Friday, November 27, 2015

New planning scheme declared

THE Minister for Planning and Local Government has declared a new planning scheme for the Derwent Valley Council.

The new planning scheme will take effect on December 16, 2015, replacing the New Norfolk Planning Scheme 1994, and will be available at on commencement. Further information about interim planning schemes is available on that website.

Counting down to the Country Music Muster

Part of the crowd at the second muster
at Boyer Oval last February.
THE countdown is on until the third Derwent Valley Country Music Muster which will be held at Boyer Oval, New Norfolk, tomorrow (Saturday).

This will be the second muster for 2015, following the decision to switch the event from February to November. The feature acts will be Jetty Road, Ben Ransom, Seleen McAlister, Susan Lily and Becci Nethery, as well as Tasmanian artists Debbie Parry, Gina Timms and the Lone Strangers.

The gates will open at 10am and the program will start at 11am.
  • 11am Gina Timms
  • 11.45 Susan Lily
  • 12.30pm Lone Strangers
  • 1.30 Debbie Parry
  • 2pm Becci Nethery
  • 2.30 Ben Ransom
  • 3.40 Seleen McAlister
  • 4.50 Jetty Road
Tickets can be purchased at the gate for $35. Children under 16 will be admitted free of charge when accompanied by a paying adult. A bar will be available and food vendors will be on site. Activities for children will be provided. More information is available from

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Sheep graziers warning

Bureau of Meteorology

Warning to Sheep Graziers
for the East Coast, Midlands, Upper Derwent Valley, South East, Furneaux Islands, North West Coast and King Island forecast districts

Issued at 2:56pm on Thursday 26 November 2015.

Sheep Graziers are warned that cold temperatures, showers and strong westerly winds are expected during Thursday. Areas likely to be affected include the Furneaux Islands and King Island forecast districts and parts of the Midlands, Upper Derwent Valley, South East, North West Coast and East Coast forecast districts. There is a high risk of losses of lambs and sheep exposed to these conditions.

The next warning will be issued by 11pm Thursday.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Local cricket - week seven

Southern Cricket Association
Round 7 - Derwent Valley games

In the cross-town rivals match, New Norfolk I defeated Molesworth I by 53 runs at Boyer Oval. The home side won the toss sending the Red Caps in, and they made 8/212 off 50 overs. Batting at number six, Stewart Rice cracked a very-good half-century of 54, belting six sixes and one four. Joe McCulloch just missed out making 49 with six well-struck fours and two sixes. Chris Ashcroft made 22 and Dave Maddox 20. For Molesworth, Jamie Adams was the main wicket taker with 3-36 (10) while opener Chris Slater bowled tightly with 1-16 (10). In reply Molesworth got of to a great start with openers Brayden Hodge 33 (three fours) and Daniel Adams 21 putting on 57. Brad Coppleman made 31 (four fours) while Nathan Eiszele remained 22no. In the end Molesworth was bowled out for 159 off 44.2 overs. Doing the damage and capping of a good day was Joe McCulloch who took 4-23 off 9.2 overs. Rohan Heron backed up well with 3-32 (7) while coach Todd Rusher got 2-25 (10).

Four wins from its past four encounters has Gretna I as the in-form team of Second Grade. Playing at home, Gretna I accounted for Claremont by a comfortable five wickets. Winning the toss, the visitors were bowled out for 148 off 43.3 overs. All the Gretna bowlers preformed well. Spinner Craig Cunningham 4-33 (8) and paceman Aaron Maddox had a terrific spell taking 2 for just 11 runs off his 10 overs. Jackson Ackerly finished with 2-36 (8). In reply Gretna finished 5-149 off 27.1 overs. Leading from the front, captain and opener Ben Rainbird belted a very quick 56 runs. Rainbird had his scope well-sighted, smashing eight fours and two sixes. Down the order Bruce Emery 27no and Rhys Browning 19no finished the game off well. Congratulations to Jackson Ackerly who played his 150th club game and Rhys Browning on his 100th club game.

Gretna II had a very good 35 run win over second placed St Anne's at Cadbury's. Gretna had first knock and made the good score of 6/207 off 50 overs. Openers Damien Hack 22 (two fours) and Luke Wheeler 32 (seven fours) put on a 67 run stand. Peter Jelkic top-scored with a run a ball, making 47 (four fours and one six). Tom Allcock made 25 and Zac Crosswell 20 (three fours). In reply, St Anne's was bowled out for 172 off 39.5 overs. Paceman Zac Crosswell bowled very well, finishing with 3-33 off 8.5 overs as did Aaron Browning with his spinners taking 3-38 off 10. Luke Crosswell did his bit taking 2-16 (6).

