Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Four-day total fire ban


TOMORROW, Thursday, January 24, 2019, has been declared a Day of Total Fire Ban for the whole state of Tasmania. No fires may be lit or allowed to remain alight in the open air from 2am Thursday,  January 24 until 2am Monday, January 28

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Tasmania Fire Service crews have made good progress suppressing fires across the state today, taking advantage of favourable weather in anticipation of a return to challenging conditions over the next few days.

The TFS has 46 fires listed and 27 of those are considered "going" fires. All resources are being used to build control lines and most of the alert levels on the Central Plateau fire have been downgraded. One property was destroyed by fire overnight by the bushfire (Great Pine Tier Fire) burning near Miena, despite the best efforts of the landowner and the TFS.

A total of 55,000 hectares has burnt since the end of December when the Gell River fire in the south-west started from lightning. Crews have been battling a combined 720km of fireline. While today has provided some respite, Deputy Chief Officer Bruce Byatt warned that Friday was forecast to bring the worst fire weather for this bushfire season so far.

"While a lot of work has been done to date, it's not over yet," Mr Byatt said. "We are preparing our crews for these conditions, including prioritising where fire trucks and aircraft will be working with our priorities being to protect life, communities and infrastructure. We're urging all Tasmanians to think about their bushfire survival plan and suggest to people to avoid bushland areas on Friday.

"Conditions predicted for Friday will see fast moving and uncontrollable fires. With multiple bushfires currently burning across our state it is critical that the community abide by the Total Fire Ban that will be in place from 2am tomorrow (Thursday, January 24, until 2am Monday, January 28).

"That Total Fire Ban applies to the entire state. This means all outdoor fires, barbecues and portable stoves using wood, charcoal or other solid or liquid fuel are banned. If you are planning a barbecue, electric and gas stoves and barbecues can be used provided they are at least one metre clear of flammable material.

"We make this decision to protect all Tasmanians from the threat of bushfire. New fires in the landscape on top of what we are dealing with now will push us to the limit. Any new fires that do start will put communities at great risk. We must not be complacent ahead of the severe conditions we are expecting.

"We expect that many fires we have successfully contained will break their containment lines on Friday if the predicted weather conditions eventuate. While we want everyone to enjoy their weekend, we would ask people to reconsider holidaying in bush or remote locations. It is your responsibility to keep you and your family safe, so make good decisions now and don't put yourself in harm's way.

"The day of particular concern to us is Friday because of high winds, high temperatures and low humidity. We urge you to be prepared for this," Mr Byatt said.

The TFS advises the community to:
  • Heed the total fire bans in place from tomorrow onwards;
  • Review your bushfire survival plan now;
  • If you don't have a bushfire survival plan, decide now what you and your family will do if a fire breaks out in your area;
  • If you decide to stay and defend your property, make sure you are physically and mentally prepared for this;
  • Continue to report unlisted fires to TFS by calling Triple Zero (000);
  • Listen to ABC Local Radio and visit for the latest bushfire information and advice.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Local cricket - Round 10

Kookaburra Southern Cricket Association
Men’s One Day matches
Round 10

Old Beach 4/172 off 47 overs defeated New Norfolk I 10/170 off 47.3 overs at Cloak Oval - Old Beach. Batting: Jordan Willoughby 37, Rohan Heron 33, Jordan Banks-Smith 28, Seb Wishart 10, Nathan Rice 10. Bowling: Nathan Eiszele 3-39 (10). One run-out to Ryan Banks-Smith.

Gretna I 9/210 off 50 overs defeated Marquis 10/79 off 32.5 overs at Ogilvie High School. Batting: Jamie Duggan 53 not out, Craig Cunningham 47, Mathew Burns 33, Aaron Maddox 28, Ross Langford 19no. Bowling: Aaron Maddox 4-17 (6.5), Craig Cunningham 3-20 (6), Corey Ransley 2-9 (10) five maidens, Mathew Burns 1-26 (10). Aaron Maddox played his 150th club match for Gretna.

Richmond/Cambridge 5/111 off 20.5 overs defeated Molesworth I 10/110 off 36.4 overs at Boyer Oval. Batting: Brayden Hodge 34, Jamie Adams 22, Daniel Coppleman 19. Bowling: Larry Menzie 3/37 (8), Daniel Coppleman 1-20 (4), Jamie Adams 1-27 (4).

