Saturday, November 22, 2014

Speedway on tonight

THE gates have opened at the Mountain Dew raceway outside New Norfolk for its first night of speedway racing this season.

Racing will be from 6-11pm, featuring Sprintcars, Street Stocks, AMCA, Wingless Sprints, Juniors and Tassie Sixes according to the official website.

Admission rates are: Adult $25; Concession $22; Student (12-16) $20; Under 12 free.

Check their Facebook page for updates.

Council appoints committee representatives

THE first meeting of the new-look Derwent Valley Council on Thursday night included the appointing of council representatives to various Special Committees, community committees, joint authorities, statutory bodies and council working groups. The appointments are generally for two years.

Boyer Oval Management: Cr Barry Lathey (proxy Cr Shaw)
New Norfolk Historical Information Centre: Cr Damian Bester (proxy Cr Triffett)
Gleeson Park (Lachlan): Cr James Graham (proxy Cr Shaw)
Derwent Valley Youth Future Action Team (D'FAT): Cr Julie Triffett (proxy Cr Bester)
Bushy Park Swimming Pool: Cr Damian Bester (proxy Cr Belcher)
Derwent Valley Sport and Recreation Centre: Cr Ben Shaw (proxy Cr Belcher)
Molesworth Recreation Reserve: Cr Frank Pearce (proxy Cr Graham)
Tidy Towns: Cr Paul Belcher (proxy Cr Evans)
New Norfolk Swimming Pool: Cr Julie Triffett (proxy Cr Shaw)
Access Advisory: Cr Barry Lathey (proxy Cr Triffett)
Environmental Management: Cr Damian Bester (proxy Cr Evans)
New Norfolk Business Alliance: Cr Frank Pearce (proxy Cr Graham)
Friends of Frescati: Cr Damian Bester (proxy Cr Evans)
Tynwald Park Development: Cr Julie Triffett (proxy Cr Shaw)
Derwent Valley Council Scholarship Trust Fund: Cr Martyn Evans and Cr Ben Shaw
Willow Court Conservation: Cr Damian Bester (proxy Cr Evans)
Friends of Willow Court: Cr Frank Pearce (proxy Cr Evans)
Economic Development and Growth (STEPS): Cr Frank Pearce and Cr James Graham
William Hazlewood Reserve (Magra): Cr Damian Bester (proxy Cr Lathey)

TasWater: Cr Martyn Evans (proxy Cr Lathey)
Southern Waste Strategy Authority: Cr James Graham (proxy Cr Belcher)
Southern Tasmanian Councils Authority: Cr Martyn Evans (proxy Cr Shaw)
Local Government Association of Tasmania: Cr Martyn Evans (proxy Cr Shaw)

Council website: Cr Damian Bester (additional members to be appointed)
Education Precinct: Cr Martyn Evans and Cr Paul Belcher
Tree2Sea: Cr Martyn Evans
Relay for Life: Cr Martyn Evans
Community Road Safety Partnership: Cr Martyn Evans and Cr Paul Belcher
Hemp: Cr James Graham, Cr Damian Bester, Cr Martyn Evans and Cr Ben Shaw
Plenty Link Rd: Cr Damian Bester, Cr Barry Lathey, Cr Ben Shaw and Cr Paul Belcher

Derwent Valley Emergency Planning Committee: Cr Barry Lathey and Cr Ben Shaw
Australia Day Committee: Cr Martyn Evans, Cr Barry Lathey and Cr Ben Shaw
Derwent Catchment Natural Resource Management: Cr Barry Lathey (proxy Cr Graham)
Derwent Valley Autumn Festival Committee: Cr James Graham  and Cr Paul Belcher
Land Sale Committee: Cr Damian Bester, Cr Julie Triffett, Cr James Graham and Cr Frank Pearce
Maydena Community Association: Cr Damian Bester (proxy Cr Graham)
Derwent Valley Visitor Information Centre: Cr James Graham (proxy Cr Bester)
Real Action Forward Thinking (RAFT): Cr Ben Shaw and Cr James Graham
Community Grants: Cr Lathey, Cr Bester, Cr Belcher, Cr Shaw, Cr Triffett.
Derwent Valley Tourism Association: Cr Ben Shaw (proxy Cr Belcher)
Code of Conduct Panel: Cr Damian Bester, Cr Frank Pearce, Cr Paul Belcher

*Subject to confirmation of the minutes next month.

