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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No sale

THE Derwent Valley Council last week advised all tenderers that none were successful for the purchase of the Willow Court Oval and/or the buildings around the oval.

At a meeting of the Willow Court Redevelopment Working Party last night, Mayor Marytn Evans declined to comment on the status of the sale.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chamber stands up for businesses

THE Derwent Valley Chamber of Commerce has spoken up for businesses following a demand that each pay a $50 "signage fee" to the Derwent Valley Council. Much of the New Norfolk central business district was in uproar earlier this month when a letter was sent out by a council officer instructing shops to lodge retrospective applications for signs which in some cases had been in place for several decades. In explaining the matter in a recent issue of the Derwent Valley Gazette, council general manager Stephen Mackey said some records had been lost in a fire. In the same newspaper, businessman Tony Joyce described the move as a council cash-grab.

The matter was taken up by the Chamber of Commerce, which wrote to the council on behalf of affected businesses. Secretary Mark Bennett said the cost of bringing council files up-to-date was not the responsibility of shopkeepers. "Businesses in the Valley have had a difficult 12 months or more and should not be further encumbered by a $50 fee and an unjustified fee for a title search in order to formalise the signage on their respective establishments," Mr Bennett said.
The Chamber of Commerce suggests that the council should waive the $50 fee and that cover the cost of any title search if required. "Business owners have already paid for title searches when purchasing their properties in the first place," Mr Bennett said.

More awards for Lachlan kitchen

A DERWENT Valley business has taken top spot on the recently revealed “100 Greatest Australian Gourmet Experiences” list, compiled by Australian Traveller magazine. Lachlan-based Agrarian Kitchen was named the Greatest Australian Gourmet Experience by the list’s esteemed judges, adding to a fantastic year for the Agrarian Kitchen, which was opened by Rodney Dunn in January 2009.  The judges highlighted the two-day ‘Whole Hog’ experience, one of the most popular cooking classes on offer at the Agrarian Kitchen. Guests begin with a Wessex Saddleback carcass, breaking it down to make sausages, slow-roasted pork belly, pig’s trotter and potato pie, and pig’s head terrine in the Agrarian Kitchen’s wood-fired oven. The Whole Hog experience costs $770 per person. The winners were judged by an acclaimed panel including chefs Alla-Wolf Tasker, Jacques Reymond, Michael Ryan, Peter-Russell Clarke, Maggie Beer and Matt Moran, and renowned food expert, Simon Johnson.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Latest results - Tim strides further ahead

HE won unexpected praise from former premier Paul Lennon on live ABC TV on election night and continues to lead the vote in Lyons as the Tasmanian Electoral Commission keeps counting as postal votes roll in. Who? That's right - it's our Tim. There is even some online chatter that he could be the frontrunner for Speaker of the House of Assembly in any power-sharing government. And why not?

Updated figures as at 4.45pm today (Thursday) with 93.08 per cent of the vote counted:
Tim Morris MHA (Greens) 9011
Michael Polley MHA (ALP) 8262
Rene Hidding MHA (Lib) 7532
David Llewellyn MHA (ALP) 6583
Rebecca White (ALP) 6432
Mark Shelton (Lib) 5224
Jane Howlett (Lib) 4471
Jim Playsted (Lib) 3996
Heather Butler MHA (ALP) 2524
Nick Wright (ALP) 2349
Leigh Gray (Lib) 1857
Karen Cassidy (Greens) 1581
Brendan Sullivan (ALP) 1285
Jackie Graham (Greens) 1027
Karl Stevens (Green) 992
Sharon Prior (Greens) 863

The Mercury reported this morning that veteran Labor minister David Llewellyn was continuing to hold off newcomer Rebecca White. Labor's Michael Polley will retain his seat, as will Liberal Rene Hidding. The Mercury tips Meander Valley mayor Mark Shelton to take a second seat for the Liberals.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tim tops the poll

NEW Norfolk's Tim Morris MHA has topped the poll for the seat of Lyons in yesterday's State Election. Mr Morris, who was seeking election for a third term, had previously been regarded to be at risk because of boundary adjustments which saw the West Coast moved to Braddon.

Instead, the Greens MHA had received 7997 first preference votes at the close of counting last night. Updated figures are expected later this afternoon.