New Norfolk II 5/403 off 50 overs defeated Old Beach 10/96 (28) at Thompson Oval, Pontville Park. Batting: Jake King 172, Chris Ashcroft 102, Stewart Rice 67 not out, Leigh Berry 18, Jye Bearman 10no. King and Ashcroft put on a 257 run partnership for the second wicket. Bowling: Aaron Drew 3-18 (6), Stewart Rice 3-28 (7), Richard Graham 2-19 (7), David Mitchelmore 1-3 (2), Cody Morgan-Coleman 1-26 (6).

St Aidans 9/152 off 47 overs defeated Bothwell II 9/151 off 50 overs at Cambridge Oval. Batting: Brock Nichols 26 not out, Brad Eyles 25no, Nathan Eyles 23, Mathew Eyles 20, Stuart Eyles 18. Bowling: Nathan Eyles 3-33 (10), Brodie White 2-37 (10), Anthony White 2-5 (2). There was one run-out each to Brock Nichols and Mathew Eyles.

Hobart 1-65 off 10.4 overs defeated Gretna II 10/64 off 35.3 overs at Gretna. Batting: Jordan Hastie 26. Bowling: Zac Webb 1-35 (5).

St Annes 10/204 off 50 overs defeated Bushy Park 9/99 off 23.4 overs at Cadbury Oval No.1. Batting: Mitchell Crosswell 36, Geoff Crosswell 16, Dylan Grant 14. Bowling: Ben Triffett 3-27 (9), Dylan Grant 2-32 (10), Jasper Gerhard Marais 2-38 (10), Troy Smith 2-42 (10), Geoff Crosswell 1-30 (5).

Lindisfarne 4/280 off 50 overs defeated New Norfolk III 10/163 off 43.3 overs at Tynwald Park. Batting: Steven Sillifant 32, Josh Walsh 25, Nathan Heron 18, Jordon Gittus 16, Jack Morgan-Miller 14, Cody Neads 11. Bowling: Josh Walsh 2-23 (10), Jordon Gittus 1-34 (5), Rhys Franklin 1-66 (10).

Bothwell II 3/201 off 22.5 overs defeated Knights 8/195 off 40 overs at Collinsvale Oval. Batting: Josh Eyles 78 not out, Tyler White 56 (34), Bo Kline 27no, Ashley Browning 11. Bowling: Ashley Browning 3-34 (8), Tyler White 1-17 (6), Janie Devine 1-26 (4), Connor Woodham 1-29 (6) and one run out, Josh Eyles 1-32 (6).

MacKillop Belta’s 3/106 off 22 overs defeated Molesworth II 9/105 off 30 overs at North Warrane Oval. Batting: Jayden Wilton 42, Anthony Murray 35 not out, Daniel Williams 14. Bowling: John Fowle 2-28 (8), Jayden Wilton 1-19 (5).

Round 7 - Sunday, January 20: New Norfolk had the bye.

New Norfolk golf results - Thursday and Saturday

New Norfolk Golf Club

Saturday 19/1/19 Ambrose:
Gross: L. Post-J. Smith-J.Rainbird-J. Miller 55, D. Stevenson-N.Smith-W. Harris-J. Hall 60, J. Hastie-P.Foster-M. O’Brien-D. Post 61.
Nett: A. Richardson-R. Rainbird-L. Withers-B. Withers 60-9¼-50¾, M. Wardlaw-M. Smith-L. Heron- G.Heron 65-12½-52½, J. Cox-D. Vagg-J. Hodge-R. Walters 65-12 3/8 -52 5/8.
NTP: 3rd G. Duggan, 6th/15th B. Withers, 11th K.Elwell, 8th/17th D. Stevenson.
Superpin: B. Withers.

Thursday 17/1/19 Twilight stableford:
Division 1: J. Wilton 20, B. Heron 19, A. Lowe 18 c/b, D. Stevenson 18, M. Williams 17.
Division 2: B. Withers 20 c/b, J. Kinloch 20, I. King 19, R. Rainbird 17, G. Triffitt 16.
Division 3: M. Minton 28, R. Green 23, D. Lowry 22, D. Giles 21 c/b, D. O’Neill 21.
Superpin: D. Giles.

