Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Modern X-ray for New Norfolk Hospital

A MODERN digital X-ray service will be introduced at the New Norfolk District Hospital in the new financial year, Health Minister Michelle O'Byrne has told the Derwent Valley Council. The new facility will be integrated into medical imaging services at the Royal Hobart Hospital.

In a letter to Mayor Martyn Evans prior to Christmas, Ms O'Byrne said the existing radiology set-up at New Norfolk had been inspected by Dr Michael Carr, director of medical imaging at the RHH, to assess the potential for reintroducing a local X-ray service. "While it is practical to install an X-ray machine at the site, it is preferred that service re-establishment be considered in line with the implementation of the Statewide Radiology Imaging Service/Picture Archive Communication System," Ms O'Byrne wrote.

"This will require the purchase of a digital X-ray [and] will enable the transmission of digital images and reports to the Royal Hobart Hospital Department of Medical Imaging, which can provide reporting at no cost," the minister wrote.

The Statewide Radiology Imaging Service is expected to be introduced by the end of June, with the New Norfolk service due to follow soon after.

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  1. Jen said: What happened with the X-ray machinery that was already installed in New Norfolk...... All that is happening is more money being wasted instead of providing a necessary service to this region. I suggest our Council has to speak up more loudly.... Speak out against the purchase of new digital technology for X- ray's absolutely necessary.... the manufacturer of medical equipment is the sole beneficiary.