Sunday, July 31, 2011

Brighton takes it up to New Norfolk

A NEWSPAPER report on yesterday's Southern Football League match between New Norfolk and Brighton reveals that a New Norfolk victory was far from certain for at least half of the game. Read Brett Stubbs' Sunday Tasmanian article here.

Scores - seniors - New Norfolk 16.21 (117) d Brighton 10.9 (69)
Goals - New Norfolk: N. Ross 6, M. Thompson 3, S. Bonnitcha , B. Carver , L. Joseph, J. Wessing, Z. Graham, J. Hall, A. Papera; Best - New Norfolk: N. Ross, L. Browning, Z. Graham, B. Lovell, B. Carver, M. Smith.

Reserves - Brighton 9.9 (63) d New Norfolk 6.6 (42)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Styles 3, P. Ling, C. Ransley, P. Jelkic; Best - New Norfolk: T. Bligh, P. Ling, N. Lester, N. Benson, B. Chaplin, J. King.

Colts - New Norfolk 13.8 (86) d  Brighton 9.4 (58)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Maddox 4, S. Triffitt 3, J. Gregson 2, B. Coppleman, D. Triffett, M. Thurston, J. Walsh; Best - New Norfolk: B. Wakefield, J. Gregson, T. Gregson, J. Shearing, B. Carpenter, E. Stevenson.

Hayes farm in focus

FORMER Derwent Valley Gazette journalist Jennifer Crawley explores the history of Hayes Gaol Farm in today's issue of the Sunday Tasmanian. The State Government has announced its intention to close and sell the facility which opened in 1937 and was Australia's first open prison. The article can be read here.

Community market

THE next market day at the Derwent Valley Community House will from 10am-2pm on August 21. Stalls include homemade jams, soap, jewellery and wood-turned products, plants, books and bric-a-brac. Hot food is also available. The community house is on The Avenue at Willow Court, New Norfolk.

Father and son tradition revived

LAST Saturday (July 23) the Under 12s to Under 15s attended a Father/Son breakfast at the New Norfolk District Football Clubrooms. The roll up from the four age groups was very pleasing, with all enjoying a great feed which was provided by the NNDFC. There were two raffles and every player received a free ticket. Aaron Thorpe won the first raffle (winning a footy, drink bottle, wallet and beanie) while Jahrod Locher won a $30 movie voucher, well done boys.

NNDFC president Stephen Dixon said a few words on the breakfast now becoming a tradition each season, while senior coach Matthew Smith spoke to the players about their future and the pathway into senior football. Matthew also spoke of attending similar breakfast functions when he was playing in his junior days. He noted that although there had been a break of some years it was great to see the tradition revived, the first being held last season.

I remember attending a Father/Son breakfast in 1989 while playing in the Under 12s and in fact Mathew Smith was our captain and his father Michael was our coach. Hawthorn Brownlow medallist John "Rat" Platten was the guest speaker that morning, which was a great thrill for all who attended. After the breakfast Platten took training on Boyer Oval. This ended up being a great year as we Under 12s went on to defeat Claremont in the grand final.

There are plans to make next season's breakfast bigger and better. If any one has any ideas or contacts for a guest speaker please let organiser Michael Graham know. Michael has done a terrific job to get the breakfast again up and running. His passion for junior footy really shows out. Top job Mick.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Making news

THE New Norfolk News has recently reached its third anniversary and ticked over its 50,000th page view. For some websites, 50,000 views has about as much value as 50,000 Zimbabwean dollars, but for a small news blog it's a milestone worth marking.

The website launched on July 2, 2008, and had a decidedly irreverent attitude in its formative stages.

The 700th news item will appear sometime in the next week or so. Thanks to all readers for their news tips, contributions and comments. Keep them coming.

How it will look

ON-SITE signage has been approved by the Derwent Valley Council for the yet-to-be-built New Norfolk McDonald's restaurant and cafe. Computer-generated images lodged with the signage application also provide the first indication of how the development will look on the corner of Burnett and George Sts.

