Friday, October 31, 2014

Weekend weather warnings

Warning to Sheep Graziers
for the Upper Derwent Valley, East Coast, Midlands, Upper Derwent Valley, South East and Furneaux Islands forecast districts

Issued at 4:03pm on Friday 31 October 2014.
Sheep Graziers are warned that cold temperatures, showers and strong westerly winds are expected during Saturday. Areas likely to be affected include the Upper Derwent Valley, South East and North West Coast forecast districts and parts of the Midlands, Furneaux Islands and East Coast forecast districts. There is a high risk of losses of lambs and sheep exposed to these conditions.

Bush Walkers Weather Alert
for the Western and Central Plateau forecast districts

Issued at 4:03pm on Friday 31 October 2014.
Bush walkers are advised that snow as low as 400 metres is expected during Saturday. These hazardous conditions are expected to occur in parts of the Western and Central Plateau forecast districts.

Updated Marine Wind Warning Summary for Tasmania

Issued at 7:24pm on Friday 31 October 2014
for the period until midnight Saturday 1 November 2014.

Wind Warnings for Friday 31 October

Small Craft Alert for the following areas:
Central Plateau Lakes and South West Lakes

Wind Warnings for Saturday 1 November

Small Craft Alert for the following areas:
Central Plateau Lakes and South West Lakes
The next marine wind warning summary will be issued by 5pm Saturday.

Check the latest Coastal Waters Forecast or Local Waters Forecast for information on wind, wave and weather conditions for these coastal zones.

This weekend's cricket

Round 3

All Matches start at 10.30am

Saturday, November 1
New Norfolk I v Rokeby at Clarendon Vale.

Sunday, November 2
Gretna I v Richmond/Cambridge at Gretna.
Molesworth I v Montagu Bay at Boyer Oval.

Sunday, November 2
Bushy Park v Campania at Campania.
Gretna II v Weily Park Rockers at Weily Park.

Saturday, November 1
New Norfolk II v Old Beach at Tynwald Park.
Saturday, November 1
Molesworth II v Sandford at Boyer Oval.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Final voting figures released

THE Tasmanian Electoral Commission has tonight announced the names of the successful candidates elected to the Derwent Valley Council for the next four years. They are, in the order of election:

  1. Martyn Evans
  2. Paul Belcher
  3. Julie Triffett
  4. Ben Shaw
  5. Damian Bester
  6. Frank Pearce
  7. James Graham
  8. Barry Lathey

The election of councillors (above) is conducted separately to the elections for mayor and deputy mayor, which saw Cr Evans returned as mayor for a third time while newcomer Ben Shaw replaces and Cr Barry Lathey as deputy mayor.

All current councillors suffered a reduction in their previous levels of voter support and five councillors have lost their seats. Final voting figures for all 19 candidates have been released tonight and are as follows:

  1. Cr Martyn Evans 722
  2. Paul Belcher 396
  3. Julie Triffett 284
  4. Ben Shaw 267
  5. Cr Damian Bester 247
  6. Frank Pearce 237
  7. Cr James Graham 212
  8. Tim Morris 189
  9. Scott Shaw 155
  10. Jamie Hill 164
  11. Cr Barry Lathey 154
  12. Cr Chris Lester 146
  13. Cr Tony Nicholson 137
  14. Anne Salt 131
  15. Kylie Farrell 114
  16. Philip Bingley 101
  17. Cr Judy Bromfield 57
  18. Cr Wayne Shoobridge 34
  19. Jo Bilinski 15

Fire in Esperance House at Willow Court

The New Norfolk Fire Brigade remains at the scene of a fire in the former
Esperance Ward at the Willow Court historic site earlier tonight.
The blaze appears to have been contained to one room but the huge cloud
of smoke drew many onlookers. The building is privately owned.
The Mercury has the story here.
The fire appears to have been contained
to this single room on the ground floor.
Firefighters preparing to enter the building, which has been progressively
gutted over the last year to prepare for a conversion to apartments.

Lathey pips Shaw in latest election results

OUTGOING deputy mayor Barry Lathey looks set to have retained his seat as a councillor at the expense of Scott Shaw. The latest computerised count from the Tasmanian Electoral Commission shows 100% councillor vote now counted, but subject to a recount.

