Saturday, May 25, 2019

This weekend's local footy scores

SENIORS (played Saturday at Claremont)
Claremont 3.2 (20) 3.5 (23) 5.9 (39) 7.12 (54)
New Norfolk 3.4 (22) 8.6 (54) 9.10 (64) 12.13 (85)
Claremont - Goal kickers: J. Crossin 3, N. Hobden, C. Thompson, L. Potter, M. Allison; Best Players: L. Green, M. Carr, C. Thompson, H. Crack, M. Allison, S. Ladic.
New Norfolk - Goals: M. Parker 5, J. Clifford 2, J. County 2, B. Chaplin, J. Bearman, J. Hills; Best Players: D. Coppleman, J. County, J. Hills, J. Wigg, M. Parker, B. Wardlaw.

RESERVES (played Saturday at Claremont)
Claremont 3.5 (23) 4.6 (30) 8.10 (58) 9.10 (64)
New Norfolk 3.2 (20) 5.6 (36) 7.7 (49) 12.7 (79)
Claremont - Goals: R. Martin 5, A. Bennett 3, S. Potter; Best: C. Bennett, A. Bennett, R. Martin, J. Simpson, S. Potter, M. Cowen.
New Norfolk - Goals: R. Graham 4, C. ransley 3, C. Neads 3, J. Walsh, A. Minchin; Best: L. Browning, M. Murray, R. Graham, A. Minchin, J. Walsh, M. Jones

COLTS (played Friday night at Lindisfarne)
Lindisfarne 5.3 (33) 10.6 (66) 12.9 (81) 19.13 (127)
New Norfolk 0.0 1.1 (7) 3.1 (19) 5.1 (31)
Lindisfarne - Goals: J. Paolini 4, J. Foster 3, C. Coles 3, T. Steele 2, S. Smith 2, C. Harris, D. Blazely, J. Gregory, J. Kent, A. McKay; Best: H. Bodnar, T. Currie, S. Smith, A. Sharp, D. Blazely, C. Harris.
New Norfolk - Goals: C. Triffett, R. Franklin, H. Davis, T. Lovell, B. Triffett; Best: C. Triffett, J. Miller, T. Rainbird, J. George, C. Keleher, J. Triffett.

WOMEN (to play at Boyer Oval, 12.30pm Sunday)

Latest New Norfolk golf results

New Norfolk Golf Club results

Saturday 25/5/19 Tim Lowe/Gilbert Automotive Foursome Championships
Division 1 Gross: B. Rainbird-J. Rainbird 72, L. Post-G. Heron 75, W. Coleman-I. Holthouse 76. Nett: G. Bailey-G. Smith 83-15-68, T. Lowe-D. Hack 82-13 ½-68 ½, M. Williams-J. Kinloch 83-11½-71½.
Division 2 Gross: A. Watts-D. Post 89, G. Duggan-A. Leitch 97, L. Dittmann-K. Horne 98. Nett: G. Triffitt-R. Hoare 87-19 ½-67 ½, L. McKenzie-B. Hall 90-16-74, T. Banks-W. Hodge 98-22-76
Nearest-the-pins: 3rd G. Bailey, 6/15th T. Banks, 8/17th D. Hack, 11th G. Bailey. Superpin: T. Banks
Foursome Champions: B. Rainbird-J. Rainbird 72.

Saturday 25/5/19 Stableford
R. Dureau 33 c/b, J. Broadhead 33, K. Sturzaker 30.

Wednesday 22/5/19 Stroke:
18 hole: B. Rice 89-28-61, J. Broadhead 97-32-65 c/b, M. Smith 79-14-65, D. Post 83-16-67 c/b, G. Smith 82-15-67. Birdie draw: M. Smith
9 hole: B. Rice 44-14-30, M. Smith 38-7-31, G. Hack 38-6-32 c/b, J. Broadhead 48-16-32, G. Smith 40-7½-32½. Birdie draw: G. Smith

Anyone interested in joining the New Norfolk Golf Club as a playing member (there are clubs and buggies for hire), as a social member, or looking for a function venue, is welcome to contact the club for further information:
1 Howell Drive, New Norfolk, Tasmania. Phone: (03) 6261 2653
The club is available for hire for weddings, private functions etc.  The venue cost is free for a function of more than 40.