The future New Norfolk McDonald's... complete with Mercedes Benz

GM invited to stay on

GENERAL manager Stephen Mackey had accepted an offer of reappointment, mayor Martyn Evans told this month's Derwent Valley Council meeting. Cr Evans said this would be ratified by councillors at their next closed meeting.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

AGM for men's shed group

THE latest plans for a men's shed at New Norfolk will be discussed at a public meeting on Friday. The Organisation of Active Seniors in Society (OASIS) will hold its annual meeting in the former nurses' quarters at Willow Court this Friday at 2pm.

Having been advised that its preferred location at the former business enterprise centre is not available, OASIS now proposes to start a men's shed, community activity centre and elevated garden in the area of the privately-owned nurses quarters at Willow Court.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Snowboarder airlifted

Action at the Mt Mawson ski-field on Sunday.
AN injured snowboarder was airlifted from the skifields at Mt Field National Park on Friday afternoon. At about 3pm, police were notified that a snowboarder had been injured in a fall in an area known as the Golden Stairs at Mt Mawson.

The Tasmania Police Westpac Rescue Helicopter attended at the scene along with local police and ambulance officers. A 29-year-old man Kingston man was winched into the aircraft and taken to the Lake Dobson carpark.

Adverse weather conditions delayed the helicopter's departure for some hours, resulting in the injured man being taken by ambulance to hospital in Hobart in a satisfactory condition.

Under 14s stage footy walkover

IN an extremely one-sided game at Abottsfield Park on Sunday, the New Norfolk Under 14s thrashed Claremont by a whopping 135 points. Right from the first bounce, the Eagles took control kicking five goals in the first quarter. This was followed by three in the second, six in the third and a further six in the final term.

Jordan Eiszele was again at his best, picking up possessions at will in a great display of football. Hayden Bielleman gave plenty of spark all over the ground, his pace being a real standout week in week out. Josh Raspin showed great determination for the full four quarters.

Josh Whitford-Marriott gave plenty of drive into the forward line, with his pinpoint passes. Jakob Triffitt worked tirelessly for the entire game while Brayden Chaplin was again at his best booting four goals. The team had 11 goal kickers, which was great to see. The work ethic of Aaron Thorpe and Charlie Stewart up forward was just terrific as was Nathan Wakefield who booted two nice goals.

The small brigade of Hayden Smith, Jack Evans and Nick Wakefield continue to impress while Jahrod Locher and Jacob Picken stood tall around the ground, kicking one goal each. Goal of the day went to our great backman Josh Challenger, who again found his way through the pack - this time up forward, drilling it straight through the middle.

The Eagles' next game is under lights at Tynwald Park on Friday night against North Hobart starting at 6.30. This will be a great game as both teams have recorded a win each against each other this season. To add to this, it looks like the two teams will play off against each other in the first week of the finals.
New Norfolk 20.15 (135) d Claremont 0.0 (0)
Best - New Norfolk: Jordan Eiszele, Hayden Bielleman, Joshua Raspin, Joshua Whitford-Marriott, Jakob Triffitt, Brayden Chaplin; Goals - New Norfolk: Brayden Chaplin 4, Hayden Smith 3, Charlie Stewart 3, Aaron Thorpe 2, Nathan Wakefield 2, Hayden Bielleman, Joshua Challenger, Jack Evans, Jahrod Locher, Jacob Picken, Joshua Raspin.

Escapees back in custody

TWO men who allegedly escaped from Hayes Gaol Farm last week are back in custody. Police allege that Brody James Jarvis and Paul Frazer Catto went missing from the jail farm on the evening of July 16 and were subsequently seen at various locations in the greater Hobart area.

Detectives from the Eastern District Criminal Investigation Branch apprehended Jarvis in Lenah Valley around 11am last Tuesday, July 19. A second man was arrested in relation to "harbouring an escapee" and will appear in court at a later date.