The results show a big improvement for Cr Lathey and former MP Tim Morris, with Cr Lathey taking Cr Shaw's spot in the final eight, which now looks like this:

  • Martyn Evans
  • Paul Belcher
  • Julie Triffett
  • Ben Shaw
  • Damian Bester
  • Frank Pearce
  • James Graham
  • Barry Lathey
Former mayor and parliamentarian Tim Morris remains in the count in ninth place. This is outside the eight seats available but will mean an interesting recount.

Click here for updates. 

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Add your points before Christmas cutoff

MORE than 350,000 frequent shopper points have been donated to the Derwent Valley Community Card which has been operating at Woolworths supermarkets since last Christmas. The currrent tally means more than $3500 in grocery vouchers will be distributed to the needy this Christmas.

Last week's Derwent Valley Council meeting decided that for this year the vouchers would be distributed via the charity St Vincent de Paul, which has a branch in New Norfolk. The Community Card is said to be the first of its kind in Australia and it is the brainchild of New Norfolk resident Ruth Howie.

The card enables any Woolworths shopper to donate unwanted reward points. You do not have to be a Frequent Shopper Club cardholder to do so. All checkouts at the New Norfolk Woolworths have the Community Card number programmed into their cash registers, but points can be donated at any Tasmanian Woolworths supermarket or BWS outlet by quoting the card number 6194994.

As of last night, the points tally had topped 350,000. This year's total will be closed off on November 4, so there are just a few days left to help make a difference to someone's Christmas this year. Points donated after that date will start next year's tally.

So, when your Woolies or BWS checkout operator asks if you have a Frequent Shopper Card, why not say you'd like to have your points added to the Community Card instead - even if it's just this once.

Youth league cricket - first round results

Round 1 results from Sunday, October 26.

Emma Watson.
New Norfolk 5 for 74 off 25 overs (30 extras) d Gretna 7 for 65 of 25 overs (27 extras) at Gretna.
New Norfolk - batting: J. Bearman 15 not out including one 4, J. Gittus 13no, C. Kemmler 5. Gretna - bowling: Lane Hoscher 1-2 (2), Aiden Featherstone 1-2 (2), Ryan Bartels 1-5 (2), Tyler Scanlon 1-9 (3), Jamieson Farrell 1-11 (3).
Gretna - batting: Jacob Blackwell 12, Aiden Featherstone 9, Zac Wheeler 8. New Norfolk - bowling: Emma Watson 2-8 (3), J. Gittus 1-1 (2), C. Kemmler 1-6 (3), J. Bearman 1-7 (3), T. Lovell 1-9 (3), J. George 1-9 (2).

Jake Campbell and Ryan Emery.
Gretna 0 for 213 off 34 overs (54 extras) d Old Beach White 10 for 64 off 24.2 overs (22 extras) at Gretna.
Gretna - batting: Ryan Emery 102 not out inclding nine 4s and a 6, Jake Campbell 57 (two 4s, one 6).
Gretna - bowling: Jake Ransley 2-3 (2.2), Jake Campbell 2-0 (2), Ryan Emery 1-1 (1), Adam Bartels 1-5 (2), Jacob Bowerman 1-7 (3), Sam Booth 1-8 (3), Jack Hills 1-13 (3), Tyler Farrell 1-14 (3).

Molesworth 8 for 129 off 40 overs (36 extras) d New Norfolk 10 for 36 off 20 overs at Boyer Oval. Molesworth - batting: J. Nichols 29 not out, J. Fisher-Cooley 25, C. Evans 17. Molesworth - bowling: B. McRoss 5-2 (2), J. Nichols 3-7 (5), J. Wilton 1-5 (2), J. Lester 1-5 (4).

Round 2,  Sunday November 2.

Under 13s - 9am start.
Gretna v Lindisfarne Blue at Lindisfarne No. 2.
New Norfolk v South Hobart Sandy Bay.

Under 15s
Check MyCricket for a roster update as Glenorchy has withdrawn and the roster will have changed.