Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Norfolk x-ray idle

THE State Government has been urged to investigate re-opening the radiology department at the New Norfolk District Hospital. Greens Member for Lyons, Tim Morris, said x-ray equipment was still in place at the NNDH and a local radiologist was willing to consider operating the equipment. Mr Morris reminded the government that  when it closed the Ouse Hospital in 2007 there was a commitment made to enhance services at the New Norfolk Hospital.

“Derwent Valley radiology patients are currently forced to travel to and from Hobart for x-ray services which is unacceptable given the presence of a willing radiologist in the area, and the existing x-ray equipment at the NNDH,” Mr Morris said. “If an arrangement cannot be reached with a private operator then the Department should look closely at providing the service itself. “The Greens are calling on Minister O’Byrne to investigate the re-opening of the radiology department at the NNDH.”

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