Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Norfolk back on track

THE Eagles have recovered from last weekend's shock loss to claim three good wins over Lindisfarne at Boyer Oval yesterday. The seniors prevailed over the Two Blues by 44 points while the reserves were victorious by 31 points and the colts won by a massive 162 points.

Scores - seniors
New Norfolk 0.1 6.5 9.10 17.13 (115) d Lindisfarne 3.3 5.4 7.4 11.5 (71)
Goals—New Norfolk: B. Carver 5, B. Booth 4, M. Thompson 2, M. Horne, J. Clifford, T. Triffett, N. Lester, J. Murray, M. Smith; BEST — New Norfolk: L. Horne, B. Carver, J. Murray, B. Chaplin, B. Booth, L. Joseph.

New Norfolk 16.12 (108) d Lindisfarne 11.11 (77)
Goals—New Norfolk: M. Bearman 5, B. Chaplin 4, C. Ransley 2, B. Hall, A. Minchin, D. Triffett, T. Jarvis, B. Lovell; New Norfolk: L. Browning, M. Hay, J. King, B. Lovell, N. Benson, M. Bearman.

New Norfolk 25.21 (171) d Lindisfarne 1.3 (9)
Goals—New Norfolk: B. Coppleman 6, N. Wakefield 4, S. Triffitt 3, J. Wallner 3, N. Grant 2, J. Walsh 2, J. Bomford, L. Menzie, J. Wallner, R. Tebb, T. Youd; Best—New Norfolk: T. Youd, R. Tebb, J. Young, N. Grant, J. Adams, J. Bomford.

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