Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Road safety project on the right track

A CHILDREN'S road safety track in New Norfolk has been awarded by the Heart Foundation in recognition of its effectiveness in promoting health and fitness. News of the award was revealed by Mayor Tony Nicholson at last week's Derwent Valley Council meeting.

Simulating real-work traffic conditions, the Tynwald Park bike track was opened in November 2007 and has been a popular feature of the busy recreational area. The facility was developed by the council in conjunction with supporters and sponsors including Norske Skog Boyer, Timber Communities Australia, New Norfolk Lions Club, Tasmanian Community Fund and the Federal Government. The design was developed by local children's road safety advocate Maree Pinnell.

The Derwent Valley Gazette this week reported Heart Foundation Tasmania spokesman Graeme Lynch saying the bicycle track was a wonderful way to encourage children to be active.

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  1. The kids bike track is terrific and all credit to designer and supportive groups however, it is such a pity that parents are not ensuring that their children wear safety helmets when riding on the track - let alone on the footpaths of local streets!