Mr Morris' nearest rivals were veterans Michael Polley MHA (Labor) on 7595 and Rene Hidding MHA (Liberal) on 6746. On figures available at present, it seems certain the ALP will lose one seat to the Liberals, with Heather Butler MHA appearing to be at risk.

With 82.54 per cent of the vote counted, first-preference figures at the close of counting at 9.35 last night were:

Tim Morris MHA (Greens) 7997
Michael Polley MHA (ALP) 7595
Rene Hidding MHA (Lib) 6746
David Llewellyn MHA (ALP) 5814
Rebecca White (ALP) 5768
Mark Shelton (Lib) 4758
Jane Howlett (Lib) 3982
Jim Playsted (Lib) 3596
Heather Butler MHA (ALP) 2276
Nick Wright (ALP) 2105
Leigh Gray (Lib) 1634
Karen Cassidy (Greens) 1334
Brendan Sullivan (ALP) 1133
Jackie Graham (Greens) 865
\Karl Stevens (Green) 855
Sharon Prior (Greens) 741

Updated figures as at 5.10pm today (Sunday) with 91.1 per cent of the vote counted:

Tim Morris MHA (Greens) 8867
Michael Polley MHA (ALP) 8149
Rene Hidding MHA (Lib) 7436
David Llewellyn MHA (ALP) 6451
Rebecca White (ALP) 6311
Mark Shelton (Lib) 5184
Jane Howlett (Lib) 4455
Jim Playsted (Lib) 3938
Heather Butler MHA (ALP) 2463
Nick Wright (ALP) 2311
Leigh Gray (Lib) 1823
Karen Cassidy (Greens) 1555
Brendan Sullivan (ALP) 1276
Jackie Graham (Greens) 1012
Karl Stevens (Green) 982
Sharon Prior (Greens) 840

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Early opening for school redevelopment

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Better late than never

AFTER a wait of more than 20 years, the replacement of underground services in lower High St started about a fortnight ago. As part of the works program, a roundabout will be installed at the junction of High and Stephen Sts.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Labor promises night-time footy at New Norfolk

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Molesworth bridge completed

HERE'S a shot of the finished bridge replacement project at the junction of Molesworth and Douglas Rds at Molesworth. Thanks to Ngaire Glover for keeping us up-to-date.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oval tenders close today

TENDERS for the sale of the oval precinct at historic Willow Court close this afternoon. It is expected that Derwent Valley Mayor Martyn Evans will call a closed council meeting early next week to assess any tenders received. The council intends to sell the oval precinct and/or the four main buildings around the oval to fund the redevelopment of the remaining heritage quarter of the Willow Court historic site at New Norfolk.

UPDATE: The council will meet in closed session on Monday to consider the tenders received.

Cut your home power bills!

HOUSEHOLDS are often overwhelmed by the amount of information available describing the best actions to save energy and water and to reduce greenhouse gases. It can be difficult to decide what action to take, but a local man has recently been appointed to offer some help. Former Maydena businessman Nigel Wilson is an accredited Household Sustainability Assessor, licenced to go to assess households on their energy and water use.

The assessment is completely free, and only takes about an hour and a half to complete. At the end, Mr Wilson prints out a report which includes details of interest-free government loans to help make your home more energy efficient.

More information is available here but the popularity of the scheme means the available funding is quickly running out. To book a free assessment at a time of your convenience, contact Mr Wilson on 0437 855 863 or 6263 7369, or email

Monday, March 1, 2010

Council a step closer to getting some Friends

A FRAMEWORK for the setting up of a Friends of Willow Court group was approved at the February meeting of the Derwent Valley Council. Councillors approved the creation of the group as a Special Committee of the council and members will soon be sought. The group will have the following powers and functions:

1.    To assist council in the development, protection and promotion of the Willow Court precinct.
2.    To make recommendations to council on specific projects.
3.    To monitor projects on behalf of the community.
4.    To facilitate communication between the council and the community.
5.    To determine its own meeting schedule.
6.    To elect an executive from its own membership.
7.    To confirm its own minutes and provide copies for inclusion in the council information bulletin.
8.    To hold an annual meeting and provide an annual report to council.