Total Fire Ban information

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General advice on a day of Total Fire Ban

On Days of Total Fire Ban, all outdoor fires are banned except electric stoves and barbecues, and gas stoves and barbecues provided they are cleared of flammable material for at least one metre.

All barbecues, portable stoves, pizza ovens etc that use wood, charcoal, heat beads or other solid or liquid fuel are banned.

Bushwalkers are advised that the only cooking appliance that can be used on Total Fire Ban Days are LPG (Butane or Propane) cookers or stoves providing that they are clear of any flammable material for a distance of one metre.

Work practices such as grinding, welding and cutting metal in the open are not permitted. The use of machinery for harvesting etc, may be subject to restrictions or prohibited on the declaration of a total fire ban. All fire permits are automatically suspended.


  • Your fire is your responsibility
  • Fires must not be left unattended at any time of year
  • To report a fire dial triple zero (000)

Tools and Equipment: Tools and equipment that use a naked flame or generate sparks such as welding or grinding, must not be used in the open air. If essential works are required to be done a special permit may be issued, after a thorough investigation of each application. Apply to your TFS Regional Office.

Barbecues that use wood, charcoal or other solid fuel are banned: Gas and electric barbecues are permitted subject to the strict application of the conditions set out below. Gas and electric barbecues provided in public reserves/campsites may be used providing:

  • the barbecue is electric or gas fired
  • the barbecue is fixed permanent structure.

Portable gas and electric barbecues may be used provided the barbecue is located within 20 metres of a permanent dwelling (mobile homes, caravans or tents are not classified as permanent dwellings).

Additional conditions that apply to the use of portable electric and gas fired barbecues and barbecues in public reserves and campsites:
  • the area for 3 metres around and above the barbecue is completely cleared of flammable material.
  • an adult is in attendance at all times
  • a tap with hose connected is ready for use
  • at least 10 litres of water is on hand in case of emergency.

Water Usage: For information regarding water usage during a day of Total Fire Ban please refer to 

For more information about:

  • Fire permits.
  • Days of Total Fire Ban.
  • Preparing you and your home for bushfire and other fire safety information visit or call 1800 000 699.

Anyone who sees a fire should call Triple Zero (000) immediately.

TUESDAY: Total Fire Ban

TUESDAY, January 22, has has been declared a Day of Total Fire Ban for the Derwent Valley as well as the following municipalities: Break O'Day, George Town, Northern Midlands, Dorset, Launceston, West Tamar, Flinders, Meander Valley, Brighton, Hobart, Sorell, Central Highlands, Glamorgan Spring Bay, Huon Valley, Southern Midlands, Clarence, Glenorchy, Kingborough and Tasman

No fires may be lit or allowed to remain alight in the open air from 2am Tuesday, January 22, until 2am Wednesday, January 23. This applies to all outdoor fire, including incinerators, burn-offs, campfires, fire pots and wood-fuelled barbecues.

Further Total Fire Bans will be declared in parts of the state on Thursday and Friday as forecast weather conditions will make containing existing fires and stopping newly-started fires extremely difficult.

"This week our community needs to be prepared for some very challenging fire weather conditions," Tasmania Fire Service chief officer Chris Arnol said. "In spite of the enormous amount of hard work and success we have had to date, Tasmanians should be aware that any of the fires we currently have could break their containment lines and burn uncontrollably."

"Forecasts from the weather bureau are indicating very high fire dangers in the north and south of the state on Tuesday with very high fire dangers extending across most of the state on Thursday and Friday.

"These forecast conditions are going to put our current containment lines under great stress, and with a number of fires still uncontrolled the likelihood of fires escaping is very high. I want to stress that the last thing we need is any new fires starting as this will place a huge burden on our resources.

"While we have had success containing these fires with aircraft and ground crews there comes a point where a fire will burn out of control despite our best efforts. TFS is well resourced and we have robust plans in place to mitigate the impact of these fires should they take a run but all of us need to be prepared.