The new name for the New Norfolk Esplanade is...

A foggy morning at the New Norfolk Esplanade earlier this month.
A PROPOSAL to rename the esplanade reserve at New Norfolk to "New Norfolk Esplanade" has been supported by the Derwent Valley Council.

A report from an unnamed council officer to last week's monthly council meeting said there was an issue with too many "esplanades" around the state.

The officer recommended that the council support the approval of the listed name of the reserve being altered from "Esplanade" to "New Norfolk Esplanade" and this was unanimously approved.

"The Nomenclature Board has notified council that there is an existing issue with the duplication of the name 'Esplanade' right across the state," the officer said in a written report. "There are currently 57 instances of Esplanade across the state which are direct duplications.

"These include multiple examples of Esplanade East, Esplanade West, Esplanade South and Esplanade North as well as East Esplanade and West Esplanade and instances of The Esplanade. The Esplanade naming duplication is not ideal, has the potential to cause confusion and is an ongoing risk to accurate and timely discovery of any Esplanade property address."

Referring to the consultation process for this proposed change, the officer said this had been done through a council workshop presentation and discussion.

The motion to support the name change was moved by Cr Julie Triffett and seconded by Cr Anne Salt. "I think it's pretty explanatory in the background that there are so many esplanades around Tasmania that they don't know where they all are, so this should help," Cr Triffett said.

Mayor Ben Shaw said here might be many esplanades but New Norfolk's was number one. Cr Martyn Evans said consideration should be given to including regional branding in the name, suggesting Derwent Valley Esplanade, but he was happy to support the motion. No other councillors spoke and when put to the vote the motion was carried unanimously.

The Nomenclature Board's boundaries for the New Norfolk
Esplanade (colour) overlaid on Heritage Tasmania's boundaries
for the same location.
There is a discrepancy between the Nomenclature Board's description of the local esplanade and that of Heritage Tasmania.

The Nomenclature Board's mapping shows the "Esplanade" as being between Burnett St and Alfred St, whereas the Tasmanian Heritage Register gives the "Derwent Esplanade" broader boundaries between Bridge St in the west and the start of the Derwent Cliffs scenic walk in the east.

Council loses senior staff

Mark Eady
TWO senior members of staff have parted company with the Derwent Valley Council in recent weeks.

A note in the agenda documents for last week's council meeting mentioned the departure of corporate and community services manager Mark Eady on April 18. It is reported he will take up the position of finance and corporate services director at the Yass Valley Council in New South Wales.

Mr Eady was effectively the second-in-charge of the council administration, standing in as acting general manager when necessary. He started at the council in August 2017 with previous experience at the City of Sydney Council and the NSW Independent Commission against Corruption.

The council has advertised the position of revenue officer following the departure of Spencer Cannell who had been appointed to that role last year. Mr Cannell won praise from councillors for his success rate in recovering overdue rates payments. 

The council has recently appointed an operations manager to work with infrastructure and development services manager Richard Blackwell, and it has advertised the new position of contracts and projects officer.

Friday, May 24, 2019

This weekend's local football


New Norfolk v Lindisfarne
at Anzac Park, Lindisfarne
Friday, May 24
6.30pm: Colts

New Norfolk v Claremont
at Abbotsfield Park, Claremont
Saturday, May 25
Noon: Reserves
2pm: Seniors

New Norfolk v Huonville
at Boyer Oval, New Norfolk
Sunday, May 26
12.30pm: Women

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Election promises stand: Nationals Senator

New Norfolk Cricket Club president Jamie Hill, right, with
Nationals candidate Deanna Hutchinson and Senator Steve
Martin at the funding announcement at Willow Court last month.
MORE than 100 Federal Election commitments made by the National Party throughout Tasmania will be fulfilled, Senator Steve Martin said this week.

Despite looking unlikely to retain his seat, Senator Martin said the various projects including those in New Norfolk would be funded by the returned Coalition Government.