Bushy Park played Brighton at the Bushy Park Showground resulting in a win for the home side. The winners had won the toss and elected to bat, hitting up the good total of 10/184 off 44.2 overs. Shaun Fenton had a great knock of 71, keeper Geoff Crosswell made 42 while Blake Howlett remained 10 not out. No other details were available.

Bothwell I had a convincing six-wicket win over Richmond/Cambridge at Richmond. The home side won the toss and had first hit. Due to some great bowling it was bowled out for 117 off 39 overs. Peter Hansch sent down six overs taking 3-6 in a tight spell. Brodie White 3-13 (6) and Trent Rogers 3-24 (9) also contained the opposition batsmen very well. In reply the Bucks lost just the four wickets on their way to victory finishing 4/118 off 22 overs. Opener Craig Davey keep his good season with the bat intact, scoring another half-century remaining unbeaten on 56. Matthew Eyles was next highest on 17.

New Norfolk II had a good 43-run win over the Knights at Tynwald Park. The Red Caps made 10/156 with Ashley Morgan making 43. Batting at number nine, Josh Walsh made a quickfire 40 (four sixes and four fours). In reply the Knights were bowled out for 113. Shannon Long who has fitted in well at the Red Caps bowled superbly taking 6-20 off 7.2 overs, well supported by Nathan Cashion 1-12 (8), Nathan Heron 1-15 (10) and Josh Walsh 1-24 (7).

Molesworth II was defeated by Montagu Bay by six wickets at Boyer Oval. The home side had first knock making the low score of 10/81 off 27.2 overs. Jake King 19 (three fours) and captain Sam Triffitt 19 (three fours) were the only batsmen to score double figures. In the run chase the Sharks finished 4/87 off 19.3 overs. Opener Martyn Evans tried his best to keep his team in it, taking 3-19 off 7 overs and Sam Triffitt took 1-13 (6).

Bothwell II totally outclassed Old Beach at Pontville by 10 wickets. Old Beach had first hit, making 10 for 108 off 24.3 overs. Openers Nathan Eyles 3-36 (6) and Nathan White 3-19 (6.3) did the damage with the ball. In reply the Bucks finished 0/110 off 19 overs. Anthony White 43no and Simon Eyles 37no got the job done.

At Tynwald Park, New Norfolk III had a close one with Runnymede, winning by just 18 runs. The Red Caps had first hit, making 10/127 off 28.4 overs. Brad Kemmler top-scored with quickfire 47, hitting six fours and three sixes. Damien Quinn made 22 (three fours) and Trent Smith got 17. In reply Runnymede didn't quite get there and was bowled out for 109 off 31 overs. Damien Quinn 3-16 (4) and Trent Smith 3-18 (7) showed they are handy not just with the bat. Brad Kemmler did well taking 1-22 (9), as did Shayne Upton 1-18 (4) and Jye Bearman 1-20 (4).

Warning to sheep graziers

Bureau of Meteorology

Warning to Sheep Graziers
for the East Coast, Upper Derwent Valley, South East, Furneaux Islands, North West Coast and King Island forecast districts

Issued at 9:24am on Wednesday 25 November 2015.

Sheep Graziers are warned that cold temperatures, showers and strong west to southwesterly winds are expected during Thursday. Areas likely to be affected include the King Island forecast district and parts of the Upper Derwent Valley, South East, Furneaux Islands, North West Coast and East Coast forecast districts. There is a high risk of losses of lambs and sheep exposed to these conditions.

The next warning will be issued by 5pm Wednesday.

Monday, November 23, 2015

"Urgent Detergent" on the way to New Norfolk

There may be a number of at-risk Samsung
top-loader washing machines in New Norfolk.
SAMSUNG Electronics Australia today announced that New Norfolk has been identified as a suburb where there may be a number of households with top-loader washing machines that are subject to its ongoing safety recall.  These washing machines are a potential fire hazard.

Samsung first announced the recall of six models of its top-loader washing machines in April 2013. Despite ongoing national advertising campaigns, tens of thousands of recalled top loaders are yet to be resolved either by refund, replacement or rework.

The next phase of Samsung’s recall efforts will include a unique direct mail campaign targeting households in suburbs in Australia, including New Norfolk, which have been identified as likely areas where affected machines may still be in use. Samsung will dispatch "Urgent Detergent" packs to households in New Norfolk. The packages contain a sample of laundry detergent along with information regarding the Samsung washing machine recall.