Catto surrendered himself to police at 2.30pm on Friday, July 22 and was be returned to the custody of the Tasmania Prison Service.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Remembering railway picnics

The New Norfolk Railway Picnic postcard
A CENTURY-OLD postcard featuring a photo of a railway picnic at New Norfolk sold for more than $40 on eBay today. Dated January 1910, the item attracted seven bidders before selling for US$43.78.

Railway picnics on the Derwent Esplanade at New Norfolk were an annual event for several decades in the first half of the 20th century. Trains would arrive at New Norfolk from Hobart, Maydena and Parattah, bringing thousands of railway staff and their families. The transport was supplemented by river steamers and - in later years - government buses. 

The program generally included an official lunch in addition to the workers' picnic, as well as political speeches, sporting events and the distribution of thousands of ice-creams. Attendances at this summer picnic often reached 5000 and the event was described as the biggest organised event of its kind. There were occasional hiccups, including a man being arrested for having an "illegal game" in his possession at the 1939 picnic. He appeared in the New Norfolk Court the following day and was fined two pounds. In 1937, the shingle roof of the official lunch room collapsed while organisers were making their preparations a day ahead of the picnic.

The structure seen in the top left-hand corner of the image is likely to be the back of the old regatta pavilion and its grandstand that fronted the river.

New Norfolk's three wins

NEW Norfolk scored three wins over a competitive Dodges Ferry at Boyer Oval yesterday.

Scores - New Norfolk 1.4 2.6 6.9 9.13(67) d Dodges Ferry 3.1 7.3 8.5 9.6 (60)
Goals - New Norfolk: M. Smith 2, S. Bonnitcha, M. Thompson, R. Belcher, J. Kelly, J. Wessing, B. Chaplin, B. Wardlaw; Best - New Norfolk: R. Heron, R. Belcher, J. Wessing, M. Smith, L. Browning, L. Joseph.

New Norfolk 11.13 (79) d Dodges Ferry 5.7 (37)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Wallner 3, N. Lester 2, N. Benson 2, B. Chaplin, P. Ling, C. Ransley, P. Jelkic; Best - New Norfolk: J. Wallner, N. Lester, D. Walsh, P. Ling, N. Benson, B. Chaplin.

New Norfolk 7.17 (59) d Dodges Ferry 7.7 (49)
Goals - New Norfolk: B. Coppleman 3, S. Triffitt 2, N. Coy, D. Triffett; Best - New Norfolk; J. Maddox, D. Triffett, N. Coy, M. Thurston, B. Wakefield, B. Coppleman.

Gretna cricket meeting

GRETNA Cricket Club held its annual general meeting at the Gretna Green Hotel on July 13. Office bearers elected were - president: Peter Rainbird; secretary: Jackson Ackerly and Todd Jarvis; treasurer: Ben Shaw; patron: Phillip Sharpe.

The club will again field two senior sides in the Southern Cricket Association, with training due to start in August. The coach will be Tim Lowe.

Junior sides will be again entered in the Cricket Tasmania Youth League. The Under 13s will be coached by Darren Stevenson and the Under 15s by Owen Browning. All registration and training dates will be advertised in The Gazette.

With many so junior members within the club now, the future looks great. I would like to congratulate Jackson Ackerly and Todd Jarvis for taking on the role of secretary. I'm sure they will do a terrific job. Although I have stepped aside as secretary I will continue as junior co-ordinator.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Missing Taylor Lacey

A CROWD estimated at more than 300 gathered under the New Norfolk Bridge earlier tonight to light candles for missing New Norfolk student Taylor Lacey. The event was organised and promoted via Facebook, supported by emergency services volunteers who swung into action this afternoon to ensure the safety of all who participated.

