Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bartlett annoints Farrell for Derwent

PREMIER David Bartlett has today named Derwent Valley Council deputy mayor Craig Farrell as the Labor Party’s candidate for the Legislative Council seat of Derwent. “Craig has proven his commitment to the local community, with eight years of service on the Derwent Valley Council, including the past year as Deputy Mayor,” Mr Bartlett said.

The incumbent, Michael Aird MLC, recently announced his intention to retire. “I’m pleased that Craig wants to serve ... in State Parliament, and believes standing for the Labor Party is the best way to do that,” Mr Bartlett said.

“Michael Aird has represented this community with passion and dedication for several years. I’m sure Craig would bring many of the same qualities to the job,” Mr Bartlett said. “Craig has indicated his priorities will be local jobs, and helping Tasmanians to ease the cost of living. I’m pleased that his goals and values match those of the government,” he said.

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