Samsung will conduct a direct-mail
campaign in New Norfolk.
“The safety of our customers is our first priority and we remain 100% committed to resolving every washing machine that is subject to this recall,” Samsung spokesman Mike Lilly said. "Samsung has found that over time, traditional mass advertising campaigns regarding the recall are generating fewer and fewer responses from customers. For this reason, we have developed this campaign that taps into the one thing that everyone does in the laundry: fill their washing machine with detergent. It’s our hope that Urgent Detergent will not only get people’s attention when they receive it in the mail, but they’ll take it to their washing machine to see if their model is subject to the recall.

“We have identified New Norfolk as one of the areas that could have a high concentration of Samsung top-loader washing machines impacted by the recall. Please check your own washer, but then encourage your neighbours, family and anyone else who could own one of the affected top loaders to check their machines,” Mr Lilly said.

The model numbers for theaffected top-loader washing machines are:
Anyone who may be impacted by the recall can visit Samsung’s recall website  or call its toll-free product safety hotline on 1800 239 655.

Junior cricket catch-up

Round 3-5

ROUND 3, November 8

Clarence 5/89 off 25 overs defeated Gretna Green 8 for 87 off 23 overs at Gretna. Batting: Hayden Davis 18 (2 sixes), Kane Lovell 10, Cameron Clark 9 (1 four), Brayden Butler 8 (1 four). Bowling: Jorden Conley 1-4 (3), Kane Lovell 1-4 (3), Cameron Clark 1-8 (4), Dylan Davis 1-13 (3), Conor Kelly-Lennox 1-13 (3) Josh Whyte 1-27 (4).

Brighton 7/133 off 25 overs defeated Gretna Gold 8/45 off 12.4 overs at Cove Creek Oval. Batting: Tyron Bailey 14 (2 fours), Zac Wickham 3, Aidan Featherstone 2no. Bowling: Tyron Bailey 2-5 (3), Brodie Scanlon 1-10 (3), Sam Jackson 1-11 (3), Kyeden Booth 1-14 (3), Tyler Scanlon 1-17 (3).

New Town 5/186 off 25 overs defeated New Norfolk 4/82 off 22 overs at Ogilvie High School. Batting: Tyler Harvey 15no, Bailey Chaplin 9no. Bowling: Tyler Harvey 1-15 (2), Jordan Gittus 1-19 (2), Tatem Lovell 1-4 (2), Bailey Chaplin 1-13 (2).

Kingborough 5/110 off 38 overs defeated Gretna 7/106 off 40 overs at Gretna. Batting: Jake Campbell 40 (2 fours), Adam Bartels 23 (2 fours). Bowling: Ryan Emery 2-17 (7), Jake Ransley 1-3 (9), Andrew McKenzie 1-5 (3), Jake Campbell 1-9 (5).

Old Beach 10/209 off 38 overs defeated Molesworth 7/126 off 27.1 overs at Old Beach. Batting: Jayden Wilton 59 (8 fours, 1 six), Josh Ransley 26 (1 four, 2 sixes), Jake Bearman 14, Jeremy Nichols 9 (1 four). Bowling: Jeremy Nichols 3-28 (6), Josh Ransley 3-31 (7), Jayden Wilton 2-28 (5), Bain Tomlin 1-13 (3), Jake Bearman 1-26 (6).

New Norfolk 7/223 off 40 overs defeated St Anne's 10/74 off 24 overs at Boyer Oval. Batting: Jye Bearman 63 (7 fours), Coby Kemmler 62 (3 fours), Lucas Higgins 24 (2 fours), Cody Morgan-Coleman 11no, Dylan Browning 10. Bowling: Cody Morgan-Coleman 3-8 (4), Dylan Morgan 2-6 (4), Jack Gordon 2-20 (4), Jye Bearman 1-5 (2), Coby Kemmler 1-7 (2), Liam Kalbfell 1-8 (4).

ROUND 4, November 15

New Town 8/88 off 21 overs defeated Gretna Green 86/73 off 25 overs at Gretna. Batting: Cameron Clark 24no (three fours), Brayden Butler 9, Hayden Davis 8, Dylan Davis 8no. Bowling: Jorden Conley 2-10 (2), Cameron Clark 1-3 (3), Dylan Davis 1-4 (2), Jacob Blackwell 1-8 (2), Hayden Davis 1-14 (3).