From about 5pm, people started to gather at Fitzgerald Park on the northern side of the bridge. The crowd was at its peak between 6-7pm, at which point several hundred people walked onto the bridge to assemble near the last place Taylor was seen at about 2am last Friday. A smaller number returned to the river's edge where dozens of candles were burning brightly.

The event was a credit to its organisers and the hundreds of mostly young participants. Emergency service volunteers were on hand but kept a respectful distance. A free barbecue was provided by the Derwent Valley Council and New Norfolk Lions Club. 

UPDATE: The Mercury's report of the gathering - here.

Some of the candles under the bridge tonight.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Search to resume on Friday

THE search for a missing New Norfolk youth will resume on Friday morning, police say. An intensive search was carried out between last Friday and yesterday (Tuesday) following reports that a 17-year-old had jumped off the New Norfolk bridge.

Police divers were finally able to enter the water on Monday morning, when a team of five searched shallow areas of the river close to the shoreline between the New Norfolk bridge and Sorell Creek. Conditions were not ideal - the river was still flowing very quickly and visibility was extremely low. The current was too strong for divers to enter deeper areas of the estuary.

"At this stage the search will resume on Friday, when a police vessel and a helicopter will be used to search from New Norfolk Bridge to the Bridgewater Bridge," a police spokesman said.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Three wins over the Magpies

THE New Norfolk District Football Club scored three victories over Glenorchy at KGV yesterday, including two big wins for the seniors and reserves.

Seniors - New Norfolk 22.12 (144) d Glenorchy 2.9 (21)
Goals - New Norfolk: M. Smith 4, S. Bonnitcha 3, J. Hall 3, N. Ross 3, B. Chaplin 2, M. Thompson 2, R. Belcher 2, L. Horne, B. Lovell, B. Carver; Best - New Norfolk: B. Carver, L. Horne, Z. Graham, R. Belcher, R. Heron, L. Browning.

Reserves - New Norfolk 22.18 (150) d Glenorchy 0.0 (0)
Goals - New Norfolk: N. Benson 4, J. Wallner 3, T. Triffett 3, S. Bonnitcha 2, L. Menzie 2, B. Chaplin 2, A. Papera 2, P. Ling, D. King, N. Lester, S. Fenton; Best - New Norfolk: T. Triffett, B. Chaplin, N. Benson, A. Papera, J. Wall.

Colts - New Norfolk 8.3 (51) d Glenorchy 4.14 (38)
Goals - New Norfolk: D. Triffett 2, B. Coppleman 2, J. Maddox, S. Triffitt, J. Shearing, K. Gilbert; Best - New Norfolk: K. Gilbert, K. Hansen, M. Thurston, J. Gregson, D. Triffett, J. Shearing.

Young Eagles lose close encounter

IN a close encounter at Sorell today the New Norfolk Under 14s went down to Sorell by five points. New Norfolk led at every change and at the start of the final quarter held a handy 13-point lead. However the determined Sorell never gave up, kicking 3.4 to New Norfolk's four behinds to snatch the game with just minutes to play.

Hayden Smith continued to show what he can do, crumbing the pack, in and under, he did it all. Co-captain Jordan Eiszele again put on a great show of skill and poise. His consistency week in, week out is a real credit. Josh Whitford-Marriott continues to find space kicking two goals while Daniel Browning is starting to find his feet in the backline with some fine marks.

Hayden Bielleman kicked two goals and Charlie Stewart showed his strength with a great goal in the third quarter, while Josh Raspin and Zoe Thurston kicked one each. Brodie Wilton's snap from the pocket was the goal of the day.

The next game is at Cadbury #1 against Claremont, starting at noon on Sunday. White shorts are to be worn. Also, a reminder that the Father-Son Breakfast is on this Saturday at the New Norfolk District Football Clubrooms, 8am for 8.30, see you all there.

