Saturday, June 25, 2016

Road weather alert

Bureau of Meteorology


Road Weather Alert for Tasmania
for Upper Derwent Valley, Central North, Central Plateau, Midlands and East Coast forecast districts

Issued at 3:32pm on Saturday 25 June 2016.

Icy roads will make driving conditions dangerous during Sunday morning in parts of the Central North, Central Plateau, Midlands, East Coast and Upper Derwent Valley forecast districts.

For information on any road closures, please contact your local council or the Police.

The next alert will be issued by 11pm Saturday.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sheep graziers warning

Bureau of Meteorology


Warning to Sheep Graziers
for the Upper Derwent Valley, King Island, Furneaux Islands, North West Coast, Central North, North East, Midlands, East Coast and South East forecast districts

Issued at 2:54pm on Thursday 23 June 2016.

Sheep graziers are warned that cold temperatures, heavy rain, showers and southwesterly winds are expected during Thursday and Friday. Areas likely to be affected include the King Island, North West Coast, Central North, North East, Midlands, East Coast and South East forecast districts and parts of the Furneaux Islands and Upper Derwent Valley forecast districts. There is a risk of losses of lambs and sheep exposed to these conditions.

The next warning will be issued by 11pm Thursday.

Road weather alert

Bureau of Meteorology


Road Weather Alert for Tasmania
for the Upper Derwent Valley, North West Coast, Central North, North East, Western, Central Plateau, Midlands, East Coast and South East forecast districts

Issued at 3pm on Thursday 23 June 2016.

Icy and snow covered roads will make driving conditions dangerous during Thursday and Friday in parts of the North West Coast, Central North, North East, Western, Central Plateau, Midlands, East Coast, Upper Derwent Valley and South East forecast districts.

For information on any road closures, please contact your local council or the Police.

The next alert will be issued by 11pm Thursday.

SFL Round 12 preview

Southern Football League match preview
Round 12 - Provided by SFL League Management

New Norfolk v Cygnet at Boyer, 2pm Saturday
New Norfolk has had two weeks off to prepare for this game at home against Cygnet, but Cygnet has had some big wins in recent weeks, making this one a tough contest.

The last game New Norfolk played was against the unbeaten Lindisfarne where the Eagles dropped off in form after three solid wins in a row. They will be looking for a return to form against Cygnet this weekend.

Round 11 saw Cygnet pull off a massive win against Brighton on the road, leaving the Port sitting in third spot on the ladder and trying to chase down the reigning premiers in the quest for a sought after home final.

Both teams have a lot to play for this weekend as they seek to improve their position on the ladder and prove they’re going to be one of the teams to beat in the second half of the season. This will be an interesting match to watch.

Claremont v Sorell at Abbotsfield Park, 2pm 
Now that we have passed the middle of the season teams are beginning to get focused for a run at the final five. The reigning premiers will be sure to put up a strong effort this weekend and it will take a lot of skill and determination for Sorell to stand a chance in this game.

Huonville v Dodges Ferry at Huonville, 2pm
Both teams came home with massive wins in Round 11 and it will be a good match to see who can come through with the win again this week. Huonville has the advantage of the home ground and a higher spot on the ladder, but Dodges Ferry won’t go down without a fight.

Brighton v Hobart at Pontville, 2pm 
Brighton and Hobart are both recovering from big losses so this will be a good match for them both to prove what they have to deliver for their supporters and the rest of the season.

BYE: Lindisfarne

Band celebrates tunes from stage and screen

Click image to enlarge.
MUSIC from some of the great shows of stage and screen will be celebrated in a special election night concert to be given by the Derwent Valley Concert Band. The performance will be at 7.30pm on July 2 in the Stanley Burbury Theatre at the University of Tasmania campus at Sandy Bay.

The band promises that brain cells deadened by the federal election campaign will be rejuvenated by Joe Hisaishi’s amazing score to the Anime movie Spirited Away. "Relax and recuperate by singing along (perhaps not too loudly) with those wonderful songs from South Pacific and the Wizard of Oz, a band spokesman said.