"Property owners must ensure their property is clear of long grass, twigs and leaf litter as these fuels spread fire quickly. You should review your Bush Fire Survival plan and if you don't have one you must plan for what you will do if there is a fire near you.

"If your home is not well prepared for a bush fire then leaving early is your safest option. Fires are everywhere in Tasmania right now. If you are spending time in the bush over the weekend you must be aware of the local conditions, stay up to date through the TFS website and listen to ABC local radio if there is a fire near you," Mr Arnol said.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Community grants awarded

COMMUNITY grants totaling nearly $14,000 were approved at last month's Derwent Valley Council meeting. In a written report to the meeting, customer services officer Louise Rider said more than $200,000 had now been distributed in community grants over the last 20 years.

Mrs Rider said applications totalling more than $85,000 had been received when the grants were advertised last October. "A sub-committee consisting of Mayor Shaw and Councillors Belcher and Triffett have considered the applications in consultation with council staff. The recommendation provided in this report is based on the determinations made by the sub-committee," Mrs Rider wrote.

The applicants recommended for grants were:
Southern Tasmanian Axemen’s Association (to reintroduce wood chopping to Derwent Valley Autumn Festival) $1500
New Norfolk Basketball Association (purchase new uniforms) $4200
Salvation Army (for the fix-a-bike program) $2199.50
Derwent Valley SES (to purchase new laptop and projector) $1897
Westerway Wilds’cool Project (for environmental initiatives) $1000
Westerway Bush Watch (running costs and maintenance of trailer) $930
New Norfolk Eagles Women’s Football Team (new equipment for training sessions) $1100
New Norfolk District Cricket Club (upgrade clubhouse at Tynwald Park) $880

Two members of the Community Grants Committee - councillors and Ben Shaw and Julie Triffett - declared conflicts of interest and left the room while the report was considered. The report did not state whether they had done the same at the committee meeting.

Cr Anne Salt moved that the council approve the allocations recommended by the committee and was seconded by Cr Paul Belcher. Cr Salt questioned the proposed allocation of $4200 to the New Norfolk Basketball Association and asked how many people would benefit. Cr Belcher said he understood the association proposed to purchase about 90 uniforms and had fundraised about $2400 towards the total cost.

"I have had people in the community point this out to me, it is almost a third of the grants allocation," Cr Salt said. She said there seemed to be a heavy weighting toward sporting groups, which she did not have a problem with, but people had asked questions about why that was the case. "I would like more information about how decisions are made," Cr Salt said.

Cr Salt then sought to amend the motion, and asked Cr Belcher - as the seconder of the motion - whether he would agree to an amendment. "I haven't heard what the amendment is..." Cr Belcher replied. "I don't know what you're going to change."
Cr Salt: "Yeah, but I can't give it to you until you agree..."
Cr Belcher: "Well I can't agree until you tell me what it is."
Cr Salt: "All right then, I might amend point two to say that the sub-committee will provide a matrix or selection criteria and level of weighting of performance against criteria in the grant application, with the sub-committee's agreed funding allocations report to council with supporting information."
Cr Belcher: "I can't support that because I'm only one of four on the committee, so I can't second that motion."
On the advice of the general manager, Cr Salt then withdrew her original motion and deputy mayor Jessica Cosgrove asked if anyone else would like to move the motion as recommended. Cr Belcher obliged, seconded by Cr Browning.

In discussion, Cr Belcher said the requests for funding had exceeded the amount available in the community grants budget allocation. He said he understood that some of the smaller unsuccessful grants were being considered by the mayor and general manager for support from the mayoral fund.

He acknowledged that the allocation to the New Norfolk Basketball Association was more than a quarter of the total funds available but said it was the first time the group had sought council support.

Cr Salt said she supported the proposed funding allocations but did not agree with the second part of the motion - which empowered the Community Grants Committee to determine the future allocation of funds rather than make recommendations to the full council - as it did not provide all the information required.

No other councillors spoke to the motion and when put to the vote it passed with the support of councillors Evans, Belcher, Browning and Cosgrove. Councillors Salt and Power voted against the recommendation.

As well as endorsing the eight grants recommended by the grants committee, the decision gives the committee power to allocate future grants by a majority vote of its own members rather than making recommendations to the full council.

Tuesday: Day of Total Fire Ban