Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Council committee missing in action

ONE of the Derwent Valley Council's most important committees seems to have gone missing. In response to public questions at the August and September council meetings, general manager Stephen Mackey has been unable to say where the minutes of the Willow Court Special Committee are held, where the public may read them, and when the committee's elections are held.

During public question time at the September meeting, Mr Mackey said he would seek the information from Valley Vision project officer Ian Brown.

The committee oversees the council's efforts to redevelop the Willow Court historic site at New Norfolk. Mr Brown is known to provide occasional briefings to the council, but these are conducted behind closed doors.

1 comment:

  1. Who is on this Committee? Surely whoever 'they' are would have a copy of the minutes and anything relevant? Where are the reports to Council which I believe all Committees (and/or sub-Committees) are required to provide? Why is an employee providing information to Council in any closed meeting? Come DVC, lift your game!