Scores - Sorell 9.9 (63) d New Norfolk 8.10 (58)
Best - New Norfolk: Hayden Smith, Jordan Eiszele, Joshua Whitford-Marriott, Daniel Browning, Hayden Bielleman, Charlie Stewart; Goals - New Norfolk: Hayden Bielleman 2, Joshua Whitford-Marriott 2, Joshua Raspin, Charlie Stewart, Zoe Thurston, Brodie Wilton.

Two more walk out

ANOTHER two prisoners have escaped from Hayes Gaol Farm, the second such incident in a week. Two men, aged 29 and 27, left the prison between 7.15 and 8pm yesterday (Saturday). Police say the pair are not an imminent threat to the public, but should not be approached if seen. A 23-year-old man alleged to have escaped last Sunday night was found at New Norfolk the following day.

Gazette goes digital

The Gazette goes digital
THE Derwent Valley Gazette is among several Tasmanian newspapers which launched digital editions yesterday. The Gazette, Mercury, Sunday Tasmanian and Tasmanian Country can now be read online in their entirety.

The digital newspapers can be trialled here and subscriptions go on sale tomorrow. The price will be the same as the printed newspaper. Unlike traditional newspaper websites, the digital edition is an exact replica of the printed paper. It will be able to be read, page by page, on desktop computers, smartphones and tablet computers.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Divers may join search

POLICE divers may join the search for a missing New Norfolk youth tomorrow morning. A Year 12 student has been missing since about 2am on Friday, when he is believed to have dived into the River Derwent from the New Norfolk Bridge. Police boats and a rescue helicopter began searching at about 3.30am and continued until late in the afternoon. They were joined by the State Emergency Service and friends of the missing man.

The search resumed at first light today and was again carried out by throughout the day by police, SES and local volunteers with a number of vessels deployed to the area. Further helicopter sweeps resumed after morning fog had cleared. Despite all these efforts, the young man has not been able to be located at this stage.

River conditions hampered efforts for police divers to enter the water today. A police spokesman said the river flow was still quite strong, visibility was poor and the water temperature was about two degrees this afternoon.

The effort will resume tomorrow (Sunday) morning and an assessment of the water conditions will determine whether police divers are able to enter the water and commence further searches.

Friday, July 15, 2011

River search

FOLLOW the Mercury and the ABC for news of the search for a missing man at New Norfolk today.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Back in custody

A MAN alleged to have escaped from Hayes Prison Farm on Sunday night was found at New Norfolk this afternoon. William Douglas Greaves, 23, was taken into custody around 2pm.

Norfolk woman witnessed refugee drama

NEW Norfolk paramedic Rebecca Lynd featured in the Leaky Boat documentary that appeared on ABC TV last week. The former sailor was also a guest in the audience of the Q&A program that followed.

Ms Lynd spoke as as an eyewitness to the sinking of SIEV 4 - the refugee vessel that became famous as the "children overboard" boat in 2001.

Ms Lynd was born in Hobart and grew up in the Derwent Valley. She attended New Norfolk High School and joined the Royal Australian Navy at 19 years of age in 1998. After completing training as a marine technician at HMAS Cerberus she was posted to HMAS Kuttabul before gaining a position on the the frigate HMAS Adelaide.

Ms Lynd spent the next three years at sea, seeing active duty in East Timor and the Persian Gulf. HMAS Adelaidee earned battle honours for East Timor in 1999 and the Persian Gulf in 2001–02. Rebecca went back to HMAS Kuttabul for a shore posting and promotion to Leading Seaman. She rejoined HMAS Adelaide in 2003 for the rest of her naval career, culminating in her discharge in 2005 to train as a paramedic in the Northern Territory.

In 2010 Bec and her partner moved back to Tasmania. She is now employed by Ambulance Tasmania.

As well as her television appearance Ms Lynd also featured in the The Age newspaper last week. That article can be read here. The Leaky Boat documentary can be seen here and the Q&A program can be seen here.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Council to meet a week early

THE Derwent Valley Council's monthly meeting will be held a week early to enable some people to attend a Local Government Association dinner next week. The council meeting will be held in the New Norfolk Courthouse this Thursday at 6.30pm.