"Shake off your body’s torpor by dancing (on the inside please) to Leonard Bernstein’s stunning music from West Side Story and be completely amazed by the brilliant pianistic skills of Thomas Misson when he performs Richard Addinsell’s timeless classic, Warsaw Concerto."

After interval, another talented pianist, Jennifer Yu, will join Misson to perform two short pieces from Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride. Yu, with the DVCB Wind Quintet, will also present the Carl Davis theme music to the BBC 1995 television series Pride and Prejudice.

Other music on the program will come from the video game Halo, as well as The Man From Snowy River, The Nightmare before Christmas and Hymn to the Fallen from Saving Private Ryan.

Refreshments will be available and admission is by donation.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

New Norfolk hospitals in the news

TWO New Norfolk hospitals were the subject of discussion at Budget Estimates hearings in Hobart earlier this month. The New Norfolk District Hospital and the Millbrook Rise Centre were brought up in Legislative Council Estimates Committee A on June 7.

Health Minister Michael Ferguson said it was proposed to make better use of regional health facilities, focusing on the New Norfolk District Hospital in particular. "I assure the committee and the community that we are committed to all of our rural sites," Mr Ferguson said. "If anything, the Government, in my view, is that we need to be looking for opportunities to better utilise our rural sites. New Norfolk, in particular, holds that prospect very much before us."

Tasmanian Health Service acting chief operating officer Craig Watson said much work had been done around how to better utilise rural hospitals to assist the major acute hospitals. "The minister has referred to the New Norfolk Hospital and would have referenced that because we are probably looking at making that a bit of an earlier adopter or exemplar of some of the works we are trying to do in relation to better utilising the facilities," Mr Watson said.

"New Norfolk has advantages in terms of its proximity, if you like, to where the Royal [Hobart Hospital] is, the number of beds and the skills of the people we have there, the attractiveness of it as a facility," Mr Watson said. The THS had already been engaging with New Norfolk's general practitioners about better ways to utilise the local hospital.

Lessons learned at New Norfolk would then be rolled out to other facilities. "This will be addressing a combination of factors of having the right relationships with the GPs and their willingness to take patients under their care ... making sure we have the appropriate staffing within the hospitals, the nursing staffing, but also the access to allied health services, to support patients who are transitioned from our acute setting from our major hospitals into that facility, as well as having the right information available to actually encourage patients to be willing and agreeable to do that.

Mr Watson said it was also important for doctors in the major hospitals to understand that it was safe for patients to move from their care to the rural facilities. "Sometimes there is even some tendency to hang on to a patient a bit long within the acute hospital because sometimes they are not as aware of the care that is available within the rural facility and that the patient can be ready to go," Mr Watson said.

"So that is a variety of different pieces of work that we are undertaking and trialling different elements at different facilities, but we are looking at New Norfolk certainly as, as I said, an earlier adopter of that. As I said, the ability to market it to patients because it is an attractive facility, it has nice sized spaces within there, it has a nice outlook."

Later on the same day, Derwent MLC Craig Farrell asked whether there were any plans or ideas for the Millbrook Rise Centre on the outskirts of New Norfolk, and whether the services there could be expanded or improved. Mr Ferguson offered to write to Mr Farrell about the government's vision for the mental health facility there. He said the government had recently purchased the property from its private owner.

"I would be pleased to write to you and offer you further briefing if you would like it, because I know it is in your patch in your seat of Derwent. But, yes, we have made that purchase on behalf of the Crown and we certainly are maintaining and indeed increasing our efforts to provide appropriate care and more options for people to continue to live happy lives away from hospital," Mr Ferguson said.

Pasta popping up at the Oast House

Click image to enlarge.
LOOKING for somewhere new to eat in New Norfolk this winter? Get your nostrils twitching as the smell of authentic Italian cuisine mixes with the earthy and woody smells of the Oast House at New Norfolk.

Local residents Chrissie and Marino Maciocco of Love Our Valley Enterprises will host a series of Pop Up Pasta Nights at the historic Tynwald Park venue in early July, August and September.

Marino is an award-winning chef who creates authentic and rustic Italian meals, and loves to see and hear people enjoying the dishes he has created.

DATES:  Saturday July 2, August 6 and September 10.
TIMES: 6-9pm
BOOKINGS: Call 0413 774 049 or email