"The re-election of the Liberal and Nationals Government is terrific news for regional Tasmania," he said. “What this means is that every one of the 100-plus projects worth over $150 million I secured and which Labor had threatened to cancel, will be delivered in full by the new government."

This includes $2.1 million for projects in New Norfolk, which are:

  • $500,000 for improvements to site access, infrastructure and parking at Willow Court;
  • $500,000 for Stage 2 of the New Norfolk Esplanade Revitalisation, including landscaping, lighting, a playground, further trails, pedestrian safety measures and the rehabilitation of the New Norfolk Pool surrounds;
  • $500,000 for the redevelopment of Derwent Valley PCYC, including gyms spaces, change rooms, meeting rooms and the kitchen; and,
  • $600,000 for the redevelopment of the Tynwald Park sports facility, including the development of a new pavilion including change rooms, toilets, a canteen and a community function space.

“The projects which range of upgraded and new sports facilities to new playgrounds and cultural assets are a game changer for regional Tasmania and will make our towns more attractive to locals, tourists and migrants,” Senator Martin said. “I am very proud of what my team has achieved for regional Tasmania. No other Tassie pollie comes close to this level of success across the state.”

Senator Martin said he was disappointed the Tasmanian Nationals had not seen success on polling day, but pleased the Nationals legacy would live on through better facilities right across regional Tasmania. “I want to thank my family, my staff, our great candidates Wendy Hilditch, Sally Milbourne, Carl Cooper and Deanna Hutchinson and all of our fantastic supporters for the hard work they all put in,” he said.

New Norfolk Cricket Club president Jamie Hill was with Senator Martin at last month's funding announcement, which he said was "huge" for the Derwent Valley. "It doesn't only benefit our cricket club but it benefits the junior soccer club and the junior football club as well," Mr Hill said at the time.

"With female sports coming along like they have been recently, currently we don't have facilities to allow for growth in that area. So for girls and women wanting to play cricket and football and soccer, that's going to mean a huge amount to us," he said.

Senators such as Mr Martin who look set to lose their seats following last weekend's election will remain in office until June 30. Regardless of the date of each Federal Election, outgoing senators retire on June 30 every three years and incoming senators begin their term on July 1.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Locals in southern representative sides

The Southern Football League representative side and coaches.
Click image to enlarge.
FOUR New Norfolk players were chosen for the Southern Football League representative side that played the Old Scholars Football Association team at North Hobart on Saturday.

Former New Norfolk coach Jon Murray once again stepped up to coach the SFL side, assisted by Phil Ling, while Marcus Parker, Blair Wardlaw, Jye County and Jye Bearman were selected to play. Also in the training squad were Daniel Coppleman and Jacob Wigg.

While the game was not a win for the SFL, New Norfolk's Parker scored three goals and Bearman added two majors of his own.

OSFA 6.1 (37) 8. 6 (54) 15.8 (98) 17.9 (111)
SFL 5.1 (31) 7.6 (48) 9.12 (66) 14.13 (97)
GOALS - Old Scholars: A. Gilmour 9, C. Wilson 3, J. Briggs 2, I. Callinan, L. Franks, C. Alcorso; SFL: M. Parker 3, T. Roberts 3, J. Bearman 2, L. Potter 2, T. Jaynes, M. Allison, B. Halton, M. Cassidy.
BEST - Old Scholars: A. Gilmour, B. Langford, L. Franks, C. Howard, C. Alcorso, B. Joseph; SFL: C. Johns, C. Rawson, J. Siggins , D. Blazely, J. Bullock, T. Jaynes.

Look up DAVE HARDING PHOTOGRAPHY on Facebook for photos from the day. Meanwhile, five New Norfolk players are in the initial training squad for SFL Women's match against the NTFAW ast Invermay Park, Launceston on June 8. Congratulations and good luck to Jemma Foley, Billie-Jo Keep, Corina Percey, Jasmine Skelly and Kimberley Slater. The squad is training at University Oval, Sandy Bay.

Round 7 of the SFL season will be played this Saturday, with New Norfolk meeting Claremont at Abbotsfield Park, Claremont.

The SFL side and coaches on match day.