Items on the public agenda include:
  • A recommendation to approve a quarry at 240 Lachlan Rd.
  • Proposed tree planting on Hobart Rd to replace removed cypress pines.
  • An update on the Willow Court precinct.
  • Ratification of a new dog management policy.
  • Annual reports from the Bushy Park Swimming Pool Committee, Lachlan Reserve Committee and Derwent Valley Access Advisory Committee.
  • A report on Men's Sheds.
  • New Public Interest Disclosure Procedures.
  • Discussion of agenda items for the Local Government Association annual general meeting.
  • Appointment of additional members to the Friends of Frescati Community Garden Committee.
The public agenda can be downloaded here.

A closed council meeting will be held after the open session. Agenda items include a code of conduct matter and the consideration of rate remissions.

Junior footy washed out

DUE to the cancellation of all STJFL games today, the New Norfolk Under 14s didn't get to play against Cygnet/Kermandie at Tynwald Park. As the photos were planned to be taken before that game, the individual photos will now be taken in the change rooms at training on Thursday night and the team photo will be taken before the game against Sorell. The game starts at 11am but please be there by 9.45 for the photo.

New Norfolk v Huonville

THE New Norfolk football team scored two wins over Huonville at Boyer Oval yesterday. Scores follow:

New Norfolk 0.1 5.4 7.14 10.19 (79) d Huonville 2.7 6.7 6.7 7.7 (49)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Clifford 2, L. Horne, S. Bonnitcha, R. Belcher, Z. Clayton, M. Smith, N. Ross, K. Styles, J. Hall; Best - New Norfolk: L. Browning, R. Belcher, Z. Graham, K. Styles, S. Bonnitcha, B. Carver.

Reserves - New Norfolk 13.10 (88) d Huonville (23)
Goals - New Norfolk:B. Chaplin 4, C. Ransley 4, T. Wright 2, T. Triffett, L. Menzie, S. Fenton; Best - New Norfolk: B. Chaplin, N. Lester, D. Walsh, T. Triffett, N. Benson, S. Atkinson.

Colts - Huonville 5.8 (38) d New Norfolk 3.7 (25)
Goals - New Norfolk: E. Stevenson, S. Triffitt, D. Triffett; Best - New Norfolk: M. Thurston, B. Wakefield, J. Williams, J. Gregson, S. Triffitt, J. Adams.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rates notices on the way

THE annual Derwent Valley Council rates notices are being delivered this week. This is only a fortnight after the council's budget meeting, where an increase of 3.3 per cent was approved by most councillors. Despite this increase, the amount charged per dollar of AAV (assessed annual value) was reduced in an effort to reduce the impact of recent property revaluations.

“Council is pleased to say that it’s been able to keep rate increases to a modest 3.3 per cent in line with CPI increases. This is one of the smallest increases in the state this year," Mayor Martyn Evans said. “We did this because as a council we recognise that there are many households under cost of living pressures. However this will mean that there are some projects that we can not fund this financial year and there is little room for additional spending," Councillor Evans said. 

"Rate increases this year coincide with revaluations of properties in the Derwent Valley, through the State Government and the independent Valuer-General’s Department.  The majority of properties have had a significant increase in value this year," Cr Evans said.  “The re-valuation of properties will have an impact on rate rises for some ratepayers. There will be a redistribution of the rates as a result of the revaluation, and some ratepayers will pay more, while a lucky few will pay a little less." 

The Derwent Valley Council is thought to be one few to seek budget submissions from residents. This year saw 13 submissions received and seven have been included in the budget. This includes improved wheelchair access at Malbina Cemetery and support for the century-old Bushy Park Hall.

