derwent Valley tomorrow (Wednesday) with Stages 2 and 3 of the 2011 Tour of Tasmania being conducted within the region. About 100 riders will set off on the New Norfolk to Hamilton stage of the tour. It is a 61.4km course with two sprints and five hill climbs.

The stage will start outside New Norfolk Post Office in High St at 11am, travelling via Plenty, Bushy Park, Glenora, Westerway, Fentonbury, Ellendale and Lake Meadowbank, with a finish opposite the Hamilton Inn Hotel in Tarleton St around 12.30pm.

Stage 3 will start opposite the hotel in Tarleton St, Hamilton, at 2pm, travelling 78.6km via Ouse, Tarraleah and Bronte Lagoon to finish at the general store in Bronte Park around 4pm. There will be one sprint and five hill climbs.

The Tour of Tasmania finishes in Devonport on Sunday. It is a feature event on Cycling Australia’s national road series calendar and features riders from throughout Australia as well as New Zealand and Russia.

$2.5m for lakes road

WORK to seal four sections of the Highland Lakes Rd will begin this summer. Infrastructure Minister David O’Byrne said the $2.5 million upgrade would provide safer driving conditions, particularly at the Deloraine end of the road. The Highland Lakes Rd is the road formerly known as the Lake Highway.

“It will also save money on routine maintenance - by providing a smoother, sealed, all-weather surface,” he said. "The project covers a total of 3.1km, near shack areas south of Breona. Sealing those sections will provide 7km of continuous sealed road.

“This upgrade has been a high priority for the Central Highlands community for some time, and another example of this State government delivering for local communities,” Mr O’Byrne said. "The contract has been awarded to a Tasmanian owned and operated company - Venarchie Contracting Pty Ltd. The work should be completed by April 2012."

Bridge stuck again

THE latest failure of the Bridgewater Bridge lifting span has been slammed by State Opposition infrastructure spokesman Rene Hidding MHA. "For the Bridgewater Bridge’s $14 million dollar lifting mechanism to fail for the fifth time since February is more evidence of this Green-Labor Government’s total incompetence when it comes to infrastructure," Mr Hidding said on Sunday.

"[This] failure shows just what a dud the lifting mechanism is – in fact as big a dud as this government. And so far there is no indication as to when the problem will be rectified literally leaving boats up the river without a paddle. How much more mis-management can Tasmanians take?" he said.

"David O’Byrne has previously admitted a long term solution won’t be looked at for another six years. Well it is just not good enough. The Minister has spent $14 million on a short term solution for Bridgewater Bridge that isn’t working and he expects everyone to just put up with it. It’s time David O’Byrne started taking his responsibilities seriously instead of avoiding what is becoming a serious problem."

A government spokesman told the Mercury newspaper that the lifting span was temporarily closed. Despite the well-publicised failures, there had been more than 100 successful lifts since December. Read more here.

Simon Rolfe on education

READ Simon Rolfe's council election media release at

Monday, October 3, 2011

Looking for a lifeguard

THE Bushy Park War Memorial Swimming Pool is seeking applications for the position of lifeguard/caretaker for the 2011-12 season. Lifeguard and first aid certificates are essential qualifications. Previous public swimming pool experience is desirable but not essential. More information is available from Robert McCrossen by calling 6261 8527. Written applications can be sent to the Chairperson, Bushy Park Swimming Pool, PO Box 595, New Norfolk 7140, by Monday, October 17, 2011.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Man of steel nails Classic

Steele Von Hoff, left, racing his Russian opponents to the line
VICTORIAN rider Steele Von Hoff today stamped himself as a rising star of Australian cycling with a stunning victory in the gruelling Launceston to New Norfolk Classic today. The former Melbourne boilermaker trounced the highly-rated Russian duo of Alexander Serov and Olympic triple medallist Alexi Markov in a thrilling sprint finish in Circle St at the end of 208km.

Von Hoff, 23, finished in five hours, 22 minutes and nine seconds. The wilderness journey included a 12km climb up 1000m at Poatina where he struggled to remain in touch with the peleton, but was urged on by his team-mates, including last year’s winner Patrick Shaw.

A former triathlete and mountain-bike rider, Von Hoff has been a full-time cyclist for only the past six months. Von Hoff described his Launceston-New Norfolk victory as the biggest and most important of his career. “I had never raced so far before and the course, boy it was hard,” he said. “My team-mates pulled themselves inside out for me. I needed to win a long, tough race.”

Von Hoff has been the target of speculation that he will receive an attractive contract with an international trade team in Europe next year. His victory today, in idyllic sunshine, will certainly help, especially with the seven-man Russian national team so prominent.

Markov and Serov looked to have the spoils safely in their keeping as the remains of the 73-strong peleton sped into the short home straight at the Derwent Valley Council Chambers in New Norfolk. But Von Hoff mastered incredible speed and determination over the final 50m to pip them on the line in a three-way photo finish.

Steele Von Hoff

The winners celebrate their victory

Council jersey for sprint winner

Ben Mather on the podium
THE unsung hero of today's third running of the Launceston to New Norfolk Classic was Launceston bike shop proprietor Ben Mather.

The specialist mountain-biker, back home after a ninth placing in the Tour of Timor, was first over Poatina today and also collected the event’s sprint championship and king of the mountain titles along the way, courtesy of an adventurous 61km solo breakaway which petered out 20km from the finish.

As well as collecting medals and bottles of champagne for the various wins, he also received a green jersey featuring the Derwent Valley Council logo for his victory in the sprint championship.

Young riders race to Bothwell

Trent Derecourt
TODAY'S Launceston to New Norfolk Classic included a 143km women's and youth event that finished in Bothwell. Tasmanian cyclist Grace Sulzberger took the women’s title. Her older brother Bernard finished 10th in the main event. The Sulzbergers are from Flowery Gully in the Tamar Valley.

Western Australian teenager Trent Derecourt won the Under 23 men’s section after six riders crashed on a bridge 500m from the sprint finish in Bothwell. The 17-year-old impressed the New Norfolk crowd by declaring the local weather to be better than Perth's at present.

Grace Sulzberger being interviewed

Clay shooters on target

TWENTY-THREE people attended the 90-target English sporting clay target event at the Derwent Valley Field and Game Club on September 18. The weather on the day was excellent which made the day very enjoyable.

Michael Spaulding from the Northern Midlands Club (Longford) achieved a score of 84/90 which was the AA winning result followed by Ken Triffitt in A Grade from the same club with a 78/90. Barry Bone from New Norfolk managed to get away from the local bowls club long enough to achieve a 71/90 which won B Grade and young Angus Pitt from Ouse managed a score of 53/90 to take out the C Grade.

Clay target events are similar to playing golf in that some days a good result can result and on others the reverse however it is a very addictive sport and competitors always look for a better result "next time". For details of try-out days and other enquiries contact Ray Williams 6261 3444 (business hours).

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Water meters on the way

THE roll-out of water meters is about to start in the Derwent Valley. Southern Water has been progressively installing about 60,000 water meters throughout the southern region and will be working throughout the Derwent Valley municipality during October and November. Read more about the water metering project here.