New Norfolk's river rules

Media Release

Rules for boats and personal watercraft on the Derwent River at New Norfolk

In anticipation of warmer weather in the forthcoming months, New Norfolk police would  like to remind boat and personal watercraft users of the rules governing the Derwent  River around New Norfolk.

There are several varied speed zones on the Derwent River at New Norfolk. There is a 5 knot speed limit from the New Norfolk Bridge downstream approximately 900 metres. The end of the zone is marked by a rectangular warning sign on the northern shore.

A 5 knot speed limit applies except for when towing a skier from the line between the New Norfolk Aquatic Club and slightly east of the New Norfolk Caravan Park to a line across the river between the eastern end of Norske Skog and the Sorell Creek outlet near Molesworth Road.

Users of personal watercraft (PWC) such as jet skis are reminded that they are required to have the PWC extension to their boating licence. All boat, PWC and kayak users are required to carry and wear suitable personal floatation devices (PFDs) when on the water.

Police have received an increase in complaints from river users relating to the speed and behaviour of other boat and PWC owners. Local police will be conducting regular patrols of nearby boat ramps and river banks and actively engaging with boat and PWC users in order to ensure compliance with relevant rules. Penalties will be issued where offences are detected.

Wakeboarders on the river today

RIVER users have been advised by newspaper advertising that a wakeboarding competition will be conducted on the River Derwent at New Norfolk between the Nomads Ski Club on Boyer Rd and the Millbrook Rise boat ramp off Hobart Rd between 8am and 6pm today (Saturday, November 22).

Marine and Safety Tasmania advises that boats not competing in the event should stay clear of the course at all times and take notice of instructions from competition officials in the appropriately marked vessels. The 5 knot limit is revoked for those vessels competing.

This should be a spectacular event on the river. It's a shame it hasn't been more effectively promoted.

Friday, November 21, 2014

This weekend's cricket

Round 6

All Matches start at 10.30am

FIRST GRADE - Saturday
New Norfolk I v Sorell at Tynwald Park

Gretna I v Sandford at Gretna
Molesworth I v Sorell at Sorell 1

THIRD GRADE - Saturday
Bushy Park v Derwent at Bushy Park Showground
Gretna II v Runnymede at Runnymede

New Norfolk II v Hobart at Risdon Vale
FIFTH GRADE - Saturday
Molesworth II v Derwent at New Town High School.

Asset sales may fund Willow Court works

SURPLUS land and buildings in the municipality may be sold as the Derwent Valley Council looks for ways to fund ongoing conservation and restoration works at Willow Court. The historic site in central New Norfolk was a topic of discussion for the final meeting of the council prior to last month's election and again at the first meeting of the new council last night.

The council last month resolved to apply to the Federal Government to have the site added to the National Heritage List and last night's meeting approved motions to prepare a list of all land and buildings owned by the council and have the council's Land Sale Committee review potential asset sales.

The meeting heard that the funds available for works at the former hospital site were almost exhausted and no new money was on the horizon. All councillors who spoke to the motion were in favour of the proposal, although newly-elected Councillor Frank Pearce attempted to bring forth an amendment to spread the distribution of the proceeds of any asset sales more broadly. Cr Pearce proposed directing some of the proceeds to capital works or cash reserves, but this lapsed for want of a seconder.

Cr James Graham said the intent of the motion, which had been proposed by Cr Damian Bester and seconded by Cr Graham, was to find a revenue stream for Willow Court. "Watering it down waters it down," Cr Graham said of the proposed amendment.

The meeting later appointed Councillors Julie Triffett, Frank Pearce, James Graham and Damian Bester to the Land Sale Committee.  Cr Bester said it would be important that committee's deliberations be held in public to avoid a repeat of the so-called "secret land sale" debate of a decade ago.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Youth League cricket - round four

Sam Booth.
Round 4 results from Sunday, November 16.