Gretna Gold 6/127 off 25 overs defeated Clarence White 7/96 off 25 overs at North Warrane. Batting: Tyron Bailey 55no (seven 4s, one 6), Tyler Scanlon 24 (two 4s), Bailey Wheeler 12no, Brodie Scanlon 9 (one 4). Bowling: Tyron Bailey 3-1 (3), Brodie Scanlon 2-24 (3), Connor Gittus 1-5 (2), Tyler Scanlon 1-7 (3).

New Norfolk 6/87 off 25 overs defeated University Red 3/65 off 25 overs at Tynwald Park. Batting: Jordan Gittus 25 (four 4s), Cameron McMaster 8 (one 4), Bailey Chaplin 7no, Zayde Hil 6, Jordan George 5. Bowling: Tate Browning 1-5 (3), Zayde Hill 0-4 (3), Jordan George 0-5 (3), Cale Browning 0-7 (3), Tom Eiszele 0-7 (3), Josh Cantrell 0-13 (3).

Gretna 1/75 off 16 overs defeated New Town 10/74 off 32 overs at Gretna. Batting: Blake Mayne 30no (one four), Grant Booth 26 (one four, one six), Jake Campbell 14no (one four). Bowling: Sam Booth 2-10 (6), Ryan Emery 2-12 (5), Jake Campbell 1-7 (5), Blake Mayne 1-9 (5), Jacob Bowerman 1-10 (3).

Wellington Blue 1/81 off 21 overs defeated Molesworth 19/80 off 37 overs at Shoobridge Park. Batting: Jye Lester 23, C. Evans 17 (two 4s), Jayden Wilton 13 (two 4s), J. Nichols 11. Bowling: J. Nichols 1-18 (5).

North Hobart 9/227 off 40 overs defeated New Norfolk 10/114 off 21.1 at Cadburys No.2. Batting: Cody Young 25no (six 4), Cody Morgan-Coleman 18 (two 4s), Coby Kemmler 12 (one 4), Lucas Higgins 11 (one 6). Bowling: Cody Morgan-Coleman 3-26 (7), Jack Smith 2-27 (3), Lucas Higgins 1-9 (4), Jack Gordon 1-11 (2), Dylan Browning 1-18 (3).

ROUND 5, November 22

Gretna Green 8/99 off 19 overs defeated University Red 3/76 off 25 overs at Cornelian Bay. Batting: Hayden Davis 36 (four fours, one six), Nathan Barrington 25 (five fours), Jacob Blackwell 14 (three fours). Bowling: Jorden Conley 1-2 (2), Nathan Barrington 1-11 (2), Byron Conley 1-11 (2).

Gretna Gold 1/115 off 25 overs defeated New Town 8/94 off 24 overs at Ogilvie High School. Batting: Tyron Bailey 31no (three fours, one six), Tyler Scanlon 22no (two fours), Bailey Wheeler 19no (three fours), Connor Gittus 18no (four fours). Bowling: Tyron Bailey 3-7 (3), Aiden Featherstone 1-3 (2), Tyler Scanlon 1-8 (3), Brodie Scanlon 1-12 (2), Connor Gittus 1-13 (3), Sam Jackson 1-20 (3).

Wellington 108 defeated New Norfolk 10/105. Batting: Jordan Gittus 26, Jack Morgan-Miller 18, Cale Browning 14no. Bowling: Jordan George 4-21 (4), Josh Cantrell 1-4 (2), Jakob Quarrell 1-12 (2). Tatem Lovell 1-27 (3).

Gretna 7/119 off 40 overs defeated Sorell 10/65 off 30.1 overs at Sorell. Batting: Grant Booth 39 (two fours), Blake Mayne 25 (three fours), Jake Campbell 19 (one four). Bowling: Blake Mayne 3-7 (5), Jake Campbell 2-12 (5), Andrew McKenzie 1-9 (3), Ryan Emery 1-10 (5).

New Norfolk 5/187 off 40 overs defeated Molesworth 8/158 off 22.3 overs at Shoobridge Park.
Batting - New Norfolk: Jye Bearman 65 (nine fours), Cody Morgan-Coleman 50 (five fours), Rhys Franklin 40. Bowling - Molesworth: Jake Bearman 3-26 (7), Jye Lester 1-7 (5), Jayden Wilton 1-33 (5).
Batting - Molesworth: Jayden Wilton 75, J. Nichols 30. Bowling - New Norfolk: Jye Bearman 3-12 (2.3), Coby Kemmler 1-3 (2), Dylan Browning 1-13 (2), Cody Morgan-Coleman 1-24 (5), Liam Kalbfell 1-14 (3).