For the first time, the council has imposed a minimum general rate on all properties. This equates to $225 and is one of a range of new budgetary options provided to councils this year.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rally for men's shed

A PUBLIC rally will be held this Saturday morning to raise awareness of plans for a men's shed and other community facilities at the former Derwent Valley Business Enterprise Centre in New Norfolk. The gathering has been organised by the Organisation of Active Seniors in Society (OASIS) to promote its proposals, which include:
  • men's shed
  • women's activity centre
  • community garden
  • community-based activities
  • Self-help accommodation for active seniors
Spokesman Russ Shaw said the OASIS group had been formed to develop and submit a proposal for community use of the under-utilised former Business Enterprise Centre, which was built in the 1960s as a student hostel. Saturday's rally is intended to raise awareness of the proposal and discuss various aspects of government support for it.

The rally will be at the former enterprise centre, 103 Blair St, New Norfolk, this Saturday at 10.30am. For more information phone 0429 490 249.

Four-goal win for juniors

THE New Norfolk Under 14 footballers travelled to Queenborough on Sunday, where they took on and defeated Sandy Bay by 31 points. Both teams were evenly matched throughout the game, but it was the Eagles that got the early scores on the board and by half time they had kicked 4.7 to 0.1. Light rain fell during the first half, but it became heavy in the third and fourth quarters and as a result things evened up somewhat.

The Eagles kicked a further four goals in the second half. Sandy Bay matched them with an equalling four goals, but the damage was done and the red, white and black continued on their winning way. Onballer Jordan Eiszele was best on ground, picking up countless possessions and kicking a goal. Jordan has great composure and gets the job done with no fuss.

Josh Challenger was yet again his ever-reliable self, defending many Sandy Bay attacks. Jakob Triffitt was as usual damaging up forward, kicking three goals and taking his tally for the season to 14. Hayden Bielleman was yet again a stand out - his efforts to run his opponents down and gain possession of the footy was a pleasure to watch.

Jacob Picken and Daniel Browning kept the Lions at bay, teaming up well together throughout the four quarters. Charlie Stewart was again amongst the goals, as was Jahrod Locher, Josh Whitford-Marriott and Brodie Wilton, Josh Berry and Nathan Wakefield ran hard all day and handled the slippery ball very well.

This Sunday the Eagles play Cygnet/Kermandie at Tynwald Park, starting at noon. Photos will be taken before the game, so all players and officials are asked to be there at 10am.

New Norfolk 8.10 (58) d Sandy Bay 4.3 (27)
Goals - New Norfolk: Jakob Triffitt 3, Hayden Bielleman, Jahrod Locher, Charlie Stewart, Joshua Whitford-Marriott, Brodie Wilton; Best - New Norfolk: Jordan Eiszele, Joshua Challenger, Jakob Triffitt, Hayden Bielleman, Jacob Picken, Daniel Browning.

Monday, July 4, 2011

School closures abandoned

FACED with unwavering community opposition, Education Minister Nick McKim today announced that the State Government would not proceed with its proposal to close or downgrade up to 20 schools, including Glenora District High School.

Mr McKim said the process being followed had caused significant distress for students, parents, staff and local communities. “I acknowledge the pain and hurt that resulted from the announcement that up to 20 schools would be considered for closure and I apologise for that,” Mr McKim said. “The potential closure of any school is a highly emotive issue and I am genuinely sorry for the anxiety that has been caused to all involved."

“We got the process wrong, but we have listened to the community’s concerns and acted on them. It is an important part of our democracy that Governments are responsive to the communities they represent," he said.

“It became apparent to me after visiting eight of the schools being considered for closure that we should have engaged with school communities before the announcement was made. It has become clear that we need to devise a new process that has broad community consensus to address concerns about the viability of some schools. That is what we will now do."

Future plans
Despite today's reversal, Mr McKim said the government was not walking away from the issue of declining enrolments at state schools. “We will now engage in genuine consultation, which I hope will lead to a broad consensus about how we tackle this issue in the future," he said. “All schools will operate as planned for the 2012 school year and I will be writing to all school associations to confirm this position.”