SOME great matches were played in the junior cricket at the weekend. In the Under 13s Gretna played out a close one with Clarence Maroon, going down by just six runs. Tyron Bailey did very well with the bat making 62 not out and he also took 2 wickets. Sam Jackson also got two wickets and his brother Riley claimed his first ever wicket.

New Norfolk Under 13s did very well against Lindisfarne. Jordan Gittus did well making 16, while Riley Higgins remained 8 not out. Zayde Hill bowled well taking two wickets while Coby Kemmler claimed one.

In the Under 15s Gretna had a big win over Old Beach Gold with Sam Booth batting very well and making his first ever century. Booth hit 6x4s and 11x6s in his total of 114. Josh Eyles did very well playing his first match and making 60 not out including 7x4s and 2x6s. Blake Mayne was again in good form and got 25. Hannah Mann captured 2-4 to be the best of the bowlers as did Jake Campbell and Jacob Bowerman.

When Sam Booth was on 99 he hit the ball firmly to square leg where his cousin Ian Booth was officiating as umpire. The ball hit Ian right in the ribs leaving a nice bruise. Seeing this, Sam went to Ian's aid, totally forgetting about a possible century until Ian directed him to go take a run. That sure is taking one for the team Ian!

In the New Norfolk Under 15s match, the young Red Caps went down to Kingborough by 93 runs. Nathan Rice did very well making 33 before being unluckily bowled after the ball had come off his gloves. Jye Bearman also batted well making 15. Cody Morgan bowled well capturing three wickets including a great catch and a run-out. Rhys Franklin and Dylan Morgan chimed in with one wicket each.

In the other Under 15s match, Molesworth defeated New Town by 52 runs. No other details were available.
Congratulations to Hannah Mann who has again been selected in the State Under 15 girls team. Hannah flys out to Sydney on Tuesday with the team. Well done Hannah.

Under 13s
Clarence Maroon 7 for 129 off 25 overs (46 extras) d Gretna 8 for 123 off 25 overs (27 extras) at Rokeby Village Green. Gretna - batting: Tyron Bailey 62 not out (12x4s), Conor Kelly-Lennox 10, Jacob Blackwell 10, Brayden Butler 8. Gretna - bowling: Tyron Bailey 2-6 (3), Sam Jackson 2-10 (3), Callum Rogers 1-4 (3), Riley Jackson 1-37 (3). 

Lindisfarne 6 for 137 off 25 overs (24 extras) d New Norfolk 8 for 71 off 19.1 overs at Tynwald Park. New Norfolk - batting: Jordon Gittus 16, Ryiley Higgins 8 not out. New Norfolk - bowling: Zayde Hill 2-17 (3), Coby Kemmler 1-9 (4).

Gretna 4 for 235 off 37 overs (13 extras) d Old Beach Gold 10 for 119 off 31.3 overs (46 extras) at Glenora District High School. Gretna - batting: Sam Booth 114, Josh Eyles 60 not out,  Blake Mayne 25, Jacob Bowerman 10. Gretna - bowling: Hannah Mann 2-4 (2.3), Jake Campbell 2-18 (4), Jacob Bowerman 2-18 (2), Blake Mayne 1-3 (3), Sam Booth 1-6 (3), Tyler Farrell 1-9 (3), Josh Eyles 1-25 (4).

Kingborough 6 for 197 off 40 overs (41 extras) d New Norfolk 10 for 104 off 31 overs at Tynwald Park.  New Norfolk - batting: Nathan Rice 33, Jye Bearman 15, Rhys Franklin 12. New Norfolk - bowling: Cody Morgan 3-24 (6), Rhys Franklin 1-26 (6), Dylan Morgan 1-17 (4).

Molesworth 10 for 168 off 37 overs d New Town 10 for 115 off 34.4 overs (22 extras) at Queens Walk. Molesworth - batting: not available. Molesworth - bowling: not available.

Round 5,  Sunday November 23.

Under 13 - 9am start.
Gretna v Lindisfarne Blue, ground to be announced.
New Norfolk v Kingston Crows at Lightwood Park.

Under 15 - 12.30pm start.
Gretna v Clarence White at Clarence High School.
Molesworth v Old Beach Gold at Old Beach.
New Norfolk v Wellington at Eady Street No. 2.