Mr McKim said he would establish a reference group to consult widely and advise him on a new process by the end of this year. “I will be in a position to announce the make-up of this reference group and its terms of reference in the near future,” he said.

Other media coverage:

Free bus to school rally

A FREE bus will be available to take Derwent Valley residents to this Thursday's march and rally against the proposed closure of 20 schools. The bus will leave Glenora District High School at 9.15am, picking up outside Tynwald Park at 9.40 and arriving at the Hobart bus mall by 10.30.

The march will be up Macquarie St and down Murray St to the Parliament House lawns where a rally will be held from 11am to 1pm. The return bus will leave from the rally area at 1.30pm, arriving back at Glenora around 2.45.

Bookings essential - phone 0409 861 224 (if unanswered, leave a message).

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Two out of three for Eagles

THE New Norfolk District Football Club won two of its three matches against the East Coast Bombers at Triabunna yesterday. Results follow:

Seniors: New Norfolk 7.12 15.15 18.21 30.24 (204) d East Coast 0.2 5.3 7.3 8.3 (51)
Goals - New Norfolk: N. Ross 10, J. Hall 5, R. Belcher 5, B. Wardlaw 2, M. Thompson 2, B. Booth, Z. Clayton, Z. Graham, K. Styles, R. Heron, L. Browning; Best - New Norfolk: N. Ross, S. Bonnitcha, R. Belcher, B. Wardlaw, K. Styles, B. Carver.

Reserves - New Norfolk 13.7 (85) d East Coast 13.3 (81)
Goals - New Norfolk: L. Menzie 4, D. King 2, J. Wallner 2, J. Styles 2, M. Jones, C. Ransley, T. Wright; BEST - New Norfolk: S. Fenton, J. Wallner, L. Menzie, J. Ackerley, D. Walsh, D. Williams

Colts - East Coast 8.10 (58) d New Norfolk 8.8 (56)
Goals - New Norfolk: J.Adams 3, J. Williams 2, M. Thurston, B. Wakefield, N. Coy; Best- New Norfolk: D. Triffett, N. Coy, J. Adams, M. Thurston, J. Wallner, S. Triffitt.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A question answered

NEWSNN reader Angela recently asked: "I heard that there is going to be some more Scout Groups starting in New Norfolk is this true?"

We referred the question to the New Norfolk Scouts, who advised that there is sufficient local interest to support a second cub pack being established. This is great news and is especially welcomed by Ed, who was once a member of 2nd New Norfolk Cubs.

More details soon.

Forest forum in New Norfolk

New Norfolk weather forecasts introduced

THE Bureau of Meteorology has this week introduced a seven-day forecast for New Norfolk as part of a major upgrading to its services in Tasmania. Parliamentary Secretary for Sustainability and Urban Water, Senator Don Farrell, said the new service had brought towns and regional centres into line with a level of service previously available only in major cities.

“Tasmanians will now see an increase in the number of forecast locations, from six towns to more than 30, and the amount of information available,” Senator Farrell said.“The range of town forecasts will also be extended out to seven days, a new benchmark for most towns.”

Thirteen major centres including New Norfolk now receive seven-day forecasts which include weather, wind speed, temperature, fire danger (during fire season) and UV information. A longer list of smaller towns and regional centres including Tarraleah and Lake St Clair also receive a seven-day forecast, but in a shorter form.

The weather bureau has also expanded its range of district forecasts and has split the former Upper Derwent Valley and Central Plateau district into two parts for forecasting purposes. This means the Upper Derwent Valley will have its own forecast, looking four days ahead.

Despite this improvement to forecasting services, there are still no official weather observations conducted by the Bureau of Meteorology at New Norfolk.
  • New Norfolk seven-day forecast: click here
  • Upper Derwent Valley forecast: click here
  • Central Plateau forecast: click here
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